Finally, Wrestlemania is upon us! After a year of waiting for it, it has finally returned for ALL of our enjoyment. This is the Wrestlemania edition of the Phat Daily Column, which means NOTHING but Wrestlemania stuff. The other parts of the wrestling world get the day off in my column, as I will serve up my "NEW" Wrestlemania ranking list, give my mentions for best matches and what not, and the wonderful predictions for this year's event. So why stall this celebration of the Wrestling Event of the year, on to the PDC!!!!

Tito's NEW Wrestlemania Rankings

Yes, as compared to, with what I think was the 100th Consecutive PDC's Rankings, I have watched the whole Box set(plus 15) all over again because they are simply the best wrestling tapes around together. So here goes, and I've changed my mind a lot about each one. Here goes:

#15 Wrestlemania 9- Why? The outdoor scenary really hurt this event's atmosphere, as the crowd didn't sound like they were into it, even though they were. The matches are decent, but the blowoff matches really hurt. Undertaker vs. Giant Gonzalez was a big disappointment, and having Hogan somehow win the title was a joke during the time, and it destroyed all backing of Bret Hart that the WWF was working on.

#14 Wrestlemania 7- Many people like this card, but it just doesn't "do it" for me. I didn't like the Hogan vs. Sgt. Slaughter main event, although it was big for it's time. The Warrior and Savage match is rather strange when the Warrior looks at his hand for some odd reason, plus, the Warrior got up from 5 Savage elbows!!! How?!?

#13 Wrestlemania 12- Decent overall card, but I'm not that much of a fan of the 60 minute ironman match between HBK and Bret Hart. It took too long, and they should have had a ton of falls in it to make it interesting, and not just one fall in OVERTIME.

#12 Wrestlemania 4- This one is a very long WM to get through, with the real excitement at the end of the event. Great way to put over the Macho Man as the champion though, and a better Hogan-Andre match than Wrestlemania 3's.

#11 Wrestlemania 2- I wasn't big on the 3 cities thing, plus I didn't like some of the commentator groupings. Good cage match at the end with Bundy and Hogan, along with a good Savage and George the Animal Steele. Battle Royal with Andre winning it great too!

#10 Wrestlemania 11- I like this card for some odd reason, as it had a good atmosphere and some good fun matches. Good Diesel and HBK match, which I'm still mad at for not being the main event. Lawrence Taylor did one hell of a job versus Bam Bam, thus ending Bam Bam's chance of ever becoming a World Champ(except for ECW).

#9 Wrestlemania 1- Ah yes, the one that started it all. It's just a classic to see it all starting out, and the main event is a very fun one to watch. This event is so loaded with celebrities!

#8 Wrestlemania 13- My opinion of this show is that the WWF put on the best show they could with the limited roster that they had. Great, and classic match with Stone Cold versus Bret Hart in this one. One of my personal favorites!

#7 Wrestlemania 6- The Warrior versus Hogan match is a great one to watch, as it was scripted with 3 months of it in the making! The rest of the card is ok, but the final match was good, and Hogan actually jobbed cleanly to the Warrior! Wow!!!

#6 Wrestlemania 15- For some odd reason, I like all of the matches on this card EXCEPT the Undertaker vs. Bossman match. Rock vs. Stone Cold is always a fun one to watch as well. Triple H turn is classic here!

#5 Wrestlemania 5- The biggest pay per view wrestling event ever was a good one overall, with an actual good match between Savage and Hogan. This, in my opinion, was the pinnacle of the old WWF's HUGE popularity back in the day. Wrestlemania 3 started it, and Wrestlemania 5 was the very peak of the WWF's success back then.

#4 Wrestlemania 8- I believe this show was #2 in my last countdown, as I've watched this one over again recently and I disliked some of the matches this time around for some reason. Flair vs. Savage is the showstealer, and this card also shows why you should NOT have Hogan and Sid in the main event of a Pay Per View. Thank God for Russo/Bischoff for saving us from it on Spring Stampede! We owe them bigtime for this!!!

#3 Wrestlemania 14- This was the show that truly elevated the WWF into the new age, where they were on top looking down. Classic ending with Tyson, and a spectacular match with New Age Outlaws versus Cactus Jack and Chainsaw Charlie.

#2 Wrestlemania 3- Yes, it was #1 last time, but another WM has really been impressing me when I watch it. I still can't believe the crowd size for this one, as the WWF NOW needs to really try to beat it someday somewhere. Steamboat vs. Savage is a great match up, and the other matches are very intense too. The main event has lots of errors, as poor Andre was in real pain for this match. Poor guy. May he rest in piece.

#1 Wrestlemania 10- Watching this one recently, I've gained lots of appreciation for this event. For one, it was the first 'non' Hogan Wrestlemania, and they really put on a great show with their newer superstars. Best Wrestlemania opener ever happened here with Owen Hart and Bret Hart, with a clean victory from Owen, thus making him a well known name. The ladder match is also a treat to watch, as it helped make both Razor Ramone and HBK into superstars. I also like the matches with Yokozuna, as for some reason, I've always enjoyed watching the big man wrestle. For his size, he was pretty agile and had good mobility.

And remember, this is MY OPINION, and it's NOT the real opinion of everybody else. All Wrestlemanias are watchable in my opinion.

Tito's Wrestlemania Awards

Greatest Matches: Steamboat vs. Savage from WM 3, HBK vs. Razor from WM 10, and Owen Hart vs. Bret Hart from WM 10.

Greatest Wrestlemania Wrestler: Ouch. This one was very hard to choose, but I have to give it to Hulk Hogan. For one, he helped catapult the WWF into mainstream success back then with his HUGE match with Andre. Two, he acutally put the Warrior over to "pass the torch" like Andre did. Three, he was a big figurehead in the match with Sgt. Slaughter for the world title, which had some good mainstream press. Plus for 9 Wrestlemanias, he has a pretty good record.

Worst Matches from WM: Red Rooster vs. Bobby Heenan at WM 5 and Undertaker vs. Bossman at WM 15

Best Celebrities: Pete Rose at WM 14 and 15 and Bob Euker(sp?) from WM 3, 4 and maybe a few others

Best WM Tag Team: Demolition. For their time, they were pretty huge, plus, the WWF hasn't had any truly solid tag teams every year..besides the Hart Foundation..but I'll still go with the Ax..and the Smasher for this one. God, I miss them.

Best Wrestlemania Shocker!: Triple H heel turn from Wrestlemania 15. Damn that was a good one!

Best announcing team: Gorilla Monsoon and Jesse 'the Body' Ventura

Well, that concludes the awards part of the column, so let's evaluate this year's Wrestlemania!

Tito's Wrestlemania 16 Predictions

First off, a reader named WebsterJTC gave me some great insight on the 2 week hyping of Wrestlemania. Last year, there was no Smackdown. Smackdown is just as loaded with storylines as RAW is nowadays, and unlike last year where the WWF had to use 4 RAWs which equals 4 weeks, they use 2 RAWs and 2 Smackdowns in 2 weeks. 4 shows of real hype for each. I guess I agree with this notion, because it would be tough to hype a show for 8 shows worth. Anyway, here are my predictions. Please remember that I am NOT the greatest one on predictions in the world, as I do make bad calls. So here goes:

Godfather and D'Lo Brown vs. Bossman and Bull Buchanan
Why WWF why? I guess this is the bathroom break match, or the one you can go to the fridge and get whatever. Very lame match here, and the crowd won't be into it..except for the Hos. Other than that, this one will be a stinker. *Tito flips a coin*
Tito's Pick: Bossman and Buchanan

Too Cool and Chyna vs. Perry Saturn, Dean Malenko, and Eddy Guerrero
I have a feeling that the WWF will put on a strong feud with Chyna and Eddy after this match. Eddy was really getting to her on RAW. Plus, you gotta make some of the future of the WWF enjoy their very first Wrestlemania.
Tito's Pick: The Radicals

T & A vs. Head Cheese
It should be a good "wrestling" match, but I don't believe that T & A can draw heat at all still. They just don't have the attitude like Owen and Jarrett did when they had Debra helping them get over. I love Head Cheese, but the WWF is hellbent on getting T & A over somehow. Plus, Blackman is funny when he's jacked after losing a match.
Tito's Pick: T & A

Kane and Rikishi vs. Road Dogg and X-Pac
There is just something so fishy about this match up. I don't know what it is, as something out of the ordinary just might happen. Hmmm. For some reason, I'm feeling that X-Pac and Road Dogg will pull this one out somehow. Don't know why.
Tito's Pick: Road Dogg and X-Pac

The Kat vs. Terri Runnels
Oh my God, this match is going to get crazy!!!! It should be short though, and I think that Terri will win by a very cheap fashion. We'll see.
Tito's Pick: Terri

Hardy Boys vs. Dudley Boys vs. Edge/Christian
One thing I have to say, and that is that I hate typing "Edge/Christian". It's soo annoying to type, as I hope they get a name for their team! Please do it soon! Ok, Edge/Christian are overdue for the titles since they jobbed to the Hardys at the first tag team ladder match, plus, the WWF wants to give them the titles as payment for keeping them as a team and not allowing them for singles for this long. This match SHOULD be the best match of the night, with some match bumps and arial moves going around. I can't wait to see this one.
Tito's Pick: Edge/Christian

Chris Jericho vs. Kurt Angle vs. Chris Benoit
This one should be a very fun one to watch as well, because all 3 performers are awesome!!!! Ahem. Anyway, this should be the second best match(es) of the night, because I know Benoit and Jericho will really want to make their first Wrestlemanias look really good to shine on their decent sized careers. Here goes on my predictions..this should be fun.
First fall for European title: Kurt Angle
Second Fall for Intercontinental Title: Chris Jericho

The Rock vs. Big Show vs. Triple H vs. Mick Foley
Yikes. Well, faces just about always win at Wrestlemania's main event, so I'm predicting that the title will change hands with either the Rock or Mick Foley winning it. Damn it, I know I'd get heck for sitting on the fence between the two, so I gotta choose one. Mick Foley's last match...and the WWF has loved the services that Mick has done for their federation, and they've respected him for his whole career. They would love to put him out on top. BUT, the Rock is way overdue for the World Title, and he could wrestle at Backlash and drop the strap there. Hmm. Well, I think a "surprise" guest just might appear in this one to "screw" the Rock, therefore, Mick Foley will be the World Champ, and retire as one of the greats.
Tito's Pick: Mick Foley

@Well, that's all for this wonderful edition of the Phat Daily Column. I hope no WCW fans or ECW fans were hoping for some insight, but it's a slow newsday for them anyway, plus this event is just too huge not to totally dedicate a column to. I'll be back tomorrow with Wrestlemania impressions, along with some wonderful Monday Night Hype. I just can't wait until tonight!!!

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Take Care, and Enjoy Wrestlemania

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