Welcome back to the one and only Phat Daily Column. I hope you enjoyed Monday Night wrestling, because it just came and went by last night. As usual, I have my famous Monday Night Grades ready, so on to the PDC.

Monday Night Impressions

WWF Raw is War

-Now the show opened extremely good, without the usual corporate interview. I was really thinking this would be a great show. Kane and Xpac, new world champs!! I'm loving it! Now my dream of Kane becoming a member of DX is starting to look like it could come true.-Just when I thought there would be no corperate interviews, they had to have one. Shows that Shane is taking over as top heel boss, eh? -Alright, last night showed why I really hate the Ministry, coming down when Terri Runnels had no top on. That's terrible. The Ministry bored me throughout the night. -Oh joy, Al Snow finally beat Hardcore Holly for once in his life. Also, Dr. Death came down and kept his feud with them going, joy! Besides Al Snow, who isn't really much anymore, they shouldn't be considered the WWF hardcore division. -I hope the Ministry drops the Brood. Their wrestling ability is being held back from being in the Ministry. The Ministry should just be the Undertaker and the bad-ass Acolytes. -It was good to see the New Age Outlaws back together as a team again, even though they pinned a man that wasn't in the match.-Now the Ministry gets a hold of Ken Shamrock, stuff him in a trunk and drive away. Oh, that's so cool...-The Val Venis and Mankind match wasn't bad, but I still say Mick Foley needs a vacation. He has that strange limp to his walk, which is caused by his heavily injured knee.-Now Goldust and the Godfather match was messed up, and if it continues, oh my. You talk about the WWF having sleez, if these two keep feuding, it will reach new heights. -Oh joy, the Ministry sacraficed Ryan Shamrock. -The Main Event with the Big Show Paul Wight(with new music, oh God) vs. HHH and the Rock. I knew this one wouldn't last without the rest of the corporation coming down. Kinda cool to see the Titantron get ripped up.====$Well, this edition of RAW didn't impress me one bit, except for Kane and Xpac winning the titles. That carried the rest of the show. For having too much Ministry, having too many matches ending in controversy, and nothing really accomplished, I give this week's Raw is War a


for it's efforts. Maybe it was because I read the spoilers, so I wasn't surprised. I'm not sure, but what I saw was a Raw that I thought wasn't the best that the WWF could produce.-Professor Frank McHone says: As for Raw, the taped Raws actually are still pretty good. I knew what was coming, and yet most areas were still very entertaining. The Ministry thing was a little too Satanic for me though. Dark spot on the show. The thing that really upset me about this Raw though was the few words that were bleeped out that Raw never bleeps. I hope they are not giving in to the pressure. Vinnie Mac is the best actor in wrestling today though. Over all, not a bad Raw, but the screwjob ending is too reminiscent of Nitro. This Raw gets a B+ because of the screwjob at the end.

WCW Monday Nitro

-Alright, as for the new set up for Nitro. The logo is a bit strange, but they use it pretty well. The entrance way looked very good. They seem to have taken a few WWF techniques though, with the televisions everywhere, and with the announcers sitting at a table down by ringside. I heard just at the last minute before Nitro that Rick Rude does the online Nitro commentating. I guess I'll have to put the television on Mute, and turn the computer on...-It's kind of cool to see all of the wrestlers hungry for a world title shot. Before, it was like one guy going after the belt, now there are many. Nash and Goldberg at Spring Stampede..not bad.-Hak vs. Kendall Windham in a Kendo Stick match. Well, this was way better than that crap that Raw had a while back with Blackman vs. Droz. I love seeing Hak, formerly known as the Sandman, crack someone with the Singapore cane. I love it!-Lugar and Miss Elizabeth in Flair's office? What the? Those behind the scenes segments seem a bit dull for me.-The tequila sunrise is a tough move, and it's also sad to say that the Konnan-Disco match is the only match that was well known on the Spring Stampede.-The Flair interview was really good, having all of those World title contenders coming down, challenging him for the title. I glad that he finally accepted a 4 way dance match, even if it took Goldberg pushing him around to do it.-Big Poppa Pump vs. Meng was a decent power match. I don't think anyone will be in Steiner's way in winning the U.S. belt. It's his for sure.-Oh man, was it great to see Hacksaw back in action. Now I never liked him as a wrestler, nor did I enjoy watching him wrestle ever, but to see a wrestler kick cancer straight in the ass and come back for more is great to see!-The nWo Black and White match was retarded, but Stevie Ray got his wish, getting total control over 3 other losers. Where was Norton? He would have crushed them all. Why don't they just end the Black and White already?-Argh! I was hoping for Raven and Saturn to win the tag titles. I guess they will just have to fight some good matches with Benoit and Malenko again. I still don't see how two cruiserweights can remain world tag champs.-Ok, Booker T and Jericho need to quit fighting each other. Jericho was taking Curt Hennig's place in the unknown US tournament. That's nice to see, Curt Hennig getting injured, AGAIN! That man couldn't stay healthy if he tried.-The Buff vs. Bam Bam match was good, and it was good to see Hak come in and interfere, rekindling the feud with Bam Bam. -The final match was pretty good, but it was very obvious what the crowd wanted. They kept shouting "We want Sting" during the match. Rather funny with 4 of the top stars fighting for the title. It was sad to see yet more nWo interference end the match, as Nash attacked Goldberg.-I'm glad to see Sting came down, but he didn't talk, he just signaled everyone to look at the Nitro screens for the really cool Promo on the main event for Spring Stampede. Too bad Spring Stampede is freakin' next week, so this match isn't getting built up at all. Should be an interesting match to see with Hollywood vs. Flair vs. DDP vs. Sting with the Macho Man as the ref. My money is on Hogan winning yet another World Title.====$Alright, I thought this was one of the best Nitro's in a while, and it shows that they are really willing to try to put on a great show. The show had it's parts where I was watching elsewhere, but it was a good show overall. This edition of Monday Nitro gets a


for a good show.-Professor Frank McHone says: Nitro made some strides this week. I really wish they would drop the Hogan push crap though. They actually wrestled in the first hour also! What a miracle. Still a lot of meaningless matches, but they at least tried this week. I was beginning to think they were going to settle for mediocrity every week. I didn't like the screwjob ending though. No words from Sting, and just a promo from Macho. Really disappointing that area. Overall, a better show than they have been putting on, but still not up to par. This Nitro gets a B. I don't know really what to think about the new set yet either.

Other News...

-Well, it's official, Shawn Michaels is now married to Whisper of the Nitro girls. That's cool. If she stays on as a Nitro girls is another story. As for HBK, what will his future hold? Many claim he's going to be the new leader of DX. I hope not. He's been there, and he's done that. He was DX before DX was cool. Anyways, I see him just coming in here and there in his usual commissioner role.-Here's the recent, just put together one week before it happens so you can't build it up if you tried Spring Stampede card:=Hogan vs. Sting vs. Flair vs. DDP for the world title, with the Macho Man as the ref.=Rey Misterio vs. Billy Kidman=Raven and Saturn vs. Benoit and Malenko=Big Poppa Pump vs. Booker T for the covetted US title=Goldberg vs. Kevin Nash=Konnan vs. Disco Inferno=Bam Bam Bigelo vs. Hak-Oh No!! I hear that Dave Meltzer said that Stone Cold will be fighting the Undertaker at King of the Ring in the main event! No!!! Now the ministry will bother Austin. I think the Undertaker is under main event status, and I don't think the Ministry is over enough to start a feud with Austin. I'm basically saying that because I don't want to see another Austin-Undertaker feud, because it was really getting retarded the last time they were feuding, as the Undertaker started becoming what he is today then. Joy.-20/20 is doing a wrestling special Wednesday. That's funny. They think that by ripping on wrestling, they could make people quit watching it. Kinda funny. The more specials they make, the more people will be like "hey, that is what's drawing attention, I think I'll watch it". So remember ABC, just because Monday Night wrestling smacked around your Monday Night Football, doesn't mean you need these specials on Wrestling to attempt to bring it down. It will only keep growing stronger, and moving your footballs games back to 9 this year won't make a difference. Wrestling is on fire!

@Well, that's all for this edition of the Phat Daily Column. I hope you have enjoyed reading it, as I have enjoyed writing it. This is Mr. Tito, the Phattest daily columnist on the net, signing off. So until next time, just chill, till the next episode.

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