Welcome back to the one and only Phat Daily Column. Well, tonight is another Monday Night, and you know what means. But I'm wondering, who will have the better show? Will WCW finally break out their big guns this Monday. They have a new look to Nitro that will be reveiled. You never know how much this change will help, as taped Raw's have bitchslapped live Nitro's before. We will just have to watch and see to night. Anyways, on to the PDC.


-Wrestlemania's early buyrate numbers are so far expected to be huge. Wrestlemania will become the biggest nonboxing PPV event of all time, beating the other WWF PPV blockbuster this year, the Royal Rumble. The WWF is on fire! Many have told me that this was the best Wrestlemania ever, but I don't think so. I thought was a very good one, but far off from the best. I say Wrestlemania 3 was the best, with two of the best Wrestlemania matches ever, Macho Man vs. Ricky Steamboat and Hulk Hogan vs. Andre the Giant. It would take a lot to beat that card. -Tonight's Raw should present some surprises for those who haven't read those dirty spoilers yet. Of course, I won't ruin your fun by telling you those dirty spoilers. I think it will present a good show to go up against the so-called "new look" Nitro. I wish the Raw was live though, because I think the live Raws are better than the taped ones, because most of the wrestlers are tired from the night before, plus, the taped shows are edited much more. -With reports of the European title being discontinued, I say thank the lord. That European Title was a joke from the start, as it really made no sense to defend it in the U.S. The only true European champ was the Bulldog back in the day, and HBK really made that title worth nothing when he won it and NEVER defended it. Also, that belt looks terrible, and it really didn't give a wrestler title status. The IC title is starting to go to crap also, in my opinion.


-What do you expect to see on Nitro tonight? Many say some titles are going to change hands. Which ones? Expect maybe some world title changes. Ric Flair is rumored to drop the strap, to none other than Hollywood Hogan. Oh joy, that's exactly the way WCW thinks they are going to win the ratings, right? No Chance in Hell. I say, put Sting up against Flair, and have Sting win the title. That's the way to go, in my opinion. But that obviously won't happen with Hogan's new "buddy" Nash as a booker. The tag titles will most likely drop, to one set up the cruiserweight battle, and two to give Raven and Saturn the titles. Oh Joy. -With Raven and Saturn supposively getting the tag titles, where does that leave Hardcore Hak? Who's is the former extreme icon going to fight? Good job WCW, buy out all of ECW's talent, and you don't have anything for them to do. James Fullington, who is Hak, made a bad career decision, yet although he made a good financial decision. I miss the days of the Sandman... -Bret Hart is scheduled for his groin surgery for tomorrow. That proves his "quitting" was a work! So there! That's the proof. He'll be back, after he is fully healed from his surgery. Whether he re-signs when his contract is up in December is another story.

Here's something to read:

Hey Mr. Tito, you are a WCW mark! No Wait, you are a WWF mark!

I get this all of the time. Pretty funny, eh? Well, I will first start off by saying that I'm a wrestling mark. I'm not a WCW mark, nor am I a WWF mark. I enjoy whatever entertains me, and that's it! But you are always ripping on WCW. True, but if you have seen teh politics that goes on at WCW, you would understand. Also, WCW has too much talent, and that talent is so misused, it's not funny. Plus, WCW is still revolving around Hogan, and Hogan has obviously lost his touch. They wrestle too many of the old wrestlers when they should be giving the younger ones a shot. That angers me. That's why I call it the "Senior Tour" sometimes. I have been accused of favoring Raw more than Nitro. Some Nitro telecasts, with the hyped up matches that accomplish absolutely nothing, bore me very much. WCW also overdoes matches, not to say seeing the Rock vs. Mick Foley made me sick, but they have done it forever. WCW, it seems for me, struggles to do anything new anymore, but they do have some good technical wrestling matches. You are a damn WCW fan Mr. Tito! I love this comment. I get blamed for that, because I have rated some Raws, which have bored me with all of that Ministry B.S., as well as the boring beginning comments from the Corporation, very low when the readers claim that the Raw that I rated low was the best I they have ever seen. Believe me, I enjoy watching Raw, it's just some parts, like the Ministry that I can't stand watching. The WWF also has some matches that absolutely accomplish nothing, just trying to accomplish some kind of shock value. So there you have it. I rip on both federations faults. I'm a wrestling mark. Whatever angers me, I express it in my column, and if it bores me, it will really take it from me. I try my best to be fair, especially on my Monday Night Grades. That's why I have added the Professor Frank McHone, so that fans get another point of view on how the Monday Nights shows impress us. I think both federations are doing fine jobs with their organizations, but both have stuff that bothers me sometimes. I hope you understand what I mean. : )

@That's it for today. I'll be back tomorrow with the famous Monday Night Impressions. I hope you have enjoyed today's Phat Daily Column. So until next time, just chill...until the next episode!

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