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My gosh, writing today's column is soo weird. Ever since I started in 1998, I've always had Nitro to review on each Monday, unless TNT decided to air NBA playoffs or an original movie series. However, due to the fact that WCW could never recover from their ratings loss in 1998, we only have one show to review. Shoot.

What I'll try to do is to write more about RAW. Why? What else am I going to write about? With only one federation now, I've really got no choice whatsoever. Unless another federation rises for me to review, it's just the WWF from now on. Sure, I'll have the WCW show to review, but that's weeks away.

Phat Pharm News! I basically have the design of the Phat Pharm finished, with a few technical stuff to work out for the columns. I should have it ready for next week? Somewhere. It's looking good, especially with the banner I got from Mr. Al Birdy. This Pharm will be much more improved than before.

Enough of this, let's get RAW!


The show starts off with a rather odd interview by Stephanie, and then it led to Vince McMahon alone. He did a lovely Texas routine, where he ripped on the crowds with the usual stereotypes. Hey Texas, don't you worry about a thing. I live in Ohio, and whenever wrestling comes to West Virginia (which is close by since I'm on the border), every wrestling federation makes sure to call everyone a bunch of inbreds. So enjoy being made fun about a cowboy hat, cause it could be much worse. Anyway, Vince went for cheap heat to get Austin over with the crowd. Gotta hand it to Vince, he tried hard tonight to get the storyline over. It's rather hard to do in the state of Texas. Rock would come down, and force Vince to set a rematch for later. Funny how Austin didn't come down, due to fears that the fans would cheer Austin, again. Rock's really loving that Sharpshooter these days. He's starting to slap it in better, which is a good thing.

The 6 match match between the Radicalz and APA/Test was pretty well set up, with Eddie laughing Test for no friends. He should laugh at him for no charisma! I figured Eddie was going to do the job, here, just 24 hours after he beat Test. The Acolytes, especially Bradshaw, have been performing well lately. It's hard to say, though, on how long Farooq's knees will hold up, to see how long the APA will be a team.

Ehhh, the strap match was no where near as good as the No Way Out battle between Trish and Stephanie McMahon. William Regal, again, was put out there to make sure Trish lost. That resulted in Chris Jericho running in, and making for some Jericho/Trish vs. Stephanie/Regal matches for a future WWF television show. All of this stuff will just lead to a rematch at Backlash between Regal and Jericho, simply put.

Wow. Rhyno just walked through the multiple time Hardcore champ, Crash. I mean, it wasn't even a match or an effort for the current Cruiserweight champ. Later, Molly Holly came down, and as she did her flip move, Rhyno almost skanked her, by grabbing a hold of her pants and pulling on the way down. It's too quick to see anything, if you're wondering, Monkey, for your **NUDE MOLLY HOLLY** section.

Oh boy, what an acting job by Debra about her husband's heel turn (sarcasm). They should bring back Sable, and have a speech contest between the two. Now that's ratings!

We get a second, long interview by Vince McMahon to shove this heel turn down our throats. Hey, I warned you in yesterday's PDC, didn't I? Steve Austin came down, and tried to act like a heel. Hey, has anybody told Vince that Austin's gimmick is acting like a heel, for the past 4 years? He tried to badmouth the Texas fans, but not too much. Austin probably doesn't want stuff thrown at his house, which is in Texas. It's a hard crowd to sell the Austin heel turn, obviously.

Not a bad match between Kane and Val Venis. Both characters were much better in 1998, though. After Kane won, the rest of the RTC came down to attack. Then, the Undertaker made the save. I guess that's the reward for the big win over Triple H? The Undertaker should have taken harder swings at the Goodfather, since that bastard stole his urn and made it into a necklace back in the day! Damn you Kama!

Interesting conflicts with Triple H and Vince McMahon... I was figuring a Triple H face turn to go against Austin, but I was wrong.........

Well, Chris Jericho isn't Superman, like SOME people in the WWF, for he lost the handicap match against Kurt Angle and William Regal. Afterward, Regal and Angle let Jericho have it, and then Chris Benoit ran down to a dismal pop. If there's anything the WWF needs to work on, it's Benoit's face turn, instead of Austin's heel turn. Well, you need to work on both, but Benoit desperately needs some help on his pops, or ways to achieve pops. Jericho's help could be good for him, if they tag up.

Ack! Billy Gunn on RAW! I guess this is what he gets for not being included at Wrestlemania. I guess nobody told Billy that he has to perform well and get the crowd to love him to be at Wrestlemania, not automatically win that spot. The same goes for the others, despite how "hard" they claim to work. How about working harder on improving your characters? Just look at Triple H. He was considered a goof in the business, and a horrible worker. Then, he began to bust his ass, and look where he went. Guys like X-Pac, Credible, Albert, Gunn, Blackman, Grandmaster Sex-ay, the Hollys, and many more need to realize that with a little hard work, things can happen. Anyway, the match was as bad as anything, with more signs of Billy Gunn's career getting thrown out the window. I like the new Xpac tights by the way... now do something about the head... shave him? Cut his hair? Something? He needs a new look, badly. If you shave him, I bet he'll look like Justin Credible, only slimmed down!

Good old Shane McMahon was in WWF New York last night. I would have liked to see a few WCW guys there, but it is WWF NY, and not WCW NY. The fans, there, were cheering "Dubya Cee Dubya! Dubya Cee Dubya!" Rather interesting. The WWF should be talking to some talent this week about a spot on the roster, I bet you that.

Good fight between Rock vs. Steve Austin in the Cage, just a night after their strong match at Wrestlemania. The Rock has been looking better in the ring, lately, for some reason. Could Bret Hart be possessing the Rock?!? It sure appears like it, because he's been wrestling a tad bit similar to the Hitman lately. Even improved on his Sharpshooter. Hell, even Austin was tapping out. That was uncommon of Austin, playing the "pussy" heel. You know he's trying to get over as a heel. Rock had Austin beat cleanly not once, but twice during the match. Triple H would then come down for the possible save on the Rock, only to pull a swerve. Man, they really want you to boo Steve Austin, as evident with the pairing with Triple H. Only in the WWF can you conspire to kill someone, and then join their side.

RAW Phat Stats

Matches: 7
Clean Wins: 4
Screwjobs: 1
Disqualifications: 0
No Contests: 2

LAST WORD: If you didn't know that the whole point of this show was to get Steve Austin over as a heel, then you had your head in the clouds. I knew this coming in, and the WWF did everything in its power to get Texas fans to boo their home guy. Lots of sports entertainment, and a few lows here and there. But for the matches that went on, besides Xpac vs. Gunn, they were entertaining enough to get this show a grade of a


Many wrestlers had the night off from busting their asses the night before, and I'm sure everyone that did wrestle is very tired right now. It's hard to keep going after doing one of the best WWF shows ever. I can't predict ratings without competition, and I'm not too sure how strong the NCAA's tournament final would affect tonight's post Wrestlemania RAW.

MATCH OF THE NIGHT: Guerrero/Saturn/Malenko vs. APA/Test



This is what I'll now try to do after the shows, instead of recapping Nitro. I'll just take a wild stab at what I *think* the next Pay Per View will be after each show. If this is a liked section, let me know about it! From tonight's actions, I see the following matches forming:

Test vs. Eddie Guerrero
Chris Benoit vs. Kurt Angle
Chris Jericho vs. William Regal
Triple H vs. Undertaker
Rock vs. Austin
(Possibly Austin/Triple H vs. the Rock)

I'm thinking that the Undertaker won't take long in the RTC feud, and he'll fight a rematch with Triple H. I don't know though.... Maybe Vince will set up Triple H/Austin vs. the Rock? Hmmm.... I see William Regal winning the IC title at Backlash, and Benoit getting his revenge against Angle. Look for a series of tag matches between Benoit/Jericho vs. Regal/Angle. But that's just what I see at this point.....

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The UPN game scored a 1.2 in the overnight ratings. That's a big lower than last week's overnights, which can be attributed to some fans watching Wrestlemania.

Nothing else out there. I hope to have the XFL ratings for the NBC game tomorrow, which might be scary.