Welcome to the wonderful Saturday edition of the Phat Daily Column. Why yes, I'm doing a column on a Saturday, whereas others love to take the weekend off. Well anyway, today I'll lay into ECW on TNN with some HONEST CRITICISM. Yep, that's why this column is opinionated and it pulls no punches! Without any more introduction to bother everybody with, on to the PDC!


-Smackdown had a strong 5.4 this week, and if I'm not mistaken, that's the highest one yet! What does that higher rating say about the show? Stone Cold equals ratings. Come Monday Night, WCW is in REAL trouble because with Austin on the show, they would struggle getting any angles across because everyone is watching Austin once again. I'm sure Russo is kicking stuff now with this rating because he knows he's in big trouble Monday Night.

-Wow, Jim Ross said that Shawn Micheals, no relation to Christopher Micheals here at LoP(haha), will return to the WWF in mid or late May. Yes, this is yet another ratings grabber as the WWF really wants to "put the nail in the coffin" against WCW. Oh wait, they didn't need to, they made Arquette champion. Anyway, I've waited forever for HBK to show up again because he always adds a flare to the shows that sometimes is missing with the current roster. Of course, he's sided with everyone, so it should be interesting who he favors when he comes back.


-From WCW Live, Russo is backing his decision to put the strap on David Arquette. He said that wrestling is all about the storylines and not about the title belts. Storylines are important, but how do you help make an achievement of a wrestler come true without a title belt? Just look around....like the WWF World Title. Triple H has held it forever, and he has made that title very strong once again. Look at the television title at ECW before the tournament was held. Shane Douglas held it for a while, then Taz, then Bam Bam, and then Rob Van Dam who didn't lose it. The TV is so built up that it's way more stronger than the World in that federation. Point being that titles do present a side of wrestling that gives it respect. Russo literally pissed on that respect when he gave it to an actor who was only making his 3rd of 4th WCW appearance and only wrestling his second match. For that, he's in trouble again.

-Speaking of Arquette, it was reported earlier that Bret Hart wasn't too thrilled with Arquette winning the World Title. Right on Bret! He bashed it hard on a radio station too, and he stated that Arquette said that making Ready to Rumble was harder than any wrestler had it on an early basis. If that is the case, I'm sure there are a good many WCW wrestlers angered about WCW's decision to put the title on Arquette. It could be an instant morale low for the backstage area, and that's something WCW does NOT need going up against a Stone Cold WWF.


This week, I decided to have a little fun with this segment. Since I like to make fun of the guys who praise ECW for EVERYTHING, I will call upon the assistance of a longtime friend of mine, Mr. Shill. So how's it going Mr. Shill.

Mr. Shill: It's going great! Did you see ECW last night? Oh My God! It was fucking spectacular!!! I've never seen such heart pumping action in my life.

Oh my, well Mr. Shill, let's get on with these impressions.

First Match: Tajiri vs. Rhino for the television title from Cyberslam

Mr. Shill: Oh my! I love this network angle. Even though it resembles a recycled Corporation, it's awesome!! That Tajiri and Rhino match had me bouncing off the walls forever! Easily, the best match I've ever seen! Rhino is television champ! I'm MARKING OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tito: I will agree that the match was VERY GOOD, but ECW killed the momentum of this match by cutting to commercial in the middle of it. You just don't do that these days, as it's an instant attention killer. I do like Tajiri, and I hope ECW has enough sense to move him to the top. He has so much ability it's ridiculous. He put on a great match with Rhino, which is yet another unique match. Good job here for ECW, but lay off the commercials in great matches.

Sinister Minister skits

Mr. Shill: Oh my! I was on the floor laughing with these guys! They are sooooooo hilarious!

Tito: I did like the skits. I think that the Sinister Minister is a very good speaker, and his commentary on WCW was classic. Whipwreck and James are a perfect fit in my mind. They are way better than those Impact Player skits.

Highlights from Cyberslam

Mr. Shill: I LOVED THOSE HIGHLIGHTS!!! I could go a whole day of watching great clips like that!! Oh no! Lance Storm is injured!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.

Tito: They were just highlights. I do admire Steve Corino for always getting busted open. He's been taking an ass kicking lately, and earning my respect each week. I'm still surprised that Dusty Rhodes can still somewhat work. Man, it's been years! God, Lance Storm isn't hurt, as he will be saying "From Calgary, Alberta, Canada for WCW". It was funny when Joey Styles or Joel Gertner said "you know he's hurt when the ECW Arena crowd is silent". Oh please!

World Title Match between Justin Credible and Tommy Dreamer Mr. Shill: Oh my God. I had to change my underwear for this match. It was soooo great! Putting the World title on Justin Credible? OH MY GOD, I CAN FEEL THE RATINGS GETTING HIGHER!! Yipee!!

Tito: First off, I would have loved to seen the Tazz and Tommy Dreamer showdown. Shame on ECW for editing that out. Of course, having Tazz as the champ didn't give them any ratings, now did it? The Credible-Dreamer match was pretty good, but I'm still uneasy about Credible as the champ. I'm not saying he's a bad worker, but just that he hasn't been build up as a World Title contender. For some reason, his actions do remind me of Triple H a little bit, who is good friends with Credible. I bet ECW will now try the same approach to Credible as the WWF did with Triple H to build credibility back for that World Title. I'm sure the guys in the Kliq(Triple H, Hall, Nash, and X-Pac) are enjoying this one.

Phat Stats

Matches: Besides highlights, 2 full matches
Clean Wins: 2
Screwjobs: 0
Disqualifications: 0
No Contests: 0

Mr. Shill's Last Word: I LOVED EVERY SECOND of this show! Even those commercial breaks in the middle of something important had me enjoying it! I'm giving this show an A+++++++++++++++ and I'm predicting a rating of 2.0 this week. God Damn, ECW IS THE BEST FEDERATION ON THE PLANET!!!!

*Tito Gives Mr. Shill a powerbomb through a table*

the REAL Last Word: Damn shill. Well anyway, this show wasn't too bad, as I was really counting on the Tazz and Dreamer match to be shown. The 2 matches they did show were excellent, although commercials got the best of the first match. I guess it's hard to pack a bunch of good matches in one hour. Hmm. Oh well. It was pretty good, although it was more of a highlight reel of Cyberslam. For good measure, I'll give it an


for this week's show. Push Tajiri to the F'N moon!!! I predict a decent rating of 1.1 this week.

@That's it for today. I'll be back tomorrow morning with the wonderful Backlash predictions. So until then, just chill till the next episode.

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Take Care, and Enjoy Your Weekend.

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