Welcome back to the ONE and ONLY. It was nice and rather relaxing to only watch one Monday Night show, because it's going to be tough to watch next week when Bischoff/Russo step it up. RAW was on last night, as it was trying to live up to the standard that "every RAW after Wrestlemania should be good". I know I gave last year's edition low numbers if I can recall, so will I do the same today? We'll find out, so on to the PDC.

I had lots of e-mails about what everyone thought about Wrestlemania, and for the most part, many said that it was a big disappointment. The general consensus of the net is that it was a GOOD pay per view, but it was short of great, which is what everyone expect Wrestlemania to be. I somewhat agree with that notion, as I feel that it was an overall good show with a few errors or matches that could have been fixed. They only had one true one on one singles match, and with Wrestlemania, their should be many because you never know when a breakout match could happen. I don't know, I think I'd have to watch it a few more times for a better impression.


Here's my favorite part of my rant on RAW is WAR: Opening interview to start off the show...ZZZZZZZZ. Oh wait, this time we are treated to Vince McMahon telling off the fans in L.A. Oh, that's so wonderful, as he talks about how they are bottom dwellers and had lots of cosmetic surgery done. Ha, little does he know that a handful of his performers have had that same stuff done. Yeah, nice one Vince. Oh joy, Triple H, Shane and Vince are in cahoots and they all want to fight the Rock. Guess what, they draw straws in the back, and Shane gets to fight the Rock. As for this match alone, it was horrible. Let's have Shane dance around forever, and then when the Rock nails him, lots of wonderful interference. Later, the McMahons run away from the action and let Triple H beat Rock's ass. Rock gets on the offense, and easily pins Triple H which was NOT a match, therefore no title change. Horrible, horrible ending.

You know, I was actually cheering louder when Chyna turned on Jericho than I did when Vince turned heel at Wrestlemania. Yeah, how about my apples? You see who has the European title now? Eddy Guerrero! I had lots of complaints about my comments about Jericho getting de-pushed to European title, and look what happens. He immediately loses it. So there. Another title defense was Tazz vs. Chris Benoit where Perry Saturn interfered. This is a PERFECT way to establish Perry Saturn's character!! He could get really nasty in his feud with Tazz and build it up good for Backlash. Besides, these two have a past and it would be a great way to help get them more over..especially Saturn.

T & A looked good tonight, as they got more cheers from the L.A. crowd last night. Too bad they are jobbing left and right, except for their WM win. I loved the Edge/Christian interview. The WWF has a goldmine in making those two very cocky heels. Edge seemed like he could really work the mic, and I guess Christian can enjoy the ride. It looks like a rematch could happen from Wrestlemania though, as there was a rumble between the Hardys and the Dudleys. Why not get the APA into this feud too? Why not give them a shot, as they are in my opinion, the most lethal tag team in the world right now.

Oh God, that dance by Big Show was painful to watch. I guess the WWF is "attempting" to use that thimble-full of charisma that the Big Show has, and try to establish him that way. I doubt it would work, as they should try to make him the killer that he was when he first entered WCW. Of course, that's not happening. Since when did the Rock steal Jeff Jarrett's glasses? The WWF made up, I guess, for the error in the Hardcore match last night, as they had Crash fight Hardcore Holly for the Hardcore Title. Crash won, thanks to the APA, and now we get more 24-7 title reigns. Yay. Wow, Kurt Angle defeated Val Venis fairly. Yes, I remember when Val almost became a main eventer...

I feel very bad for Kane. Now, he's in a feud with Big Bossman. That's the LOWEST you can get in the WWF, and it will take you no where. Look what Bossman did for Big Show. Nothing. Look what Bossman did for Test. Nothing. Look what he did for Tazz. Nothing. Point is that Bossman, and I guess this includes his new friend Bull Buchanan can't draw heat, no matter what they try. Some will argue with me that the Big Show and Bossman feud was huge, but look at the Big Show now. He had to be forced into being a heel, therefore, his face push with Bossman attacking was a complete failure. Nuff said.

RAW Phat Stats

Matches: 8
Clean Wins: 3
Screwjobs: 3
Disqualifications: 1
No Contests: 1

Last Word: Well, they did an OK job with living up to the hype that it was "the RAW after Wrestlemania", but I didn't like the ending. Plus, I'm not thrilled that Kane now has to fight with the Bossman connection. I guess we are now slowly building towards backlash, as the WWF is thinking that they have 3 and a half good weeks of hype to go. I'll give this show a


which is coming from MY opinion. Since WCW is in training school on how to run a show, they could get high numbers. Oh wait, the NCAA finals were last night. Oh wait, opening day of Baseball was yesterday too. Ouch. I predict an overall rating of around 6.2 or so. That's a hard one to guess on.


-WCW put on a good program yesterday, as they reviewed the history of Eric Bischoff. I caught the first hour and parts of the second hour when RAW was on commercial. Although it was badly narrated with Mark Madden and Shiavone(Madden looked horrible on television), it had some classic highlights. They did nothing but hype the comeback of Bischoff and the return of Vince Russo throughout the whole thing. It's like the second coming of the Messiah or something, right?

Well, here's my deal. As you all know from reading this very column, I'm not a big fan of Bischoff's final days in WCW, nor was I a "mark" for what Russo booked in his first tenure at WCW. I felt that Bischoff was pushing the wrong guys and letting the wrestlers run the show, while Russo just wrote some ridiculous storylines(see Hugh Morris's father angle). People want me to give them a chance, therefore, I will. But come April 10th, I will look at EVERYTHING closely. Any little angle that bothers me will get bashed hard in this column. Sure, they are MUCH better than Sullivan, but Russo and Bischoff can make bad decisions too, and that's why this OPINIONATED column will tell it like it is. For you Russo fans, I'm not done with you yet. I'm digging up some things on Russo, which you should all enjoy.

-Many people wonder why I bash Bill Goldberg, as here is a good example why: Yesterday, I posted some comments from an interview done by Al Isaacs with Bill Goldberg. Isaacs asked Goldberg if he was holding out because of WCW's horrible ratings, and he went off. He started cursing, as that's understandable, but he started to blame Triple H of all people for it. What the hell was that for? Then he goes off and challenges Triple H to a match. Want more? He then goes on to rip Mick Foley hard, and says that he's "ridiculous" and "absolutely ignorant". He's also very cocky about being an "instrument in turning the company around". Gee, do you see why I say stuff about him now?


-Well, congrats to ECW here, as they finally proved the REAL reason for their ratings losses: the NCAA tournament. They had a 1.1 this week, which came from a very good show in my opinion. I have it an A- because it was just that damn good. I'm hoping that ECW puts on shows like that everyweek, and without using the same matches over and over again. I think they should go with a Sandman and Raven match and tear the house down with those two. Their old matches were so violent in their day. Of course, but are older now and both have a little WCW still in them, so it could be a disappointment. I just can't wait until Rob Van Dam finally returns, and then the ball can start rolling for ECW....hopefully.

@That's all for today's edition. I'll be back with more Phat Daily Column to go around, so just chill...till the next episode. Get your Phantom Menace while you can!!!!

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