Oh, I just LOVE doing Phat Daily Columns on Sunday without any Pay Per Views to hype. But hey, WCW is still generating headlines, so it's all good. It's funny how WCW generates about 4 times as much news as the WWF does. I guess that shows who's ahead in the wrestling market, eh? Whatever the case may be, lots of news and rumors keep flying around about WCW, and the roller coaster has just begun with Russo and Bischoff taking control! Wait, this intro is turning into something I want to use for the rest of the column, so on to the PDC.


-I had a strange thought pop into my head today, and that was that WCW could really capitalize in May when the Rock is away, filming the Mummy 2. Without the WWF's top draw, could things be rocky for the WWF? Well, I don't think so. It's obvious that when the Rock leaves to film the movie that someone from the past will reappear, and/or someone will step it up. So I guess, really, that when the Rock is gone, the WWF shouldn't be in bad shape. At least we think so...

-A lot of readers have been e-mailing me lately about being sick of the McMahons. Yes, they say that they take up too much television time. Well, I agree with that to an extent, but I say that the McMahons are doing the same thing to the Rock that they did to Stone Cold. I don't mind overexposure of the McMahons when they are in a good angle, but this Rock feud resembles the Stone Cold feud too much IN MY OPINION. I guess we'll see how strong the McMahon involvement in the angles are once the new Nitro hits the airwaves.


-WCW's plan for always making a run for the ratings: go for other people's talent. Nuff said. When they were fighting for the run to the top before 1996, they signed as much WWF talent and other great talent(like ECW classic wrestlers) as they could, and when they signed out Hogan, they intended on being on top of the ratings. They were coming close, but couldn't become the top federation just yet. They snatched Hall and Nash from the WWF, and the rest was history. WCW finally made it on top. When that all crumbled, they attacked the newly successful WWF's writers, and they were gearing up to run for the ratings once again. Now it's another new era, and that means.....

Let the Talent Raid begin!!!

-The first possible victim of this evil talent raid is Mike Awesome. Rumors are already circulating that WCW wants him bad, and/or they are in negotiations with him to eventually bring him into WCW. Wow!!! That would be HUGE for WCW, as they could really use an awesome new talent like Mike Awesome. In fact, not only would getting him be huge, but it would be big in terms of a bad blow to ECW, who is gaining on them for the #2 spot in the wrestling world.

-Some are saying that Sabu just might find his way to WCW again, as it does appear his ECW career is over..even though Paul Heyman "claims" there is this big guaranteed contract. Well, now he's wrestling in ICP's wrestling federation, and some "claim" that Heyman has released him(not for sure though). Speaking of ICP, it's been a while since I bashed the hell out of them. I remember when they were with the WWF and in WCW, I used to dog them so bad, and I've never got so much hatemail off of any part of my PDC in my life. You gotta give me credit for not ripping on them for about a year now! There could have been so many opportunities, but I've held back.

-Uh oh, add Norman Smiley to the list of WCW superstars wasted. I doubt he'll go though, even though Keller is reporting that his contract runs out in October of this year because Vince Russo is back. Russo was the man who really elevated Smiley's character into what it is today, and I'm sure Vinnie Roo has some ideas for the Screamin' man. Lord knows anything but having Norman putting over wrestlers, like he was doing during the damn Sullivan days. Please, use his potential to his fullest!

I had some mixed reviews from fans about "Ready To Rumble" yesterday. Some say it was really good, and others say it was really bad. I'm about in the middle, leaning towards the really good area. There were a lot of corny jokes and stupidity throughout the movie which could have been fine tuned. One thing that I'll give props to WB and WCW is that the ring action which seemed so real. Hard shots left and right with "evil" Diamond Dallas Page unloading on his opponent. Plus, the main event for the movie was just spectacular. Thumbs are sort of up for me, as I thought a B- was an appropriate grade for the flick. Just my opinion, as my good friend Coolbeans HIGHLY recommends it!

@That's all for this SLOW Sunday edition of the Phat Daily Column. I've tried to hold back talking about Russo and Bischoff's Monday Night adventure, as I really want to use that for tomorrow's column. So I'll see you then, as we begin the new era of WCW....and the new era of the WWF which will make sure that they stay on top. See you tomorrow!

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