Welcome to the wonderful world of PDC. Backlash is today, as many will buy this darn thing because of the biggest ratings draw in the game, Stone Cold, is coming back. It should be a strong night for the WWF, and they will carry it over tomorrow night to crush Nitro like a grape. My God, I'm still bitter about David Arquette as champ. Anyway, on to the Phat Daily Column.


-It still cracks me up that people are comparing the title reigns of the McMahons to the title reign of David Arquetted. God, I can't stand that, and here's a solution to why it wasn't bad for the McMahons to win it: they were over. At the time Vince was champ, the crowd popped at everything he did. As for Stephanie, the WWF wasn't too high on the Women's title anymore, so they gave it to her to maybe help get it over. Then you have Shane McMahon who held the European title. That title has always been a joke, and his feud with X-Pac was great and provided an excellent match at Wrestlemania 15. David Arquette, on the other hand, has only made 3 WCW appearances, wrestled in 2, and he became the WCW champion! McMahons are out there providing a show each and every night. Arquette has been there a big 3 times. Maybe I'll just shut up now and let the ratings on Monday Night tell the story.

-The Maestro was released from WCW the other day, as I forgot to comment on it yesterday. Shame on me. Well, I've never personally been a fan of the gimmick, as I thought he had too grand of an entrance for going into the ring and jobbing. I've always thought of him as an alright talent, but not a fan of his gimmick. They should have let him keep the Gorgeous George gimmick because the original one was a classic. If he could act like the way he did in WCW, then maybe he would have been over. Too late now, as it's uncertain where he'll end up next.

-I keep seeing reports everywhere about the Warrior possibly coming back to WCW. I'll admit it, I was a hardcore Warrior fan back in the late 80s/early 90s. Hell, I was jumping up and down when he defeated Hulk Hogan at Wrestlemania 6. In fact, I was marking out when he came back to a Wrestlemania and pounded on Triple H. But his WCW run was a joke though. WWF restrictions on the copying of the old Ultimate Warrior character made WCW think in weird ways. They had him disappear and re-appear with smoke in the ring, and they made him attempt to do shoot interviews. This murdered the Warrior's character in WCW, and it would be hard to make another comeback after that one. There has been talk about making a HEEL Warrior, but again, he would need to talk to really draw the heat, which he can't do. But hey, maybe Russo can have his father comeback and run around the arena, or maybe he could a Mafia like group chasing him.

-A lot of people keep asking me why I bash Mark Mero so much. Well, I've never liked the man. This dates back to his Johnny B. Badd character, which I thought was too corny. He would come out with the frisbees and the confetti shooters, and I thought that was the dumbest thing I've ever seen. Mero was ok as Wild Thing Mark Mero, but when he tried to act like a boxer with Marvelous Mark Mero, it made me turn the channel. Maybe it's just the gimmicks that I don't like, who knows. But what I do know is that he wants to return as Johnny B. Badd, and that won't be good.

WWF Backlash Predictions

First off, I still hate the WWF Pay Per View sites. Whoever the webmasters are, SHAME ON YOU for the Shockwave crap. Lord only knows that not everyone is on a network or has a cable modem. Most have 56k modems, and like mine, it lags bigtime when Shockwave activates in a browser. Again, SHAME ON YOU WWF for this!

Acolytes vs. Bull Buchanan/Big Bossman
This one should be a no-brainer, and I'll be angered if the WWF has a push in mind for Bull and Bossman. God those two absolutely suck! Acolytes are one of the best tag teams in the world, but yet the WWF doesn't let them chase after the titles. Lately, Farooq has been working under a torn ligament in his knee, so I guess that means no title push for these guys since Farooq MIGHT need surgery. At any rate, Acolytes BETTER win.
Tito's Pick: Acolytes

Big Show vs. Kurt Angle
This one is hard to call because for one, Angle is getting over each and every week with the fans. For Big Show, it depends on his situation to whether the fans will cheer or not. I'm not sure who the WWF would want to elevate here, as I'd choose Angle and wait for something good for Big Show to push him to the moon as well. But, I don't book, so Big Show will probably win.
Tito's Pick: Big Show

T&A vs. the Dudley Boyz
God, the Dudley Boyz are too good for this feud. How did they go from being main eventers to fighting two guys who couldn't draw a fly without the aid of Trish Stratus. Hell, she even isn't that over with the crowds, and that's funny. Dudley Boyz better win this one because they are way above T&A in the rankings.
Tito's Pick: Dudley Boyz

Hardcore Title Match: Jeff Hardy vs. Matt Hardy vs. Tazz vs. Saturn vs. Crash Holly vs. Hardcore Holly
This one should be a very interesting bout, and it should be better than the "I hit you with the cookie sheet" match at Wrestlemania. Just about all of these guys can bust their ass for a good performance, and I doubt this one will let anybody down. As for the winner, damn that's a hard one to call. Hey, how about Jeff Hardy to maybe tease a break up more? Why not?
Tito's Pick: Jeff Hardy

Repetitive Lightweight Title Match: Dean Malenko vs. Scotty Too Hottie
My gosh, I've seen these two fight WAY too many times. Not saying they aren't good matches, but a change of booking would sometimes be nice, like seeing Tajiri and Super Crazy fight all the time. Hmm, since Grandmaster Sex-ay is returning shortly, Scotty will be returning to tag action, thus forming the team that I love to bash! Therefore, Dean-o will win it.
Tito's Pick: Dean Malenko

European Championship: Eddie Guerrero vs. Essa Rios
Possibly the best match of the night! Rios needs a little more work getting noticed, and Eddie is already noticed in his short reign with the WWF. I just wish the WWF would drop this whole GED garbage with him. That's not funny, it's degrading.
Tito's Pick: Latino Heat

World Tag Titles: X-Pac/Road Dogg vs. Edge/Christian
God, I hate typing those names. Here we go. X-Pac/Road Dogg will be referred to as DX and Christian/Edge will be referred to as Former Brood. Ok, I'm thinking that the WWF just might want to keep the Former Brood as world champs. Maybe build them into a big heel team, although they are fighting the heels tonight, and that's DX. I guess they'll get past this hurdle, and who knows, let their mic skills take over on Monday Nights.
Tito's Pick: Former Brood

Intercontinental Title: Chris Benoit vs. Chris Jericho
Ouch. I can't call this one because whoever doesn't win this match will get elevated to the top. That's funny too, but who else will they feud with? Thought so. The work with Jericho 2 weeks ago was just astounding, and the WWF should take notice that an IC reign would hold him down. I think Jericho could get screwed out of this one because with Benoit, he can help make the IC title strong again. If you beat Benoit for that title, then you are one tough Mofo. So I'm thinking they will have Benoit win this one, and let Jericho spread his wings at the top.
Tito's Pick: the Crippler Chris Benoit

World Title Match: Triple H vs. the Rock
So many predictions are floating around. Hey, let's look at each rumor!!!

First off, you have Stone Cold turning on the Rock from their old feud. Yes, they did have a decent feud, but it was mainly with Vince McMahon, and the Rock was mearly a pawn in Vince's game of chess with Stone Cold. So I don't think he'll turn on the Rock.

Secondly, you have the possibility of Stone Cold just running in and attacking both wrestlers, thus making himself a loner against both the Rock and Triple H. That could work, as it would be better off though if Stone Cold could wrestle to back that up. He still has 3 months before his "wrestling" return.

My prediction is that he'll screw Triple H. That's just my thought on the match, because everyone is really expecting him to attack the Rock. I think their feud is more bittersweet than just revenge, and they both have great matches or feuds to come. Besides, the Rock has no allies in this war against the McMahon-Triple H era.
Tito's Pick: The Rock

@That's all I have to say about that. I'll be back tomorrow with some thoughts of what went down tonight, along with the wonderful Monday Night hype. See you tomorrow!

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