Welcome back to the one and only Phat Daily Column. The world of wrestling keeps getting bigger and bigger by the day, and it seems like everyone is trying to take it down. Nobody was bitching about wrestling a few years ago, but when it gets popular...anyways, on to the PDC.

-I caught the 20/20 last night, well, at least the end of it, and I must say the two kids that were having the hardcore brawl will be in the sport somewhere someday. Damn they could take some bumps. I was laughing when that kid jumped off the roof on to the other kid who was on the table. Those two were messing with barbed wire also. I have to say that one kid that crushed the lightbulb with his head was a retard. How stupid. I liked the constructed rings those other kids had, especially the one with the cage. I liked how McMahon once again said it was the parents responsibility. Mick Foley was also on it and he said he liked everything but the lightbulbs. He said that the two hardcore brawlers were having fun, not intentially killing each other. Cool segment.


-The word is a few of WCW's wrestlers could be getting new gimmicks. One will be Glacier. He will go from being a Sub-Zero look a like to a possible gimmick where he is a hothead football coach. Other gimmick changes could include the change of the NWO black and white. They will have something like the Disciples of Apolcolypse had. They will be like a brotherhood. How on earth could that happen, when all they want to do is fight each other for leadership of the stupid group? -Word is that Mean Gene has some heat with WCW officials about Ricki Rachman's role in WCW. He feels that Ricki is taking spots that he should have. I say fire them both!! Both are too old and uninteresting for this business. They are both crappy parts of 80's television. Who cares about the both of them? Hire younger and better announcers for the love of God. -It's very hard to say who on earth will win the Spring Stampede 4 way match. My money is on that dinosaur, Hollywood Hogan. Now, why on earth would you give the belt to Hogan...AGAIN! Well, plans seem to have Hogan to feud with Nash now. So kiss the Wolfpac goodbye. As for the Nash-Hogan feud, they will play out their match where Nash laid down for Hogan, and Hogan will say that he kicked Nash's ass in it, and bingo! A feud is born. Joy. Hogan doesn't deserve to be champ..ever again!


-The word is that the WWF wasn't very pleased on how Nitro took some of their ratings. Looks like the WWF is getting greedy on ratings. Anyways, Raw is live next week, so look for some kind of large main event. The WWF wants to bury WCW once an for all in the ratings, ever since they finally got ahead of WCW in the ratings. -Shane McMahon is almost guaranteed to be the man that Undertaker refers to. Almost guaranteed I said. The McMahons think that it would make an interesting angle for Shane to lead the ministry, and for Vince to turn face, and go up against him. Interesting. I can't see Vince as a face after all he has done over the past year. -I guess Mick Foley isn't taking some time off, he will most likely be wrestling just television events. The man deserves time off, unlike those WCW wrestlers who take time off for no reason at all. Mick Foley is the hardest worker in the business, and nobody comes close. Who else has the guts to fall through the top of a steel cage like he did? I didn't think so.

@Well, that's all I have for today. I think I'm going to do a WWF angles column sometime soon, so be on the look out for that. Thanks for reading the one and only Phat Daily Column. This is Mr. Tito, the King of all that is PHAT, signing off.

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Take Care, and Happy Wrestling.

Mr. Tito 1999