Welcome back to the one and only Phat Daily Column. Well, yesterday I got lots of positive reaction to my "Possible WCW Angles" section, but many of you got confused on one part. The part was the Jericho part, and everyone was questioning the part where he would sign with WWF, but he's job like he'd never job before. Everyone was like "What are you thinking?? Jericho won't job at the WWF". Next time you see something like that, just look up at the title. The title was "Possible WCW Angles". If it was "Possible WWF angles", they I'd be wrong on Jericho, but it didn't. What I meant was that if he gives the WWF notice or signs with them, he'll job to everyone in WCW on his way out. I hope that cleared a lot up.


-According to the Ross Report, Steven Regal has been released from the WWF. Regal never really made much of a difference in the WWF, but that was because of his own mental and physical problems. I don't think he had any real physical injury that would keep him out of the ring. He's just a headcase, that the WWF should have never wasted any money on. -Boy I got a nice chunk of mail about WCW.com's claim that there was a hacker in the television ratings. Don't believe that. It was nothing more than a lovely April fools joke, that WCW.com started. Shows that they really want the public that they are still on top. You still think the ratings could be hacked. Ok, well just consider a few things. One, take a look around you, do you see people wearing more WCW shirts or WWF shirts? Two, what federation does your friends at school talk about after a show? Three, why is it that when any WWF wrestler gets on another television show, the ratings go through the roof, and when a WCW character is on a show, nobody cares? There you go. The WWF is in the ratings lead. : )-Where has Mankind been? I think he is actually taking some, and I say some time off to heal his many injuries. My guess is he will never be gone for long ever. He's crazy for wrestling under the many injuries that his matches give him. Not to mention that he does his insane stunts injured also. Take a few months off Mick! -I saw the 1-800-COLLECT commercial with Stone Cold and D-Lo. I wondered why D-Lo sometimes can't win matches. Anyways, I thought it was a rather entertaining commercial, so when you get the chance to see it, check it out!


-Everyone's favorite hotline guy, Mark Madden let it be known that there was going to be a new announcing team. Hopefully, they can Shiavone for at least one hour. Also, I pray that they bring in Rick Rude for an hour or so. If you remember back in the day at ECW, Rude was a great commentator along with the great Joey Styles. Of course, Rude no longer has Styles, he has the boring Shiavone. Plus, Rude can't be as extreme as he was in ECW. My money is on that they don't use Rude at all, but they will use maybe a two man crew, without Mike Tenay.-Well, I have very sad news. Davey Boy Smith, most recently a WCW wrestler, who has been out forever because of an injury that he felt from being slammed on Warrior's trap door on the ring, is has been hospitalized. The poor guy will be hospitalized for around 6 months. He is suffering from a bone infection on his back. My prayers are with the Bulldog, as he has been one of my favorite wrestlers throughout the years.-I hear that they were making it seem like Bret Hart has actually quit on WCW live the other day. That is a WORK. Did I mention it was a work? Hell, even Madden announced it on his quality hotline. They are just playing it out as a great angle, that's all! That Nitro, I'm sure you have heard this by now, showed DDP's temper. It showed what a hothead he really was. Bischoff had words with him about this, but since they live so close together, he won't get penalized like other wrestlers would.

The Reason Mr. Tito Doesn't Have Much About ECW in His Columns

Why do you ask? I can't see it on television!! My Pittsburgh area television hook up took it off the channel that I relied on for those shows. I was rather pissed off about this, and for a while I watched the ECW shows on ECWwrestling.com, but looking at that Real Player screen hurts the eyes after a while. I quit watching it on the Real Player not only because of the eye strain, but they never had the recent shows up. Every show was a week late. So, I quit doing that, and I started reading the ECW TV reports. Reading those aren't exactly like the real thing, so I quit doing that. I then had the plan to buy the Pay Per Views, and watch the pre-shows very closely to catch up what I missed, but those pay per views come on once in a blue moon, plus the wrestlers I enjoyed watching very much are gone from ECW(Except RVD and Sabu). So I really gave up on ECW. Besides, Lords of Pain has the best ECW news reporters around the net, and I never really hear any scoops on ECW as much as I do as the Big 2. I really hope ECW finds a television deal with some channel so that I can enjoy ECW again.

@That's it for today. Thanks for reading the Phat Daily Column. I'll be back tomorrow with an Easter edition of the PDC. This is Mr. Tito, the Whole F'N show of PHAT daily columns, signing off! So until tomorrow, just chill..until the next episode.

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