Welcome to the very latest edition of the Phat Daily Column. Sorry for not putting out a column over the weekend. I just didn't have too much time while working the whole weekend, and plus, that Star Wars: Episode 2 book is just so good! If that movie is ANYTHING like the book, we're in for a treat. Good lord!

Unfortunately, the wrestling world lost another legend, easily one of the biggest ones the industry ever had. Lou Thesz died at the age of 86. Thesz died just 2 weeks after undergoing heart surgery. He was a dominant champion of his era, and probably one of the first big names during the early television era of pro wrestling. It's a damn shame.

If you have no idea who Lou Thesz is, then check out the "Unreal Story of Professional Wrestling" OR just look around on The Learning Channel or the History Channel for anything closely named the "History of Professional Wrestling", which is the same documentary, just cheaply renamed to pull in new viewers. It documents Lou Thesz's career, and even contains lots of comments from the man about his experiences and about today's pro wrestling. "My grandmother could drop a better legdrop" or something like that was said, when discussing Hulk Hogan.

In non wrestling news, it's also sad to hear about Lisa "Left Eye" Lopez also passing away recently. She was looking foward to an attempt at going solo, and plus, another TLC album was due out this summer. The music industry and the wrestling industry have certainly been hit lately with some unusual numbers of deaths in recent times.

On to the PDC.


-I'm glad to see that Bill Goldberg appears to be casted to be the Absorbing Man in the upcoming Incredible Hulk movie. Goldberg looks exactly like the Absorbing Man, and his name added to the movie could get many wrestling fans to go and see it. Of course, that didn't help Universal Soldier 2... If Bill is in this movie, the Hulk director better keep Goldberg from doing his own stunts, especially around cars.

-I don't know about the Scorpion King being the top movie of the weekend. Why? Friday night, I went to see Jason X, being the huge Friday the 13th mark that I am, and the theater was packed! Of course, that was its debuting night... HOWEVER, just now loading Yahoo! Movies, Jason X finished #4 in the rankings, pulling in $6.5 Million. Damn it! Lurker informed everyone on the LoP Message Boards that if Jason X doesn't do well in the theaters, then the rumored for years Jason vs. Freddy movie won't be released. Shoot! By the way, the Scorpion King pulled in $17.6 Million, which they should enjoy for now. Why? Spider-Man comes out next week, which will be a surefire success.

-Tough Enough 2's ratings are jumping... but for the wrestling? Hardly. The Mtv commercials are pushing, and hard, for the Real World like aspects of the show. With that being said, I wouldn't doubt that the Jackie-Pete relationship was completely staged, both by the WWF and Mtv. I wouldn't put it past either company, both very very sick at times. Why else would Jackie's boyfriend just suddenly decide to accept her back? Besides the fact that she's hot... It's funny that smut is selling for Tough Enough 2, but on the WWF programs lately, it had a tendancy to lose fans.

-I find it HILARIOUS that the local Peoria Newspaper, The Journal Star, reported that the Hulk Hogan chants were piped in by the WWF to get the fans to cheer louder. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! At least the fans did catch on, though, as you could see the Peoria fans cheering in the crowd for him. It's still a low way to get cheers by the WWF, meaning that fans aren't willing to chant stuff for Hogan on their own. Could this mean a possible decline in Hogan's popularity? Probably, so the WWF better get everything out of him that they can. This is probably why he was given the World Title as opposed to later. I know one thing, though... The WWF is likely to never come back to Peoria after its newspaper embarrassed them pretty good.

RAW PREVIEW: You know what is sad about WWF.com's RAW preview? They are hyping "will any of these megastars make surprise appearances tonight", in regards to Triple H coming on RAW to attack the Undertaker, and the Undertaker coming on Smackdown to attack Triple H. Wow. It only took several weeks for the WWF writers and Vince McMahon to get bored with the Split and begin invading each other. I thought the products were supposed to be as separate as they could, then when the time is right (not right now!), the invasions could occur to make it unique.

Also, we'll probably have Steve Austin coming after Ric Flair, especially since the man chosen to replace Bradshaw ended up becoming a NWO member at the end of RAW, giving Austin a big beatdown. I'm telling ya, when I did my fantasy booking for RAW, I knew that a Steve Austin vs. Ric Flair match would be money. I mean, look who Flair has fought thus far... Vince McMahon and the Undertaker. Two wrestlers who need carrying to even have a decent looking match. Imagine someone who is a good technical wrestler with Flair? It's money, and I have a feeling that it may be happening soon.

Until then, it looks as though Steve Austin will face the Big Show at Judgment Day. No wonder Austin is mad about the current direction of the WWF. While Hogan fought the Rock at Wrestlemania and then, Hogan won the World Title at Backlash, Austin had to fight Scott Hall at Wrestlemania (which he was originally supposed to lose) and then losing the Undertaker at Backlash. Now, he has to fight this fat fuck?!? Sure, putting the Big Slow in the NWO was needed, but to again push him to the top of the card again is suicide. Let's face it... he's insanely overweight, and with that, he's slow and working on a bad knee at the same time. Austin's going to need a lot of towels to polish that turd.

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