My gosh, things just seem out of whack ever since WCW dropped out of sight. First, the Monday Night hype was different. Second, the Monday Night Impressions were totally changed. Now Ratings Analysis? Oh my God, and I still have to replace WCW Day, too. Shoot, shoot, shoot!

It seems as though the WWF has set off some panic with their wrestling fans about the Austin heel turn. Hey, you gotta at least hand it to the WWF for giving everyone something to talk about. It at least boosted the ratings, which we'll talk about in a bit.

It just seems without WCW, there is no chaos to discuss. Lots of crazy shit occurred over the past 4 years in the WCW locker room that was enough to talk about each week. Now, the greatest maker of news is in the WWF's hands. WWF keeps a lid on certain newsbytes, as compared to what WCW was doing. Of course, the WWF could be inheriting some of the wrestlers/workers who spread the news... Oh, you never knew that about the news you see? Here are the two ways in which the newsplaces get news, besides various sites, hotlines, or newsletters:

1) A current federation employee tells wrestling news-wanters everything. Cell phones can do wonders these days, and the rapid information that occurs backstage spreads quickly. The "rats" of what occurs backstage are wrestlers themselves, managers, bookers, office workers, or just any employee of the federation. Who knows, you might have a sound technician talking to the places who want wrestling news.

2) Wrestlers will pass along information to friends who wrestle on the independent circuit. While a bigtime wrestler is developing on the indy circuit, they make plenty of friends along the way. Those long lasting friendships give a trust between wrestlers, to which the indy wrestler tells all to everybody. Not just the newsletter/hotline guys have connections with the independent wrestlers who will tell all.

So basically, the news you see is from somebody working in the federations, snitching on everybody. It's rather funny to know that a grown up taddle-tail is how you get your inside info.

Enough with that little lesson. On to the PDC.

Today's PDC
*WWF Ratings Analysis
*XFL Gazette (ratings are in!)

WWF Ratings


First Hour: 5.5
Second Hour: 5.8
Composite: 5.65
Composite Last Week: 4.7
Composite Last Year: 6.4

Weekend Ratings

Superstars: 1.0
Livewire: 1.1
Mtv Heat: 1.5

Yesterday, TNN put out press releases about their successful RAW is WAR from Monday Night. They do have reason to cheer about.

Against the NCAA Men's Basketball Finals, the WWF pulled an improvement of about 1.0 in the ratings. Oh yeah, say "there is NO WCW" to compete with". Uh huh. WWF fans stopped watching that a while ago, and those who remained watching it were WCW fans, true blue ones at that too. So if anything, the ratings help was very small there. The momentum of Wrestlemania sure helped, too. But the NCAA tournament is usually a bastard to the WWF, and this year, it had absolutely no effect.

Yes, the WWF should be cheering, jumping up and down, and then making a toast to a big ratings victory. Like I said above... as many might think the move was a bad one, it got wrestling fans talking. Obviously from the spiked numbers, they kept watching... If the WWF gains viewers by seeing if Austin's heel turn will fail or work, then they should ride on that. And the REAL huge angle is still to be started, too. (A WCW invasion)

This is probably what Vince McMahon and the boys were hoping for. Last year, the WWF lost interest after Wrestlemania... this year, they have some new interest in the product, and if they book a strong Backlash, then good things will happen. The WWF needs to have a good summer, because they relied on Summerslam too much, last summer, to save their asses and to add a spark to the product.

On the Weekend front.... Livewire and Superstars were at their averages, and Mtv Heat dropped.... ok, don't panic, for it was up against the Wrestlemania pre-show. So actually, it's a good rating if you think about it.



Isn't it just funny how a wrestler just totally changes their actions once they eventually turn heel? As a face, they are very strong and able to never give up. However, as a heel, they become cocky, the whipping boy for the faces in the matches, and they give up on anything.

You know Austin is acting like a heel, too. Just look at how quick he tapped out from the Sharpshooter, despite never giving up on it twice at Wrestlemania. Also note that the Rock really kicked his ass on RAW, and the night before, it was back and forth all night long. However, on RAW, Austin wrestled totally different and relied on Vince McMahon to save his ass.

It's not just Austin. Every just turned heel wrestler has done this. I find it very strange that the wrestling business has always done it this way. Hardly ever do they make a heel just act like he's insane or evil. Oh well.

Billy Gunn is like a Backstreet Boys video, neither of them need to be on television.

Originally there was supposed to be 50 more entries in the Gimmick Battle Royal but Ed Leslie's car broke down and Mideon had the flu.

I guess the WWF referees all have hearing disorders. That's the only reason I can think that they don't hear Albert's primal scream every time he interferes in a match.

Reports of Hulk Hogan being at Wrestlemania Sunday were put to rest when everyone realized it was just Perry Saturn.

Any one else laugh when you hear Paul Heyman say Stone Cold sold his soul to Vince McMahon?

Triple H and the Big Show form a tag team going by the name: The GAME SHOW!

The only way Steve Austin can get over as a heel for a Texas crowd is if he reveals that his beer is non-alcoholic.

It's Justin Credible how NOT over X-Factor is.

By putting the WCW wrestlers in the box at WM the WWF has already done more with young talent than the WCW.

Did you hear those "WCW" chants when Shane was at WWFNY? I suppose the only thing that stopped the popularity of WCW was the fact they were producing shows.

With all the money the WWF spends on Wrestlemania you would think they could put roofs on their fake rooms for the Hardcore belt. I wonder if Mr. Tito was upset about El Matador not being in the Gimmick Battle Royal? (El Matador was Tito Santana, for those of you who didn't know)

Why did Vince give Austin the chair? They were in Texas, everyone gets the chair there.

X-Pac and XFL have more things in common then we thought. X-Pac used to be known as SYXX and XFL has SIX viewers.

If 'Stacker 2' burns fat so well, why doesn't Mark Henry or Big Show take it?

If the WWF started a Mexican based federation, would the English broadcast booth get trashed every PPV?

Crash. His gimmick and his future all in one word!

It's neat that Jim Ross was pushing Lo Down as the next New Age Outlaws and now neither team are on TV anymore.

Credit for Screaming their Lungs Out: Ian McDowell, Gavok, Todd Phelps, Brandon, Jeff Jarrett-67, Floody, Charles Ekeke, Brent Gunn, NosferatuX, Mark Cnotek, Rocky 722, Jason Bohn, Dave Pechie, Bubba 1469, El Juego, Alex Gutman, and Tim Temple.

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Mr. Tito 1998 - 2001 Exclusive to

XFL Ratings

NBC Game from Saturday: 1.5

TNN Game from Sunday: 0.5

UPN Game from Sunday: 0.7

Combined: 2.7

*The NBC game broke its own horrible record of 1.6 with their 1.5 rating. It's safe to say, now, that this league is a total failure. The TNN game got torched badly, too, dropping from around 0.9 in the previous weeks. UPN's game dropped, too, which is the WWF's back up plan once NBC pulls out. These ratings are nothing but crap, and the 2.7 is far from the guaranteed combined 10 that was promised to advertisers.


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