Welcome to the world of Mr. Tito, also known as the Phat Daily Column. The ratings have finally come in, and I'm disappointed in what others have said about them. Also in today's column, Hogan gave a shoot interview on Thunder, and it was just that damn good. No lie. You'll see what I mean in a second if you haven't seen it. All of this and more, so on to the Phat Daily Column.

Ratings Analysis

NITRO Highlight Show

First Hour: 2.3
Second Hour: 1.3
Composite: 1.8

RAW after Wrestlemania

First Hour: 6.4
Second: 6.4
Composite: 6.4


RAW: 6.4
Nitro: 1.3

Also, Heat Vs. Nitro
Heat: 2.1, and Nitro: 1.8.

Looking around the net, I get a couple laughs. People are bashing WCW hard for getting this low rating against RAW. Duh, this was a highlight show. People USUALLY enjoy live shows rather than highlights that they've seen before on the Best of Nitro special. Therefore, to say that WCW is horrible because they are getting a 1.8 for a highlight show, why that's absurd. Yes, if WCW was live, we could bash them to high heaven and say they are crumbling. But not this week. This was WCW's vacation until they try to prove that lightning can strike twice. RAW, on the other hand, posted some good strong numbers for their show after Wrestlemania, and especially since they were going up against the NCAA tournament. I still don't know why the second hour still doesn't max out. Yes, I know this week the second hour of RAW was going up against the finish of the NCAA tournament. The second hour, when unopposed, should jump through the roof...but it doesn't. Hmm.


-Did anybody actually watch the Best of Thunder show? My gosh, the matches they put on in its prime were horrible! I only wish I was actually Mr. Tito then to rip it apart. Anyway, at the end of the madness known as Chunder highlights, they had an interview with Hulk Hogan, and it was a very good on at that. Mike Tenay, whether WCW gave him those questions or not, asked all of the important things. Now people know my stance on Hogan, but I gained some respect for the man after this interview.

-Besides putting over a Hulk Hogan with a new attitude, he discussed young guys like Billy Kidman. He said that the top spot is his and that they have to come and earn it. He also said that when the guys, like Kidman, don't get their pushes, they want to pack their bags and leave. That is some good words from Hogan, and I agree a good bit with that. Of course, Hogan does have a lot of power backstage from letting any younger superstars prove themselves, but they do complain a lot to whoever and threaten to walk out when they don't get their precious push.

-Hogan then said that those guys need to start hitting the gym more, as they aren't at the size to step up to the top. He specifically pointed out to Kidman on that, who is a small guy. Of course on that one, what can Kidman do? The boy would have to start pumping some illegal substances to get any bigger than his small frame can hold. But overall, Hogan does have a good point. If they want his spot, the boys need to step it up on everything. Sure, one, like Kidman, can wrestle great and can put on a show, but what measures is Kidman taking to get better? He's wrestled the same way ever since he was a part of the Flock...hell, before that as well. My gosh, Kidman is getting singled out!

-Hogan said he's going to be there in the long run, so there's no retirement this time around, so superstars better start stepping up to the plate and take swings at him. He said they better earn it to take his spot, and if that's true, then maybe they need to step it up a little more. Of course, a lot of those who Hogan wants to step up have busted their asses for the past year or two, like Vampiro and Booker T. Vampiro is starting to get the respect for the spot, but Booker T has no chance. He's hit the gym, he busts his ass in the ring, so why not let him take a spot? It would make me and Coolbeans complaints about Booker T's career end. :)

-Apparently, WCW just might take that "it was all a bad dream" approach, which got lots of heat on the show Dallas when Bobby returned after being thought to be dead, but it was all a dream. This should be interesting to watch, if they take the approach, because wrestling fans value history of federations. If they form an alliance between two wrestlers that hate each other thinking that nobody will notice, fans will bring signs and Tito will laugh about it in his column. Next week should be very interesting to watch, as they have to hype a pay per view in ONE week with the new crew.


-Smackdown has some interesting matches this week, as they try to keep the ball rolling from Wrestlemania weekend. Smackdown last week, with a strong 5.3 rating was #72 on the charts this week. Thanks to that, UPN expanded its viewership again this week, as I've noticed from reading Yahoo! news that their station keeps getting more and more viewers. That's pretty good stuff, as you can imagine what the WWF could do on a regular station instead of UPN. Anyway, here is a preview of Smackdown. I'll block it off so if you don't want to read it and want to be surprised by the line up, scroll on by.

Chris Benoit vs. Rikishi Phatu
Dudley Boyz vs. T&A
Head Cheese vs. Bossman/Buchanan
Taka Michinoku(sp?) vs. Dean Malenko
Godfather vs. Big Show
Kurt Angle/Bob Holly vs. Edge/Christian
Special set up main event

-WWF starting their own music label? That's crazy...or is it? Look at their past 3 CDs that have made it on the market. They have all done well on the Billboards and done great on sales. Oh wait, the WWF won't be releasing the theme CDs from this label, they will have brand new artists. Oh yeah, this is as risky as starting a football league or a bodybuilding league. But hey, you never know with this, because if the WWF signs a star who makes it big, who would laugh then? As long as they don't sign those stupid boy groups to the label, it's worth giving a chance to succeed.

@Oh well, that's all I have to say for today. I'll be back tomorrow, hopefully, with some Smackdown thoughts and then some. So why not just chill till the next episode?

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