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Ratings Analysis

Monday Nitro

First Hour: 4.3 Second Hour: 3.9 Third Hour: 3.4 Composite: 3.87

Raw is War

First Hour: 5.8 Second Hour: 6.1 Composite: 5.95

Head to Head

Raw: 5.95 Nitro: 3.65

-Alright, what does this tell us. Well, Raw had a very solid show, and WCW had less viewers than the past few weeks. The WWF mark is a bit off, but it's not as big of a loss than WCW's. Maybe wrestling fans didn't like seeing the World title shift around as much. WCW though, almost defeated the beginning of RAW with their first world title match, Sting vs. DDP. I just think RAW put on a very solid show coming off the pay per view, and I think some wrestling fans felt discouraged from the second title match coming up. Either way both put on good shows, but I would figure if WCW's was down, then the WWF's would be up more. A few people didn't watch this week I guess?


-Since it is obvious that down the road that Stone Cold and Vince McMahon could team up, where does that lead Shane? I'm thinking he'll end up with the Ministry sometime. He'll help the Undertaker get over more this way, along with his Ministry. That would be an interesting match at a Pay Per View...Shane and Undertaker vs. Vince and Stone Cold. Hmmm.. -Many of you readers keep asking me where the Lightweight title has gone. Well, I hear that the WWF has put those decisions with Terry Taylor. First, they are probably going to find more talent to come in and spice up the lightweight division. That way, they could maybe put some credit into that division that Gillberg took away. -As for WWF Smackdown, it was reported that this week's show will be a trial run to see how high the ratings can get on UPN. If they are good, then UPN will make it a weekly series. BUT, the decision about it being on Thursday against Thunder was not the WWF's decision, it was UPN's. They don't want to go up against Thunder, not that their scared of that "watered down" show, it's just that they want their own night for wrestling, and no competition to worry about, plus I think they care about the fans getting clicker cramp from flipping back and forth. It also will be, most likely, changed to a 1 hour show, that way they don't kill themselves by having too much wrestling programming. Gee, I wonder who has way too much wrestling programming...hmmm. (Partial Credit to Ray Kim)


-Wait a second, Sid with his own section on the PDC? Well, I put this section right in the middle because it seems that Sid has become a very hot free agent that both the WWF and WCW want real bad! Sid can always draw attention, especially if he is wrestling healthy. The main person that wants Sid in WCW is Big Sexy, Kevin Nash. I guess they were friends back in the day in the WWF, and Nash feels that he can really be the key to better ratings. As for the WWF, well Shane McMahon, co-owner of the WWF wants Sid as well. It will be interesting if Sid ever joins either federation, especially if he can stay healthy and show up all of the time.


-Never fear, Mike Tenay will NOT be on Nitro every week. Bobby Heenan was sick, so Tenay filled his role. I have heard that Tenay is rather upset, though, that he was taken off Nitro programming, since he feels he knows much more about wrestling than Heenan and Shiavone combined. I say, WCW needs brand new announcers. Get rid of all of them, for one they don't get along, and for two, they bore me to death. At least get rid of Shiavone, because all he ever was is a person who used to carry Jim Ross's bags back in the day... -Lots of confusion is happening over the World title in WCW. Many feel that DDP shouldn't be champ, but WCW is telling them that he's worked hard and he earned that right. I agree. Even though I'm not a fan of Diamond Dallas Trash, I think he's worked hard enough to the point where he should be World Champ. The man, at times, isn't afraid to job either. So get off his ass! (Partial Credit to Curt Creighton) -On Torrie Wilson's great site, she addressed that the rumors about an affair with Kevin Nash are just rumors. She said it's sad that people have nothing to do but make up stuff about other people, and then report it. You know, I hate seeing garbage rumors come up like this, especially the ones backed without proof. Like the great Johnny Cochran used to say, if it's not legit, you must aquit.(Partial Credit: Jeff Jacobson)

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