Welcome back to the one and only Phat Daily Column. The Phat Daily Column has been up everyday this month!! That's a first for me, but I made an error on the consecutive days. Today is #33, not #38. I looked back into my archive yesterday, and I saw that I missed the 28th of March. I'm sorry for leading you the wrong way on the streak. Anyways, on to the PDC.


-I missed Smackdown last night since I was doing Thunder results, but there is an even greater reason why I didn't see Smackdown. Usually, if I'm hellbent on watching one federation, I tape the other, but last night I couldn't tape it. Do I have something against Smackdown? Do I think it will be a failure? NO! You want the real reason, here it is. About two years ago, maybe less, I had a UPN station. That very UPN station carried the ECW show. Then, that very UPN channel sold out to WB. WB got a hardass attitude eventually, and they took my ECW away, but that's not the point. The point is that I don't have UPN. I live in the freakin' Ohio Valley, and I can't get UPN if I tried. I have two stupid WB channels, but no UPN. What a crock! What a screwjob! Looks like I'll be reading television reports for now on. -Well with the New Age Outlaws, once again, hinting break up, will they finally do it? Well, the word is Billy gunn, once again is up for his "heel push" again, and the WWF right now is working it with the storylines. He'd be decent as corporate, but he hates Triple H now. Hmm..maybe he could be just like Val Venis. He's supposed to be the bad guy, but he can play a face as well. Either way, it should be a decent angle.-The odd connection between Shane McMahon and the Undertaker was somewhat shown last night as the Undertaker joined the tag match. (I read the spoilers) Maybe this could make it seem more and more like the Corporation, or at least Shane could merge with the Ministry. It shall be interesting, but what role will Vince play? I think he'll milk this "protecting daddy" thing as long as he can, and then he'll turn heel all over again.


-Oh man, the word is that Jerry Flynn and Juvi were busted for DUI's before Thunder. That's not good, especially for Flynn who has been doing good in his matches lately. Wrestlers seem to cheat more and more when they fight Flynn. As for Juvy, I guess you can say any of his pushes will be shelved. The only wrestlers WCW doesn't punish for their troubles, are the ones that they are afraid of. Hell, Scott Steiner gets some jail time, but does WCW punish him, well they punished him by giving him the US title. Hmm...-I thought about this the other day, and the great Curt Creighton's news report made it seem very logical. What if Scott Hall was the next horseman? They need one more member, and Hall would do a good job of it. They could say that Flair hooked him up in the nut ward or something. If you don't think Hall is worthy of the Horsemen, just remember, he's a much better wrestler than Mongo, and if Mongo was a horseman, then Scott Hall can become one too!-JP reported that Jericho told WCW officials that he'll take 1 Million dollars to remain with WCW. I'm sure Eric Bischoff will run to the Time Warner officials, including Ted Turner, and he'll reach deep within their pockets to re-sign Jericho. This news makes it seem like Jericho won't be going anywhere, at least it seems logical that he'll use his head and take the cool million. -I'm sure you have heard by now that Steiner and Buff Bagwell have legit heat now. Both of them are trying to put down each other in their in ring interviews. A good example was last night on Thunder. Buff was mainly supposed to make a funny, yet clean imitation about Scott Steiner. Well, he ended up being a bit harsh in his cutdowns, and he also ripped on Scott Steiner's jail time. That's not good for Buff, because he must face Steiner at Slamboree, and Steiner's roid rage will kick in, especially after not getting along with Buff anymore, and Buff will most likely get legitimately hurt. That's not good. (Partial Credit to Kirk Huffman)

That'll do 'er today. HA! I'll be back tomorrow with yet another Phat Daily Column. So until then, just chill...till the next episode!

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