Welcome back to the Phat Daily Column. Well, I have lots to discuss today, as the Phat Movie Review makes its way back to the PDC, and I also will chop up ECW on TNN. Ready to Rumble is the one getting the review today, as I will do my best to let you know if it's good or not. Without further ado, on to the Phat Daily Column, which doesn't take Saturdays off.


-WWF Smackdown got a 4.6 this week in the ratings this week, as they are down from their rating of 5.3 from last week. Of course, this show didn't have the biggest wrestling pay per view on the planet to hype either. I thought it was an OK show with some repetition from Wrestlemania, and I'm not a big fan of this new Rock vs. Vince feud. It just seems, to me, that it resembles the great Vince-Stone Cold feud of 1998. Oh well. I forgot to comment on a few things that appealed to me from Smackdown, so here goes. For one thing, that was a damn good Lightweight match between TAKA and Dean Malenko. I'm glad that Malenko brought back the top rope belly buster, cause I missed that move from his days as "the man of a 1000 holds" in WCW. Also, I was thinking during Big Show kissing that Ho that "his finace wouldn't be thrilled about that", as Big Show talked about her on various talk shows. But guess what, it IS her. I gotta hand it to Big Show though, I made fun of him Monday, but he impressed me with a good pop Thursday. Now if he could get some good theme music...........

-Well, it's official now, Triple H and Chyna are no longer a couple from what I reported yesterday. That does sadden me, as they made a rather cool couple. I doubt they travel together anymore, which I was always baffled by the WWF allowing them to do so. I guess the both of them will now just move on with their lives, and persue different relationships. Is it just me, or has Triple H and Stephanie been REALLY close lately? There is a thing called acting, and then there is a thing called real, and they have been all over each other on camera. Must be some good acting, eh?

-Word from the back is that Trish Stratus is already somewhat of a headcase. That's not good for Trish to do that because the WWF doesn't tolerate any headcases in the back...especially women(see Luna Vachon). So for her to act like she's the best thing since sliced bread, don't be surprised if the WWF cuts her loose in a few months. She's very expendable in the WWF's eyes, as they have plenty of those willing to be on television like she already is. Plus, you could put a robot out there with T&A, and they still wouldn't be over!


-Alright, rumor has it that Bischoff wants to move Nitro up against the full two hours of RAW again! Excellent! Competition at its finest. I want this bad because RAW somewhat gets lazy in their final hour(which is why I think that rating doesn't go up), with Nitro constantly coming at them with their so-called new product, things could really get better for the WWF because now they would push all buttons to stay on top. One thing I will say about the new Bischoff-Russo era before I end this segment.....I believe that this is the final run that WCW can make. If Vinnie Poo and Bisch can't produce here, WCW is doomed bigtime. In fact, I'd say it's over for WCW if they fail. A lot of pressure must rest on their shoulders right now, because I'm sure they know their actions could determine their company's future.

-Reports are coming in that TNT won't be airing in the UK. This shuts out UK fans from getting the chance to see their favorite Dubbya Cee Dubbya stars in the ring. Ouch. They better hope that another station syndicates it, or else they are hurting. Poor guys.

Mr. Tito's Phat Movie Review

Alright, the wonderful movie made by WCW and Warner Brothers. I saw this last night, so it's fresh in my mind still, and I will speak it. Gee, I hope that by reviewing it at an early time, maybe that could influence some readers to decide to make a trip to the movies and see this badboy. On to the review.

Ready To Rumble

Alright, first off, I really wish wrestling would release more movies. Something with the real feel backstage would be nice, and how wrestlers truly bust their asses. This is more of a comedy here, but WB tried their hardest to make wrestling seem real with the heel promoter. Speaking of that heel promoter, he reminds me a lot of Cyrus. Hmm. Anyway, he at least tries to act like him, as he screws Jimmy King, who is Oliver Platt, in a match for the title. King descends to a live of being "trailer trash"(not ripping on it, but if you see the movie, you'd agree where he is). That's where the Arquette and the other guy get involved.

Throughout the time where they are trying to get King back into wrestling, stuff really gets out of hand. I mean, whoever wrote this script needs their head checked because a lot of dialogue is strange and they do things out of know where, if you know what I mean.(like doing some things without a purpose) Anyway, it's a comedy, as it provides a few things to really laugh at, but for the most part, it's really cheesey. Lots of weird happenings in this movie.

A few things to note. It's funny seeing Perry Saturn in the movie, as he's the only radical to be in it. Just seeing him with WCW wrestlers is really odd for me. Also, the in ring wrestling action is spectacular. They really make wrestling seem real, as all of the moves are amplified to sound like they really hurt. Especially the main event, which was a treat to watch.

Overall, the movie is watchable, but again with some of the scripting and the strange happenings, things could have been a little better. Oh well, I didn't mind seeing it, so I'll give it a


for being watchable, yet very corny. Yeah, corny is a great word for this movie. Let me see here...if you are a hardcore WCW fan who eats, sleeps, and breathes WCW, then watch this movie! If you are hardcore WWF fan, avoid it and see Final Destination, which is another damn great movie! If you were in the middle, like myself, think about it I guess. I'd suggest that the main event ending is worth it, but maybe people would get turned off by the rest of the movie. Who knows.


We get an opening of "who put a hit on Tommy Dreamer", as Styles interviews Raven, who should be wearing a shirt that says "baby on board", and Francine now dressed as trash. Aww, they keep denying that they are the ones who paid for the hit on Dreamer. Bah. Baldies come in and beat up Raven. Before we get the ending of it, WE JUMP TO ANOTHER SEGMENT, which is the first production failure of the night. We go to the Devil, and he makes an interesting speech, and he controls Whipwreck like a puppet while laughing. God, those segments are screwed up.

Steve Corino vs. Kid Kash was an OK match, as Corino in the cowboy outfit has a striking resemblance to Bobby Duncum Jr., no offence to him. Corino gets the win after a DEVASTATING spear by Rhino.

Here would be my ad for next week's show: Want repetition? Want to see a match that you've seen a few times already? Then tune into ECW on TNN to see Little Guido vs. Super Crazy vs. Tajiri for the television title. Lord knows it's been done before!

Super Crazy vs. Mikey Whipwreck was a damn good match, and it will save this night from the lowest grade(oops, hehe). Whipwreck hit some moves that I've never seen before on the outside, and it was an overall fast paced match up. Good job here fellas. Hey, after the match, Guido and Tajiri run down to set up next week's REPETITIVE match.

Here's the worst garbage I've ever seen. We start off with Sandman and Dreamer vs. the Baldies, right? Before they could fight, ECW cuts to their future shows segment!!!!!!!!! What the hell was that for? Instead of showing a truly violent match from the start, we cut to the damn future shows segment. Oh wait, it gets better! Then, since we were forced to watch that stupid future dates segment, they show us HIGHLIGHTS of what happened in the match. What a crock of shit! Sorry for my language, but ECW deserves this for their wretched production issues. They totally screwed us over on this match, and then they bring it back to the match, which is nearly over. Raven comes down and gets the win for Dreamer and Sandman. Then, Mike Awesome comes down to reveal himself as the person who put a hit on Dreamer. Well, actually that little person named Jeff Jones was the one who put the hit, but lord knows he can't enforce it. At least Awesome will now fight Dreamer or Raven now. Still, this match shouldn't have had that Future Events thing in the middle of it. Total garbage.

Yay, Pulp Fiction time. Hardcore fans love this segment, but I don't. I used to disliked it in 1996 and 1997 because I thought it was a little too strange then. Some of the guys who shouldn't be cutting promos here, are, and making themselves look stupid. Pointless interviews, and the end of the show. Good.

Phat Stats

Matches: 3
Clean Wins: 2
Screwjobs: 1
Disqualifications: 0
No Contests: 0

Last Word: ECW really dropped the ball this time on their show. Bad production issues got to what could have been a treat of a match to see. Why ECW did that crap, I don't know. But what I do know is that if they keep pulling this crap, they have "NO CHANCE IN HELL" of getting any higher than a 1.3, and I can guarandamntee that one. I'm giving this grade a


, as if it weren't for the Whipreck vs. Crazy match, this one would be much lower. They will probably get a 1.1 like last week. Again, with bad production issues, no advancement from their 0.9 that they debuted with.

@That's all for today. Always remember that this column consists of opinions, so take your apples lightly. I'll be back tomorrow with more PDC, I hope, so just chill till the next episode.

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