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Mr. Tito (April 02, 1999)
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Welcome back to yet another phat edition of the Phat Daily Column. Today's PDC features my thought up possible WCW angles. They are all thought up by myself, and hopefully I get some of them right! : ) Anyways, on to the PDC.

-Just a small note. Monday Night Football pushed it's football game back to 9:00. They did that because they recieved their lowest ratings ever this year. This adds to my conclusion that Wrestling is ruining other sport's Monday Night fun.


-Alright, just so my e-mail doesn't get the same questions all the time. The Bret Hart situation was a WORK! Bret is not quitting the WCW, he is just going to take time to have his well deserved groin surgery. He'll come back, continue his new feud with Goldberg, and even have conflicts with Eric Bischoff, claiming he was screwed just like he was in the WWF. Interesting angle. Besides, if you don't believe me, it said so on the hotline : ) (Calvin's Hotline Post)

-Many wrestlers in the back are apparently angered at the WCW for giving Rey Misterio so much attention lately. He's defeated several tough stars, and now he has two belts. Having two belts at once NEVER sits well with anyone in WCW, because that's one less belt that they don't have, and jealousy is always around the one with two belts. Malenko is pissed about having to lose the tag titles, but Benoit doesn't seem to care. He must know that he's due for a singles push, hopefully.

-Sting is supposed to make to make some kind of announcement on the "new look" Nitro on Monday. I hope whatever angle he's involved with isn't something that would put down Sting. I've said it many times before, he is the only wrestler in WCW that has been there from the start. If that doesn't deserve him a push, I don't know what does.

-Macho Man is expected to come back Monday, as he is ready to wrestle again. You know, I really do miss Macho. He may be an old fart like the rest of them, but the man goes 100% and then some when he wrestles. He always puts on a great show. I will always say that he deserves a victory over Hogan. Macho has payed his dues to Hogan throughout the years, and it's time for payback.


-I guess my talk about Ken Shamrock's performance went noticed. Apparently, he will be fighting the Undertaker at Backlash now. I hope he rips his ankle off. Also, there is word now that Shamrock is NOT going back to UFC. He's payed pretty well in the WWF, he thinks he's already proved himself in the UFC ring. Good move Shamrock. Also, there will NOT be an incest angle between Ken Shamrock and his sister Ryan Shamrock. That's just a nasty rumor, and besides, the WWF may be low sometimes, but incest goes too far.

-Alright, what's with Mankind on the Backlash commercials?? He's most likely not on the main event match, so what is he doing in those promos? I'm not sure, but if he's smart he'll wisen up and get his knees worked on. Sometimes being hardcore is nice, but when it's literally killing your body, you have to stop and think. If he continues to wrestle on those bad knees, it could cause some major problems down the line.

-Monday Night RAW seems to be a good one this Monday. It has some rather interesting parts in it. Wait a sec, Mr. Tito reading RAW tapings?!? Say it ain't so! Well, I got tired of everyone spoiling my fun for me by sending me untitled results, so I gave up into the system, and for now on I'm going to read them. Plus, if I report something that contradicts the tapings, and when I didn't read them before, I would get highly criticized for it. BUT, my columns will not have any news or views that came from the tapings. I know some don't like those tapings results, like myself, and I don't want to the one blamed for ruining someone's Monday Night excitement.

Like I promised...

Possible WCW Angles

All of these angles presented are from Mr. Tito's creative mind. I used logic and thought and made this report by thinking what would be reasonable to happen.

-Bret Hart Like I stated above, his "I Quit" angle is a work. He's going on break to get his well needed groin surgery, then he'll come back to fight Goldberg again and feud with Bischoff also, kind of like a controversary angle like the WWF, only the WWF's was real. His contract runs out in December, and if he doesn't decide to stay, look for him to do some major jobbing on his way out.

-Sting I have a feeling Sting won't get pushed like he should, and all he will do is have a senceless feud with the NWO Wolfpac. He'll probably feud with Luger when he comes back. He could have another work-out with Flair, but I doubt it.

-Big Poppa Pump, Scott Steiner If he stays out of trouble in real life, he will have a great second half of 99. That US title should be around his waist soon, if not from the tournament. But like I said, he has to stay out of trouble in his personal life to achieve this.

-Buff Bagwell He will most likely defeat Scott Steiner when he has the US title. WCW will see how great Buff does as a face, and if they don't think he's over, they will make it as another hoax, and he'll re-join the nWo. Darn.

-NWO Wolfpac It will most likely add more members from shock value, but dissention will come in the group. Wait a sec, didn't we see this before somewhere with an NWO group?

-Macho Man Like Sting, I think Macho will be feuding with that Wolfpac. He wants a bad-ass Stone Cold like gimmick, but we'll see if he gets it. I expect him to be a face wrestler, but you never know.

-Ric Flair The Nature Boy will drop that strap REAL soon, but he will remain WCW president. I expect Flair to remain heel, and hopefully give some life to the horsemen again. The Horsemen have been watching his ass for all these years, so it's time he helps them out. I say that #14 will be his last.

-Hollywood Hogan Hogan's recent victories shows that he's trying to give himself credibility. He's also wrestling a lot more now, but I doubt that will hold up. He will most likely get that World title again!

-Kevin Nash His career is really going no where. He really hasn't done much for a while, but I expect him to get into the tag title hunt when his flyboy Scott Hall returns.

-Toughman Division The toughman division will most likely become obsolete, especially since Raven will now be in tag team wrestling, and that Bam Bam doesn't want to be in the toughman division. Where does that leave Hak? Shall I say Jobber?

-Raven Raven will most likely be in tag action with Saturn and Kanyon, but never forget that US title push he was supposed to have.

-Bill Goldberg Goldberg will go through his Bret Hart angle, but then I see the man getting another title reign. He could win the title before Bret Hart comes back, so that Bret Hart gets satisfied by getting a title shot. Either way, he's going to get that title back in 99.

-Chris Jericho He will continue and continue to job to some stars until he either re-signs or if he signs with the WWF. If he signs with the WWF, look for Jericho to job like never before. If he re-signs, look for a good US title push, and some attempts to get him into main event status.

-The Horsemen Like I said before, the Horsemen will only be successful if and only if Flair helps them out. If he doesn't do anything, the Horsemen won't go no where. I expect someone new to become a horsemen...

-Diamond Dallas Page Quite possibly the next Horsemen. They will attempt to make DDP somewhat of a heel, and maybe attempt to push him for that title, and maybe have him win it by late 99 or early 2000. We'll see on him.

-Chris Benoit He should be having a TV belt push any day now. If he doesn't, he just won't care anymore and his great future could be in trouble if he doesn't get out of WCW soon.

-Rey Misterio Jr. This man will always get a push. He won't hold those tag titles for long with Kidman, and he'll probably lose his cruiserweight title to Kidman. I think Misterio could be set up for a TV belt run, as the booking team have made him too big for the cruiserweight division.

-Dean Malenko Back to the cruiserweight division for him. That must be hard, especially after being a US champ and a tag champ to go back to your roots.

-Eric Bischoff He'll most likely go back to his heel role, and he will be involved in a heated angle with Bret Hart for the most part. He'll probably try to be an even crueler boss than what Vince McMahon, but how will he do it when Flair is the president(on television)?

-Booker T He will most likely have a huge US title run. If he doesn't win it from the tournament, he won't get it for a while. He'll eventually get the US belt in time...

-Konnan He'll probably produce more videos, but his in ring action will be still limited. Nash and the other parts of the creative team have him in the doghouse.

-Disco Inferno He won't get any title pushes, but he will always be around to annoy other wrestlers. He has a great role in WCW, as he can pull some wins out sometimes. I don't expect anything new with Disco.

-NWO Black and White They will continue to be around, but they will finally all break up, making life in WCW a lot more better. Each wrestler in the Black and White will go their different ways and do whatever gimmicks they have planned. One thing though, none of these wrestlers are really going to get pushed at all. Maybe Horance Hogan.

-Billy Kidman Cruiserweight title many times in 99. He will get it at least once, if not twice, if not three times, and so on. He won't be a tag champ for long.

-Rick Steiner Not much going for him now, but what about the future? I think once that Scott Steiner gets the US title, Rick Steiner will feud with him again, but if not he will just have a decent feud with Norton.

-Luchadores If they weren't mentioned earlier, then the rest of them aren't going to get any real title pushes, or just pushes in general. Sure, some might impress you, but WCW just doesn't think they are title material anymore.

Wow. That was a lot of angles and typing! Anyway, that's just what I think will happen with just about all of the "spotlighted" wrestlers. I hope you have enjoyed this installment of Possible WCW Angles.

@Well, that's enough for today! I'll be back tomorrow with yet another fabulous edition of Mr.Tito's Phat Daily Column. This is Mr. Tito, the Phattest daily columnist in the land, signing off. Take care, and happy wrestling.

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