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Welcome to another edition of the Phat Daily Column. I guess we're stepping aside from the columns that mess with your heads, like I've done on previous Sundays, and hype tonight's WWF Pay Per View, Backlash. I'll take time to screw with your heads on next Sunday's column, like I've done with the Big Show or ECW/WWF column.

It was quite interesting to see Sting on "Walker, Texas Ranger" last night, and it was even more stranger to see him as a leader of a biker gang who pushed drugs. It made me wonder where Sting could be taking his career, as he could easily live on being a part time actor. Walker seems like the show that will take any wrestler possible, though. Too bad this is the last season for it, since Chuck Norris is officially retiring from show business.

Well anyway, on to the PDC.

Why Buy WWF's Backlash???

That's the question going around to those who think this current card is the worst in WWF history. I wouldn't go on saying it's the worst ever, nor would I even say it's below average.

Now I'll admit, when I first heard that Kane/Undertaker vs. Austin/Triple H would be the main event for Backlash, I wasn't too enthused about it. Why? Well, I was unsure how they'd handle the storylines, in terms of who would be faces or who would be heels. The side of Undertaker/Kane are very much over, and Triple H/Austin are getting near the full time heel status. So in reality, instead of bashing the hell out of the Austin turn, WHICH I DID NOT DO, I gave it time and let it materialize.

Plus, I like the way the midcard shaped up at the end, and if one could give "two shits" about the main event. If it's entertainment you want, then look forward to Shane vs. Big Show. If it's wrasslin you like, then Kurt Angle vs. Chris Benoit is your ticket to ride. Now I could go into more detail on the card, but I believe there are other reasons to buy this Pay Per View, like...........

A Reason for a Social Event: On Sundays, what do most teenagers do? Well, they must stick around at home because it's a school night. However, if they are a big wrestling fan, they could easily convince a parent that they want the Pay Per View! With that being said, the fan will invite over all of their friends or whoever else who wants to come over, and BOOM, social event. I can remember being a part of those type scenarios, where there were around 20 - 30 people packed in one room!

A Reason to Get Drunk: Now I don't drink, but to many, a WWF Pay Per View is like a new Superbowl to watch each month. When you have your buddies over, and you're of age, what will you do? Drink Pepsi? Of course not. Many fans like to throw down a few cold ones as they watch their favorite WWF stars perform. If anything, the latenight WWF Pay Per View provides reason to do so, whereas on other Sunday nights, there are no excuses.

It's Very Cheap to get WWF Pay Per Views with Friends: Say you just have 4 friends, including yourself, so you could spread the cost over 5 people. The price of Backlash is $29.99 with tax, so divide that by 5, and you and your buddies could just have to pay $6 per person. Shit.... $6 a month is CHUMP CHANGE. Now you probably have to spend money on stuff like Pizza, drinks, or whatever, so that's probably around $4 per person. Oh big deal, a whopping $10 per person. Once a month won't hurt. Now the more friends you have over, the lower your costs for at least the Pay Per View.

With all of that being said, Backlash WILL sell in good volumes. Hell, any federation on top, these days, will sell Pay Per Views. WCW's didn't sell because there were better WWF Pay Per Views to buy instead. Nuff said.

Tito's Backlash Predictions

X-Factor vs. the Dudley Boyz
I do NOT see this feud ending. Just like with the RTC, the Dudleys will continue to work with X-Factor in attempts to get the crowd to boo them more. It's such a shame that the Dudleys are so over that they can't face any good heel teams, instead of 3 goofballs who are too lazy to improve themselves. X-Pac getting destroyed on Smackdown is good enough reason to choose X-Factor, because he rarely wants to look bad unless something comes in return.
Tito's Pick: X-Fuctor

Hardcore Title: Rhyno vs. Raven
Raven couldn't get over against Eddie Guerrero, so he was depushed to this match. Since he was depushed, Rhyno is going to kick his ass! At least Rhyno is still young enough to market in the WWF, whereas the 40 year old Raven is still going downhill.
Tito's Pick: Rhyno

European Title: Christian vs. Matt Hardy vs. Eddie Guerrero
I thought about this match, long and hard, and as of last night, I picked Eddie Guerrero to regain his title. But as the European Champ, Eddie hasn't exactly been a good title holder. He wasn't gaining the heel heat he once gained before his injuries, and for that reason, I'll change my pick. I think Matt Hardy is just getting a taste of the belt, although his all around wrestling ability makes him a good champ. I see Christian winning the title, so that he could have a short reign too. I see the Hardys and Edge/Christian fighting over this title, instead of world tag titles.
Tito's Pick: Christian

Dutchess of Queensbury Match: Chris Jericho vs. William Regal
This one has screwjob written all over it. I don't see this feud ending, for it could continue for yet another bout at the next WWF Pay Per View, which is Judgment Day, if I'm not mistaken. This match should be solid, until the odd rules kick in.
Tito's Pick: William Regal

Submission Match: Chris Benoit vs. Kurt Angle
If you are a big wrasslin fan, this is your match of the night, easily. However, if you are a "sports entertainment" fan, then this is the run to the Pizza shop. I've looked around on message boards, and I've seen opinions vary about 50/50 for this match. I think Benoit will get the big win here, and start the momentum needed to win the King of the Ring in 2 months! Yes, that's my early prediction to win that event. This is the match I'm looking most foward to.
Tito's Pick: The Crippler, Chris Benoit

Last Man Standing: Big Show vs. Shane McMahon
Definitely, the most entertaining match of the night. I find it funny that Shane keeps mentioning the "Which way did he go" phrase from some cartoon I can't recall, whereas he should use Beaky Buzzard from the Bugs Bunny series, which you can hear by Clicking Here. Many say Shane will win this match, and I say... OHHH NO! NOPE, Ohhh nooo, Nope! Shane always puts his buddies over, which makes me question how hard he'd bump for someone he didn't like. Take Steve Blackman, for instance, who beat Shane at Summerslam. Plus, I think the WWF wants to do something productive with Big Show in terms of his involvement with Vince McMahon, so I believe he'll win this match!
Tito's Pick: Shane McMahon

Titles vs. Titles: Triple H/Austin vs. Undertaker/Kane
Steve Austin and Triple H are a working process together, so why on God's green Earth would you job them at this point on a Pay Per View? Plus, Triple H laid down for the Undertaker, so it's payback time! This win will be in a rather cheap fashion, too, to set up Judgment Day with Austin vs. the Undertaker, and Kane vs. Triple H. However, I wouldn't rule out Debra helping the Brothers of Destruction, which makes this pick a little hard.
Tito's Pick: Steve Austin and Triple H

Isn't it funny how every match either has a stipulation or it has a title on the line? Either the WWF will lots of extra segments on this show, or they'll add a match. I think they may add Edge vs. Jeff Hardy, but who knows? Maybe the WWF will pity Steve Blackman and Grandmaster Sex-ay, both wrestlers who expect a push to be handed right to them, and give them a match as well, with someone? Maybe an RTC battle royal? Tune in to find out!

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