Phew! After one long year of waiting, Wrestlemania has finally arrived. Today, I will inflict my impressions, Phat Stats©, and a wonderful grade on the biggest wrestling event of the year. All of this and, who knows, more in the PDC. On to it!

First off, thanks to whoever held up the Mr. Tito/Lords of Pain sign at Wrestlemania. A big thanks to them, as I'm assuming you paid big money for those seats, which means a lot when you spend that much and hold up a sign. Thanks once again!!!!


We are going match by match for this one!

Wow, interesting entrance for the Godfather and D'Lo Brown with good old Ice T singing the Aggression theme. Their match with Bull Buchanan and Big Bossman was a good tag match, but like another match later on, it seemed that the crowd could care less about the match until the Godfather did something funny. Rekon Bull Buchanan looked very good in this bout though.

Next up, the Hardcore Battle Royal. First off, I forgot to predict the winner for this, and if I did, it would have been Crash Holly retaining it. Anyway, I found NOTHING hardcore for this match, but it was more comedic than anything. Tazz is now a two time Hardcore champ, but that doesn't say much because Pete Gas is too. Hey, Headbanger Thrasher won his first singles title in this match. I remember when they were once predicting Thrasher to be the next breakout star. Hmmm. Like I said up top..nothing hardcore about this match, but it was funny.

Head Cheese vs. T & A was a very good tag team "wrestling" match, as both teams busted their asses out there, but the crowd wasn't into this. Why? NO proper build up for this feud for one, and no good build up for Test and Albert who used to feud but suddenly started tagging up once Trish Stratus arrived. WWF should learn to build up guys like these before they put them on Wrestlemania.

The 3 Way Ladder match was damn good, but I do have ONE gripe about it. Did you notice how long the Hardys and Edge/Christian(I HATE TYPING THAT) were on the outside while the Dudleys were setting up tables? That was stupid, as all they needed to do was to set two ladders up side by side and grab the titles! Jeff Hardy was once again a showstopper, as he took some mad bumps!

Terri defeated the Kat in a very funny, but stupid match. I'm sure many people who bought this pay per view for nudity are jacked!!!

Radicals vs. Chyna and Too Cool was pretty good, as tonight was the best performance I've seen of Chyna's in a while. She looked really good, especially at a time where the faster wrestlers can make her look bad.

Chris Benoit vs. Kurt Angle vs. Chris Jericho was very disappointing to me. For one, it wasn't that good of a match that it could have been. I love Chris Benoit as Intercontinental Champ, but why have Chris Jericho as European champ? Yeah, for those who thought Jericho was on his way to main event stardom, there's your proof.

Kane/Rikishi vs. Road Dogg/X-Pac was a short match that only was funny when Rikishi shoved his ass in people's face. I hope they get paid extra to take that. I did, however, enjoy Pete Rose coming down, once again, to get his ass beat by Kane. That is a great on-going tradition that cracks me up each year they do it.

As for the main event.....Triple H joins Diesel and Hulk Hogan as the only wrestlers to remain world champions once Wrestlemania was over. Triple H also becomes the first heel to win in the main event. Anyway, I was disappointed in this year's main event. They got rid of Big Show first, and I said GOOD. Then, Mick Foley was eliminated easily by Triple H, which made me sad, and I'll miss him forever. The Rock and Triple H were left fighting, which was OK, but the end was weak in my mind. Then, we have Vince McMahon screwing the Rock only for us to question why Vince did it. They pulled a WCW here where you will have to tune in Monday Night to see why Vince screwed the Rock!!! They focused too much on Shane and Vince fighting in this match, which I've seen many times.

I bash the Rock for his repetitive phrases, but that interview he gave before his match last night was a great one! That was intense, and one of the better "non comedic" ones I've ever heard.

Hey, Wrestlemania 2001 will be in the Houston Astrodome. Yes, a dome...that means they could shatter the 93,000 attendance record, right? That's what everyone was probably assuming when they saw that, but little did they know that it won't happen. Let me see can hold 62,439 for football. Ok, if they can somehow shove about 30,000 fans onto the football field in seats, then they might have a chance..but I don't think so. They should set a big attendance mark, but 93, way! My real question for that segment was "where will the WWF be in status when this time arrives in 2001". (Thanks to Calvin for the Dome numbers)

Wrestlemania Phat Stats

Note: I excluded the Hardcore Battle Royal, and counted the Angle/Benoit/Jericho match as two.
Matches: 9(actually 10 not including Hardcore match)
Clean Wins: 8
Screwjobs: 1(Vince was allowed to attack the Rock from "no holds barred rules")
Disqualifications: 0
No Contests: 0

Last Word: Well, this is interesting. I will say that I was slightly disappointed in this year's Wrestlemania. It had some good wrestling matches, but it would be great for a Monday Night RAW, but it wasn't great for a Wrestlemania if you know what I mean. I'm giving Wrestlemania a


this year for a decent show. After weeks of saying that the booking of this show was rushed at the end, I guess I was right. The lack of good singles matches hurt, as we had 3 way dances and tag matches everywhere! The main event was sub-par too, which helps make or break a Wrestlemania. My predictions are screwed up in that I won the first 4, and I lost the last 4. Hmm. I am proud of my Edge/Christian prediction though, as a few of you readers thought I was crazy calling that.

RAW TONIGHT will have to live up to the tradition of the RAW that follows Wrestlemania. So for everyone that paid $34.99 to watch Wrestlemania to see Vince turn on the Rock only to be questioned why he did it, you better hope that it's announced on RAW. I'm really want to know who Triple H's next opponent for Backlash will be. I guess we'll tune into that, because the great ratings are in the air with no WCW tonight, as their bookers are trying to learn how to book for next week's so-called turnaround. Oh wait, NCAA finals are on tonight too, so the ratings might be hard to get this week.

@That's all I have to say about that. I'll be back to chop up the post Wrestlemania RAW tomorrow, as WCW won't have a show for me to evaluate. See you tomorrow!

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