Welcome to another fun-filled edition of Mr. Tito's Phat Daily Column. Yes, it's the column that many love to read, or hate to read but keep reading anyway. Lots of WWF marks challenged me on my RAW grade of a C- minus, as many popped a boner for the latest edition of RAW. Of course, I always get those readers who say that my C- grade was generous....

Ah yes, I do send thanks to the many who apolgized to me for yelling at me for the Finger Eleven KANE song on Forceable Entry. Again, for the 249484857737th time, it's on the CANADIAN version of the CD, not the US or at least most of the US copies. But not to worry folks, it was nothing I couldn't download. So let me quickly review it...

Finger Eleven - Slow Chemical (Kane's Theme): I really like this theme as a song. It's a pretty good incorporation of the wrestler's theme, sort of like Benoit's, only it does have more of the edge that the original theme had. I recommend downloading it if you bought the Forceable Entry CD here in the United States. Otherwise, if you live in Canada, buy the Forceable Entry CD for 19, not 18, tracks, most of which are pretty good.

There, I completed my review of Forceable Entry.

Today, I'll prove to you why a C- grade was justified for RAW and other Daily Apples to enjoy. On to the PDC!


-Want some proof that RAW wasn't so great? Last week's rating, the "compelling" split, achieved a rating of a 5.4. This week's RAW, the start of a new era, achieved a rating of 4.8, a significant 0.6 drop from the week before. Ouch. This is despite the awarding of the new title to Triple H and despite the RETURN of Stone Cold Steve Austin to WWF television. It's obvious that the show, as a whole, was weak. Let me see... Spike Dudley had no heat against Regal, Bubba vs. Raven was a standard WWF hardcore match, Lita vs. Terri was a joke, Bossman and Mr. Perfect as a tag team was a wrestling nightmare, and did you truly enjoy the NWO run in for the Kane vs. X-Pac match? Looks like total crap to me, and this ratings drop and dislike for this week's show worries me.

Why? When the ratings go down, what does the WWF do to make their show better? Push the most talented guys? No. Add more minutes to matches so that they can actually be good? No way! In the split era, make a trade for some good talent? Yeah right! When the WWF panics during ratings drops, the amount of television time given to a McMahon increases. Therefore, with Vince on Smackdown, you know who will eventually show up on RAW in a few weeks. You know, that ugly bitch who keeps getting booted off television from stipulation matches, but always manages to come back?

-You know what I find highly funny? All of these start up promotions trying to put on Pay Per Views. What gives?!? Why would anybody want to buy a Pay Per View with a mix of washed up stars, very green wrestlers, or former WWF wrestlers who now have little name value? It's like these companies don't realize how much they are spending for Pay Per View costs, such as a set, production, and the guaranteed fee given to some cable or satellite companies, such as In Demand. It just blows my mind that these promoters feel that wrestling fans, now namely the remaining WWF fanbase, will spend $10 - $30 on a show that sucks worse than a bad edition of Smackdown or RAW, and those shows are for free.

If anything, these new promoters should use that money to buy an expensive pair of kneepads for Ted Turner. I believe that the sale of WCW is beginning to haunt that man, as he wants wrestling BACK on one of the Time Warner stations. He has somewhat risen to power, again, at Time Warner, so I believe that he can get wrestling back, as it has been talked about for TBS, the original Ted Turner station, to have wrestling again. Use all of the resources you can to kiss his ass, and once you get a cable deal, dig deep into Turner's pockets to fight with the WWF, exactly what Eric Bischoff did. Well, I meant by using Turner's wealth to eventually make a successful federation.

I especially laugh at the Jerry Jarrett promotion. He believes that he can put on such a good promotion, whereas his product will likely be the same old independent wrestlers or wash ups featured on the other so-called Pay Per Views done by non-WWF promotions.

Again, cuddle up to a Billionaire. Cuddle up to Ted Turner if you want any success in the wrestling business. Vince is very rich, too, and with a strong television deal with Viacom, it will be very hard for anyone to compete without a financial backer who doesn't mind wasting his money.

-Reading 1wrestling.com's news about the WWF not letting their wrestlers in production meetings made me laugh. Not at the actual news itself, but at the fact that the WWF is SO dumb to keep letting their "inside information" out. Many wrestlers buddy up to dirtsheet writers, and cell phone everything they know, from storylines, who the WWF likes or wants to push, who the WWF dislikes, and any other occurrance within the WWF. Secondly, what about Triple H? Will he be banned from the production meetings? Very, very doubtful. It's become very apparent to me that Triple H is very powerful backstage, thanks to the instant push of X-Pac and the flushing down the toilet of Chris Jericho.

-Looking at the April 2nd "RAW" houseshow from Reading, PA, thanks to TJ sending it in, it gave me a good reason to NOT buy any Wheeling, WV May 1st/Wednesday night houseshow tickets, probably featuring the RAW team. It just looks like a weak card, overall. The RAW team is CLEARLY weaker than the Smackdown team. How many times must I point that out? If you want to see what happened on the show, Click Here if you don't believe me.

On that show, Mr. Perfect and Shawn Stasiak actually teamed up, and lost to the Hardys. Anyone remember that lame feud between Stasiak and Curt Hennig from WCW during one of the Russo eras? Of course, this idea was SOOO GOOD that Russo then pushed Chuck Palumbo to be the "New Total Package", which was Palumbo's first break on television. Man, I should just do a column on some of the most ridiculous ideas ever attempted by Vince Russo in WCW. That would be nice...

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@That is all for today. I'll be back, tomorrow, with some Smackdown hype and more hated opinions. Until then, why not chill?

Take Care, and Thanks for Reading.

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