Welcome back to the one and only Phat Daily Column. You know what is up for today, the great and now controversial Monday Night Impressions. Anyways, this and much more on today's PDC.


-First Hour Highlights: It's rather interesting to see Charles Robinson as the interim president. He did a good job on that interview. As for Konnan, once again more proof is evident that he's in the WCW doghouse by not being allowed to win a match. Other stuff, like the Raven vs. the Armstrongs. I was pissed that Raven lost that one. I guess it's hard to beat two wrestlers, but the Armstrongs?!? Surprising to see Raven playing a face too. Argh! Too much Piper in the first hour, but he did set the tone by having the Macho Man reinstated, and by making Diamond Dallas Trash, I mean Page fight Sting. (Remember, I exclude the first hour from grading..I only grade the shows head to head)-DDP vs. Sting was a decent match, which started in the first hour, but it wasn't their best. I was very thrilled to see Sting win the title. I was loving it..too bad that was short lived.-Well, bad news for Psychosis fans, as he lost the Cruiserweight championship back to Rey Misterio. That's a shame, even though my mind thinks Psychosis looks too big for that division. I don't know, but what I do know is Rey's champ again. He seems to be winning all of the WCW lately. He must be a close buddy of Nash's.-Welcome back Erik Watts, but you got crushed by Bam Bam. I don't think Bam Bam is at the top of the "Hardcore" division in WCW. I don't know why they keep saying that.-Booker T defeated Meng..wow. That's a good victory for Booker T, but his career really seems to be going absolutely no where.-Joy, we got to see Hogan in the hospital. Just when you thought he was off WCW programming for a while... -The whole Mental Hospital thing with Flair was crazy, and we even got to see Scott Hall again!! Good to see him back. -Wow, Brian Knobbs winning the hardcore match. You know what I think about WCW hardcore matches. Well, everyone tells me they are good, but I have one thing to say. How is a match good when you are constantly beating down Hak with weapons. In this match, everyone was hitting Hak with crap, and they were just getting "love taps". That shows that no one in WCW, besides maybe Raven, is hardcore. Hak is obviously carrying the matches, so let him win!-Wow, that Scott Steiner vs. Macho Man match proved to be garbage. The only highlight was watching Macho's woman..ahhh. Anyways, I guess it was just used to set up her match against Charles Robinson to get Macho back into WCW...but wait, Macho is reinstated? What the?!? I loved the training video that followed. : )-Argh! I was rather pissed at the final match for the title between DDP, Sting, Nash, and Goldberg. For one, that's 2 title changes in one night, and two, why the hell did Macho help out DDP? Those two used to really hate each other. ====$This edition of Nitro was decent, but it had it's loose ends as well. They had some good wrestling matches, but they proved that they are desparate by having the World title change hands twice in one night, and that's not good. Anyways, overall, not a bad show, so I'll give it a


for their programming this week.Professor Frank McHone says: Nitro started off like a ball of fire. Then I realized I was watching the biggest ratings ploy of all time. Title changes abounded. Sting wins the title, I was happy and Nitro was as close as you can get to a perfect grade, then disaster struck. DDP wins it back in a screwjob. Mysterio regained the Cruiserweight title, sorry Psychosis. Overall, though a very good show. Great hardcore match, but Knobbs wins?? Hogan being involved brought it down. The Flair angle sucks. I just want to know what is up with all the power hungry angles going on? Overall Nitro gets a B.


-Finally, the e-mails about the Rock leaving the corporation will stop! Thank the lord! -Kane/X-Pac(my two favorite wrestlers!) vs. Edge/Gangrel was a decent match, but you just can't stop the Big Red Machine. That was interesting to see him get the blood bath, and get confused and chokeslam Kane over the barrier.-Well, it's a good thing the WWF remembers history because Stone Cold wasn't going to help Vince when he asked him to. If it were another federation, Stone Cold would forget the past with Vince and help him out at that moment.-The whole Val Venis and Nicole Bass thing is freakin' hilarious. I enjoyed the move that D-Lo put on Val when he was distracted by Bass. -Mr. Ass vs. Triple H was a good match. Those two were both putting on a good show, and it was intense. Too bad Chyna has to always help Triple H win. Interesting music for Mr. Ass I might add.-The only thing I got out of the Mankind/Paul Wight vs. Bossman/Test was the fact that I really want Test to kill the Bossman. Bossman is just a bastard for screwing Test over like that.-That Cleavage segment with Mosh was messed up. I wonder how that will deal with wrestling?-Jarrett vs. the Godfather was a good match, but if Godfather was a real pimp, he'd kill Owen Hart for not allowing Debra, who agreed if Jarrett were to lose the match she'd become a ho, to join the HO TRAIN! The continuation of Val and Debra also happened in this match, but big Nicole Bass is really horny.-The only thing the Shane vs. The Rock was made to do is to prove that Shane has the guts to take some good bumps and to help get a new feud with Triple H and the Rock over. Their feud was very good back in the day, but just don't let the Rock fight in another ladder match. He can't climb those things if he tried.-I loved the X-Pac segment...Jeff Jarrett and Owen Hart came out to pound X-Pac, but the Big Red Machine was there for the save. After that, he chokeslammed X-Pac again, but he finally showed some emotion by carrying X-pac away. Good stuff.-The final segment I think helped put the Undertaker over as a heel. Every wrestler was gunning for him at the end, which I enjoyed. He took out the Big Show, and that can start a good feud. I knew Stone Cold was coming down for the save, but it was fun to watch as he leveled all of the Ministry members. ====$Well, this edition of RAW was MUCH better than last weeks, as they had much more wrestling in this edition. Once again they didn't have a main event, but the ending was decent enough for me to give the whole show an


for their Monday Night programming. I want to see main events, and if I don't see a main event next week, mark my words, the grade won't be a nice. This week, though, was a very good show all around, nice to see after a pay per view. The ratings are theirs.Professor Frank McHone says: Extremely solid show. I am sick of the ministry though. I think we saw the formation of the new Corporation tonight also. The Rock is the greatest performer in wrestling today. He has it all. The Austin thing was great. I am not an Austin fan, but was very glad to see him come down. That chairshot he gave was freaking brutal too. Had to hurt like hell. Debra will now be a ho. Interesting. Nicole Bass and Val is hilarious. Not much dragging in tonight's show at all. Raw gets an A- for tonight's effort.

Wrestling News

-If you noticed on Nitro, Sting was without his famous trenchcoat. That's good to see WCW taking the trenchcoat off of Sting, because it's bad taste at the moment. Whether it was Sting's idea or WCW's idea in unknown, but it's a good idea. Whether he'll ever wear the trenchcoat after a while in unknown.-Oh cool, more theme music coming out. No it's not those garbage non licensed cd's, they are the real thing. WCW and the WWF are both producing theme cd's at the moment. It's taken WCW years to produce one, and they jump right on the bandwagon when they see how well WWF: the Music Volume 3 did. The WWF Volume 3 cd is a kickass cd. Turning up the Brood's music to full blast on my stereo can be a real trip. -Well, the ICP is reportedly coming back to the WWF, and they are making threats already that if they aren't used right, they are quitting? Why are they making threats? The WWF in my mind doesn't really have any angles to put them in, as the Oddities are now 6 feet under. So no need to make threats ICP, you are just going to use the WWF to promote your new cd coming out, just like you did the last time you were in the WWF. -Good old Davey Boy Smith is out of the hospital now, and he is now in a body cast at home. Poor Davey Boy, all he wanted to do was get a chance in WCW after the WWF screwed his brother-in-law, and what happens? He gets slammed on the stupid trap door in the ring. That's a dangerous working environment if you ask me. I hope Davey Boy gets a full recovery, and it would be very nice to see him in the ring again. He should have never left the WWF in the first place, if you don't agree, take a look at Owen. He's one of the biggest heels in the WWF, as the fans absolutely hate him and chant "nugget" at him all of the time. (Credit Dave Scherer for the news part)

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