Oh no, not Tito on the weekend! Yes! Welcome to the WEEKEND edition of the PDC, I am your fun loving host, Mr. Tito. Today, we'll go into my whole situation with WWE wrestler Crash Holly. He's probably the only wrestler who I've personally fought with verbally, at least one that you see on television every week. I'll give you the whole history, what was said, and other things.

I just want to thank those who understood my gripes mentioned in yesterday's Smackdown column. It just gets frustrating seeing people pick off my negative parts, and leaving out the positives. I did a really positive Smackdown review, I thought, and yet nothing will ever be mentioned about that. Oh well.

I've got a lot to discuss, so we'll cut this introduction short and get to the PDC.

The Story of Crash Holly and Tito

The early goings of this story begin after Crash finishes his several Hardcore title runs and his time with his "cousin" Hardcore as tag team champions. You see, this gave Crash a period of time where the WWE writers didn't have anything high profile for him to do, so they used him on Heat and on Jakked to help work with up and comers, while waiting for something new for Crash Holly to do. For one reason or another, I had a really bad habit of ripping on anyone who was sent down to Heat or Jakked, declaring that they were the WWE's jobbers, etc, etc, etc, which probably upset Crash Holly early on to begin with.

Out of the blue, Crash went on to win the WWE Lightweight Title. Instead of fighting smaller wrestlers over that title, Crash was used quite differently. On TWO consecutive RAWs in a row (4-2-01 and 4-9-01), Crash Holly, the Lightweight champ mind you, lost to Rhyno twice. First time it was singles, second time it was a handicap match. After this, I really began to call Crash a "jobber", and it really upset him, as it should. But the icing on the cake was when he lost his Lightweight title to debuting Jerry Lynn.

You see, back when I was the recapper of ECW on TNN, I became a big Jerry Lynn fan and I was quite fond of his work. The big problem with Crash was that I didn't see their match, which was on Heat before Backlash. Here's what I arrogantly said:

"First off all, I didn't catch Jerry Lynn WWF television debut on Heat, so I can't comment on that. However, from what I've heard from a lot of non-ECW WWF fans, it wasn't too impressive. Of course, Lynn was working against Crash Holly of all people."

That really pissed off Crash, and eventually, he personally sent me an e-mail telling me that I had no idea what I was talking about, in terms of the wrestling business. I screamed back that they were just of my opinions and that he was taking a simple internet columnist way too seriously. I can't completely remember what was said in his e-mails, as I no longer have my old LoP account to refer to. But my replies fueled Crash Holly to open up one big can...

Back in the day, Crash actually had a website. It was CrashHolly.net, but it was since taken down, just a few months after making the famous 2 hour Audio commentary. After my replies, he would go on that weekend to do a 2 hour long audio commentary with his webmaster about the internet, mainly aimed at yours truly. Plenty of things were discussed on the audio show, such as:

- The "entertaining aspect" of the show, as that's what his job is to do; entertain.

- Internet columnists not knowing what the business is actually like. He even challenged me to go into the ring and see what if feels like to fight someone like Chris Benoit.

- Talking about my Jerry Lynn comments, which were just. I shouldn't have said that, but I was a big Jerry Lynn fan to begin with.

- Talking about how nothing pleased me in wrestling and how I was too negative about everything. Same argument always used against me, but Crash is a wrestler this time, making money off what I'm criticizing.

- Finally, criticisms of his job, which I can understand, as all he's trying to do is make a living.

Crash made a lot of good points on his show about myself, although I do remain on the stance that I'm just a fan expressing my opinion on something I do invest a lot of time and money into. The fact that he damn near dedicated a whole 2 hour audio show about me stirred my pot, and ever since then, I'd usually take ribs at Crash for whatever he did. It was probably mean and uncalled for.

With Crash, I guess some people talk to him regularly online? I used to have many of them e-mail me about what he said, such as the time that Crash was fighting his good friend Steven Richards on Heat. If you didn't know this, Crash and Stevie are good friends on the road, and they had the same webmaster for a while, until Crash's website went down. I heard they were anticipating my review of their match, and I acted all week like I wasn't going to watch Heat. But when I did, their match was cut off for time restrictions.

Other crap I heard, which was probably from joking was that Crash and Stevie were going to come to my area, the next time the WWE toured around here, and find me. I'm sure they were just joking on that one to somebody, to which it was taken seriously and told to me as if they were actually going to do that. I heard they laughed at my "Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back" comment, where wrestlers would travel all around the United States and beat up all of their internet critics. I also heard that Crash and a whole list of other wrestling personalities that actually hated me at the time were trying to find personal information on me and post it somewhere. These were just all of the stuff that internet users told me that Crash was telling them, whether it was true or not.

All in all, it was a stupid feud to begin with, as I am too damn stubborn sometimes to admit that I'm wrong and I enjoy stirring the pot sometimes. Hey, what would you do if someone did a 2 hour commentary in your honor? As I've said it before, I do want to fully apologize to Mr. Crash for any harm done by myself, and I wish only the best for you in the WWE these days.

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