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-Well, look for Hogan to be on Jay Leno tomorrow night. You know, I remember Hogan being on a while back saying he was retiring from wrestling, and he was serious about it. Looking forward to today, I still see that bald headed has been still in the sport, and he's still in the title chase. Dear lord. No matter what Hogan ever says, he'll never leave wrestling. He could be in a freakin' wheelchair and be around 90, and he'll still be trying to win the world title. It's very sad and it's grueling to see Hogan to wrestle anymore. I just wish he'd retire, so that we can reflect on the greatness he has left our sport. -Is Chris Jericho going to stay with WCW??? Well, as you have all probably heard by now, Ralphus is no longer going to be with Jericho. I guess Ralphus was getting more popular than Jericho, so they decided to have Ralphus to no longer come down with Jericho. The funny thing I heard was that Ralphus was also no longer going to be around because of his success. Success went to his head, and he started acting like a hard-ass backstage. I guess success goes to everyone's heads...-Konnan is still in the WCW doghouse, or more like Kevin Nash's doghouse. Expect Konnan to do the J.O.B. to the great Disco Inferno. My question is, if he is in the doghouse, why on Earth is WCW putting up big bucks for those lowsy videos? All those videos do is make me want to change the channel. The only time I watched it was when Disco was in it. I was laughing for a good while after I watched that.


-Many readers have asked me, now that Kane and X-Pac are champs, does that mean that Mr. Tito's dream will finally be completed by having Kane join DX? I sure hope so. I mean, he fits perfectly for DX. He hates HHH and Chyna, and he needs some direction and some friends, and DX is where it's at for him. I also hear that the Hardy Boys are going to do a workout with DX. That's sad, and I hope it's not true. The Hardy Boys are jobbers till they die. They would be a terrible consideration for DX. Choose Kane!!!-Want to see J.R. commentate soon? I most certainly do. If many of you are confused on why J.R. can't commentate all of the time, even though he did the Austin-Rock match at Wrestlemania. Well, the WWF is still waiting for J.R. to be 100%. His voice still kind slurs a little, and they want that to clear up. I hope J.R. gets fully recovered, so that he can return to commentating. -I'm sure the millions upon millions of Wrestling fans might know by now, that the WWF is venturing into the Georgia Dome for a Raw, and that WCW might be in another Atlanta stadium for Nitro. Holy Smokes! Two Monday Night programs...one night, one town! Good lord! WWF is venturing into WCW territory, and if the two shows are both in Atlanta on the same day, could both stadiums fill up? Another good question: Would WCW fans somehow have some kind of boycott on the WWF's Raw at the Georgia Dome. This is supposed to happen sometime in September, so we'll have to see if this happens or not.

Here's something extra!

Michael Cole Needs Respect

Sure I want Jim Ross commentating on Raw, but for the past few months, a man picked up where J.R. left off, and stepped up to the plate and did a hell of a job. That man is Michael Cole.Michael Cole was just a backstage commentator who would do backstage interviews, and get pushed around for the most part by the Rock. When Jim Ross needed the leave of abscence, Michael Cole took his place. He had to fill very large shoes, commentating the top wrestling show on television. Immediately, he got into his role. He became a much better commentator, because he was finally given a shot, instead of doing those Live Wire shows. I felt, that Michael Cole did a great job, and he helped put Jerry Lawler over more too by taking Lawler's constant put downs. Sure he lost his voice many times, but that shows he was really putting excitement into the matches. Every viewer could have gotten annoyed by his commentating, but they didn't. So he must have done a decent job. Now I'm sure the argument comes up about his slip-up during the Hell in the Cell match at Wrestlemania when he said the New Champ will be interviewed on QVC later tonight. But let me ask you this, who's perfect? He's not, I'm not...nobody's perfect!!! Everyone makes mistakes! If you tell me that you didn't expect Stone Cold to beat the Rock that night, you are living in a cave somewhere, because it was very obvious who was going to win the match. So what did it really matter? Now I'm sure Michael Cole will eventually have to give up his RAW commentating position, but give the man his due. He's done a hell of a job throughout the months, giving the fans everything he's got. In my mind he has become the #3 commentator in the wrestling world. (#1 being Jim Ross, #2 is Joey Styles) With all this being said, I think that Michael Cole deserves a little respect for a job well done. Besides, at least he isn't as bad as Tony Shiavone.

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