Welcome back to the Phat Daily Column. Nothing like some good Smackdown last night, as we are still rubbing off Wrestlemania. Anyway, I got lots of mail about good old Hulk Hogan shooting his mouth from Thunder, with lots of opinions on the matter. That interview struck a lot of fans' nerves, and I heard about it. Oh well. On to the PDC.


-Yesterday, some idiot posted crap about Lex Luger having AIDS. That is the worst rumor that I've ever heard on the internet. That's way worse than the Viscera dying story. Seriously, if you can't back your news up with proof, don't post it. Obviously, this kid didn't understand that, and he posted it, and later on, posted a follow up to it. Of course, those posts were taken down for heaven's sake, but I'm sure it was embarassing for WCW and Lex Luger to know that crap like that was posted. Hell, the post didn't even have any credited source....oh wait, I forgot, that person made it up!

-Thunder had a 1.7 rating from their "highlight show", as they showed us some of the highlights of Thunder that I was hoping to forget. What about the great Benoit matches Thunder had? Benoit had some awesome matches on Chunder, especially the first time he dove off the top of the cage. They could have also showed the Hardcore Hak vs. Kevin Nash, which is a very enjoyable match to watch. So many other matches to choose from, but instead we get crappy NWO breaking up matches, and they showed that crappy cage match between Sid and Nash. Here's my theory to why they did this: Russo and Bischoff want everyone to see the crappy parts...that way it makes them look much better!

-Well, apparently, the Hulk Hogan interview yesterday was a "shoot", as all it will do is set up the OLD vs. young angle that will start Monday. However, he does have heat towards Kidman, as he said many of those comments about Kidman a few months ago on various radio shows. I've always wondered one thing: What if Hogan didn't have the creative control clause in his contract? Yeah, that way he couldn't veto anything that's handed to him, and if they want him to job to the Wall, he'll damn well job to the Wall. But no. In fact, that creative control caused what I call "WCW's first step towards downfall", which was the main event vs. Sting at Starrcade 97. He didn't want Sting to get a totally clean win, so he made bookers add controversy. Yes, that was the first time WCW didn't seem so indestructable, as here we are now.


-You know what I think? The Vince McMahon and Rock feud is nothing but a weak imitation of the Stone Cold and Vince McMahon feud. Yes indeed. Same thing here, Vince is out to screw the Rock, only this time we have an extra family memember involved, and Triple H is the head wrestler going after the Rock. Gee, that's innovative booking for you! At least we won't see months of it, because the Rock is due to film the Mummy 2, which like the first movie, will be horrible too.

-The WWF really screwed up the Tazz and Saturn segment, as they just HAD to cut to interview with the Rock. Saturn and Tazz, given the time and booking, can establish a good feud, and it can really help both of their characters, especially Saturn's. Maybe their match last night was just a choice in terms of time restraints, as maybe you could chop off a few minutes of those LONG interviews.

-Ryan Boyd was right on the money about Eddy Guerrero in the WWF. Eddy was in classic form last night, and with the small help of Chyna, he's going straight to the top. What I keep forgetting is that he's part of the Radicals, and 3 out of 4 of them have titles now! I forgot to mention this the past few days, but for just a few months in the WWF, the Radicals are loaded with gold. That's pretty damn good, and I hope no jealousy occurs within some wrestlers about new guys getting titles when they've been there for years and have nothing to show for themselves.

-In the past two weeks, T&A have cleanly lost to the Hardy Boys, Edge/Christian, and the Dudley Boyz. That's rather interesting, as it's hard to get a team over when they are losing. Oh wait, they are sooo over with Trish Stratus? Right? Well, if you call more people cheering for the Dudley Boyz than T&A over, then check your head. The WWF really needs to work on the wrestlers for T&A because they can't generate heat too well. Both have poor mic skills and are absent on charisma, but they can wrestle well. What the WWF does to these guys down the road is unclear. What cracks me up to this day is that Test was engaged to Stephanie. She ended up loving Triple H, who "tricked" her into marriage, and Test wasn't able to capitalize on this situation to make him an instant star. Instead, he feuded with Bossman, took his hardcore title away, lost it to Crash Holly, and here we are now: T&A. Test is taking the Road Less Traveled By.

@That's it for today's edition of the Phat Daily Column. I'll be be back tomorrow with more Phat Daily Column to go around, as I get to give my full impressions to ECW is TNN, and I will also, hopefully, have a review of WCW's movie "Ready to Rumble". So until next time, just chill...till the next episode.

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