Welcome back to the Easter edition of Mr. Tito's Phat Daily Column. I hope everyone has had a good Easter. Anyways, on to the PDC.


-Taka Michinoku made his return...to two shows in two different federations! He made his return in a darkmatch, I think at the Raw Tapings, and he made a return to ECW at Cyberslam. So where on Earth is he going to really wrestle at? He needs to get his candyass back in the WWF more so he can help re-establish that tarnished Lightweight Division. Duane Gill is funny, but he's a blackeye to the WWF as a lightweight champ. -Many have said that HBK will return as leader of Degeneration X. It could happen, but that would make him have a role on which he would have to be around more, and he seems to never have time for a usual WWF role anymore. I don't think he'd be good for DX now, just because it doesn't make sense when he tried to screw over DX when corporate. Who knows, maybe he'll fit perfectly in DX.-Rumor has it that the WWF will have 2 hours of programming on the UPN network. Don't do it WWF!! The more shows you have, the more watered down your federation gets. It would be a terrible decision, unless it was one of those boring review shows, but hopefully it won't show more matches. Heat and Raw is enough WWF shows with actual wrestling for me to watch, or else I would get strained from watching too much WWF programming. So would everyone else.


-Will the Warrior return to WCW, ever? Well, that piece of trash, excuse me, will be making an announcement on his quality website sometime, ultimatewarrior.com. I think that's the right address, but it doesn't matter, because whatever he does in the future will only last a few months until he gets tired of it, and disappears. He's such a joke anymore, and to think he was my favorite wrestler when I was younger.-I hope Sting's huge announcement impresses me Monday. I hope he comes out and questions the manhood of the nWo Wolfpac, and I hope he also fights one of them, and kicks his ass. I'm not much for Sting becoming the Crow again, because like the nWo Wolfpac, it's repeating history. No matter how much things change in WCW, they always will remain the same.-I have noticed something. Eric Bischoff has a full head of gray hair, and I don't think he's that old to achieve that. I think the wrestling business could be really stressing him out. Before the NWO came along and took the ratings, he had to be stressing on how he had the great Hulk Hogan, but he was still below the WWF. Then he finally started to defeat the WWF, for a year, and then the WWF starts beating him again, and it looks today like the WWF is starting to really pull away from WCW in ratings. Bischoff has also had to put up with all of that greedy talent he has signed. Hearing just about every wrestler bitching about their guaranteed titles or guaranteed pushes would make my hair go gray too. He could be getting stressed from the ones that have more power than him in WCW. They could be finally pissed on how he has spent a lot of their money on wrestlers and expensive shows, but yet they are losing the ratings. Bischoff probably won't get fired, but he sure as hell needs to do something about WCW, before he really stress does something else besides making his hair gray.

@That's it for today! See you tomorrow! This is Mr. Tito, the Phattest columnist on the net, signing off!

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