Welcome back to the Phat Daily Column. A tragedy has happened. A once great title belt, although credibility was questioned when Sid was champ, has become more of an embarassment to anything. Well, I'll get into this wonderful Thunder, oh I mean Chunder situation which will probably dominate today's PDC. So without any further introduction, on to the Phat Daily Column.


-Before I obviously rip WCW for their new World Champ, Thunder had a lot of other parts to their show. In fact, they had a very long interview between Flair and Russo which lasted over 20 minutes. Shame on you WCW for that, as it was just Russo running his mouth about how much of a God he thinks he is, and Flair talking about how hard he worked in the business(not saying he didn't). My God, what a waste of television time! I could have saw a La Parka match in that amount of time! It was just obvious, and since I rip the WWF for long interviews, this one is well deserved.

-Also, Marc Mero on Thunder? God he looked lame!!!

Oh my God! David Arquette is the new World Champ?!?! What the hell is wrong with WCW? That was my exact reaction when I saw it yesterday. It made me very angry when I read it, and luckily I already had the Phat Daily Column out already, or you probably would have seen a column with nothing but swear words. But I've had a day to cool down so to speak, and plus I wanted to see the ending on Thunder to get a better impression. As it came to an end on Thunder, I began to laugh. I'm not sure why I was laughing, but I think it was for the horrible mistake WCW just made after that horrible main event match. I think WCW dropped the ball in more ways than one last night, and they forever made the World Title a waist.

But first, who is to blame for this tradedy? That one is easy! Vince Russo and Eric Bischoff. If they are sooo good as creative guys, then why did they give the World Title to a guy who isn't recognized as much as other Hollywood stars(or his wife)? They might say it's a publicity stunt, but I doubt Arquette could generate any attraction. Therefore, I believe it's the result of bad booking, and it's the first major flaw of the new era, and it's going to be a costly one. Now, the ones who have been watching and getting interested in the product once again will laugh at the product because of this mockery of the World Champion.

Of course, did anybody care about that World Title? Seriously, because wrestlers like Jeff Jarrett didn't want it, and whoever had the title was made fun of because of its weak value. Hell, the title itself can't get a wrestler over, like Sid, who was champ for a long time but it helped drive the company deeper into their grave. But instead of Russo and Bischoff rebuilding that title, they give it to an actor. They could have given it to Scott Steiner, Sting, Booker T, Vampiro(more on him in a minute), Mike Awesome, or anybody in WCW....hell, even give it to El Dandy instead of an actor.

The fact of the matter is that many wrestlers are still waiting in the back to someday hold that tainted title. They have been in WCW for years, busting their ass, in order to get that certain push to the top. It basically spit in their face when Arquette won the World Title because it was only his 2nd wrestling match in WCW. Those guys have wrestled over 200 times each year, and they don't see the titles heading their way. For Russo and Bischoff, it's attempting to get publicity is all that matters. Well, that method certainly won't work, and it will bite them hard in the ass for the mistake.

As I was mentioning up top with the first major flaw, this seems like a tragedy. I've had to read a lot of Shakespeare lately in an English class, and I've learned about tragedies. WCW is really starting to resemble a tragedy now. Let me evaluate this: First in a tragedy, you have a Hero. In this case, it's Eric Bischoff and Vince Russo who are here to dig WCW out of the grave that Sullivan made, along with the earlier errors of Bischoff and Russo. Then, you have a Flaw in our hero. Here, it's giving the World Title to an actor, one who is only popular from commercials and Scream movies. Then you have the Downfall, which just might happen as they make more and more bad booking decisions, and the ratings only get lower. Finally, you have the Catastrophe, and that is at the end when everything gets killed...and in this case, Bischoff and Russo's fate are sealed, signed, and delivered. This new era is now a joke.

-You know, Vampiro is a great wrestler once he has no other influences telling him what to do. In fact, when he's on his own, that's when his wrestling career truly shines. But when he has a few people hanging around him, his head swells up, and he loses what made his wrestling career great. All of the sudden, he's boys with ICP again, and look what is happening. Vampiro wants his release. So from going to almost main eventer to now "I want my release" is simply a joke. It seemed that Vampiro had some problems back when ICP was in WCW earlier, and he had it when the Misfits were there as well. Both times almost costed him the career which he tried to make something out of. ICP is now in Vampiro's ear again, and with that they are telling him that he could be one of their opening acts on their tour. Sure Vampiro could chase his dream as a musician here with ICP, but I'd much rather be wrestling in large arenas than playing music in barns or in low quality arenas. Hell, go ahead and join them, and maybe join that wonderful JCW too, that way I'll never have to hear about you screwing up your career at WCW again.


-I honestly don't have much to say about the WWF today, as I'll save most of this for tomorrow. Besides, some major things happen on Smackdown which I refuse to discuss here because this column is a NON spoiler column. So here is the NON Spoiler line up for Smackdown, and if you don't even want to see this, just ignore what is in the bars.

Essa Rios/Val Venis vs. Chyna/Eddie Guerrero
Scotty Too Hottie vs. Dean Malenko(again?!)
Hollys vs. T&A
Chris Jericho/Tazz vs. Chris Benoit/Perry Saturn
Road Dogg vs. Christian
Kurt Angle/Bossman/Bull Buchanan vs. Rikishi Phatu/Big Show
A special Hardcore match
Godfather vs. Steve Blackman

The show looks OK, as I've seen better. It looks like we'll have some nice and long WWF interviews in this one. Argh!

-You notice how Midnight hasn't been signed from the WWF yet? That was her main intention when she asked for her release in WCW, but yet the WWF hasn't come knocking at her door. Sure, she's wrestling independents, but her goal of ditching her once possibly great career was to make it even bigger in the WWF. Now she's surfing the independents, and maybe by doing that, she could become a better wrestler. That's the way a lot of talent does it these days, and it's a wise decision to take that route before the WWF considers taking her.

@I've got nothing else to say today, as anything involving the WWF will be discussed after Smackdown. So until tomorrow's column, just chill till the next episode.

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