Welcome back to the ONE and ONLY Phat Daily Column. It's a wonderful Friday, and things are looking up for the WWF, while on the other hand, looking down for WCW. I'm still bothered by David Arquette getting the world title as I am towards that horrible Twisted Sister remake of "We're Not Gonna Take It" from Ready to Rumble. Ah, whatever, on to the PDC.


-Turn out the lights....the party's over. Stone Cold Steve Austin is FINALLY back on television, and that can only spell trouble for WCW because unlike David Arquette winning the World Title, Austin DOES draw ratings. It has been said that Stone Cold can't wrestle within 3 months, but just being there in the WWF gives a breath of fresh air the WWF sorely needed. I have been sick and tired of this whole Triple H/McMahons vs. Rock fiasco lately. They do the same boring things each week like the interviews, the "screwjob" matches against the Rock, and so forth. It's been so bad that the main event at Backlash had to add Stone Cold just to add interest once again.

-But what will happen at Backlash? Many are predicting a heel turn, but I'm going the other way. I think he'll assist the Rock to win the title because for one, if he did turn heel, he couldn't enforce being a heel, and for two, everyone and their mother is predicting this. The WWF has seen the predictions ever since he came out, and I doubt they would want to let us down by a heel turn. Besides, I think they would want to test the waters to see if Stone Cold's popularity holds up.

-Nice of the WWF to have some quick title changes, like Dean Malenko defeating Scotty Too Hottie for the 6364544th time for the Lightweight title, and then having Crash win back his covetted hardcore title just days before Backlash. Malenko and Scotty fight WAY too much, and their match at Backlash will suffer because the moves have been done so much already. The Hardy feud for the hardcore title took a lot of heat away from the hardcore showdown of Hardcore Holly, Crash Holly, Tazz, and Perry Saturn. Come on WWF.


-Thunder did a decent number of a 2.7 this week, which is down 0.4, and had an overrun rating of 2.3, which had precious David Arquette winning that now garbage World Title. The rating of the Thunder show is probably giving lots of credibility to Russo in Time Warner's eyes. He took a show that had worthless ratings and spiked them a little bit. Of course it's unopposed so it should be better, but the Sullivan regime couldn't get it past 2.2 in their day.

-I've looked around on the net for a while yesterday for David Arquette articles on his title win for WCW, and only saw a few. That can't be good for WCW, as their planned publicity stunt will fail. WCW did this at the wrong time too, because with the return of Stone Cold, their ratings won't come easily. So come Monday, anything with David Arquette will draw low some very low ratings thanks in part to Backlash and Stone Cold on RAW. Then, the WWF will have swallowed that stupid publicity stunt.

-Ohhh, I guess Vampiro wasn't really serious about getting the release from WCW. He now wants to be a part of WCW, and he loves it! I wouldn't doubt that he'll get some punishment for his efforts, like being taken out of the main event picture. The earlier stunts that he's pulled did the same thing, therefore, he'll get to do it all over again. But hey, he just signed a wonderful deal with ICP's label, so he couldn't be happier, right?


I get lots of criticism towards my ECW on TNN analysis. Am I too harsh on ECW on TNN? No, I approach it the same way I approach the Monday Night shows. It's just that the hardcore fans haven't seen anybody actually bash anything that ECW does. For what they have, I've always thought that they are a good alternative to the WWF or WCW. BUT, they do have flaws, and when I see them in the TNN show, which is my only ECW access, I'll rip them down just like I rip the others shows for it. Everyone who dares to write about ECW does nothing but praise them for every effort that they do. I don't, and I could care less about ripping into them about their show or their ratings. I do it because I play no favorites, and ECW is no exception. Since they are trying everyweek to become the #2 federation, I feel that constructive criticism is a way to help out their show. Lord only knows that if they had to rely on the total marks or shills for their thoughts on ECW, they wouldn't try to change their commercial set up, repetitive matches, and so forth. If it takes getting hatemail just to express an blatant error about ECW, then hit me with your best shot.

@That's all for today's wonderful edition of the Phat Daily Column. I'll be back tomorrow for some lovely ECW on TNN impressions, which I will look at with honest criticism. It's true, it's true. So until Saturday Morning, just chill till the next episode.

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