Welcome to the latest course on anger management, also know as the Phat Daily Column. Today, we'll review Smackdown and Tough Enough 2, as someone needs to put a non-marking opinion about those shows up.

I keep forgetting to comment on how the WWF signed Chris Harvard to a WWF developmental contract recently. Good for him. Chris may have been a dick at times, but at least he had a passion and love for the business. The current wrestlers most certainly don't, as they care more about getting their rocks off or clubbing all night. I believe that the WWF might be signing Josh, too, who is also much better than anyone on the current Tough Enough and WAY more dedicated. Why not sign Taylor, too?

You just know that Jim Ross was behind Matthew, the one who injured his knee, getting signed to a developmental deal. Ross was all wet about Matthews size and agility, and especially for the fact that Matt appeared to have a good head on him. Ross probably played it in his head where Matthew would be wrestling a WWF match, and JR would keep calling him a "hoss", like he does for all of the lame big men, such as Test, Albert, and the Big Show.

Enough of this. On to the PDC.


The show started off with Hulk Hogan coming out to another insane ovation. Look at it this way... it was the first segment of the show, which made it extra loud. Hogan would put over Hulkamania, and then Triple H would come down to make himself look bad. Oh, I respect you... whatever! In backstage politics, Triple H isn't known to put himself out in the ring and look bad. It shows that Triple H is a young apprentice to the Jedi Master of Hulk Hogan. HA! Speaking of Star Wars, I'm reading the Episode 2 book right now... Hogan would rig up a rematch for tonight, but that would prompt Vince McMahon to change the plans. Poor fans in Peoria probably wanted to see Hogan wrestle, too. Instead, Vince set up a #1 contender's bout, with the winner wrestling Hogan at next week's Smackdown.

Speaking of next week's Smackdown, take a guess as to where it is this year? Good ol' Pittsburgh, PA. It's too late for me to go now. I only heard about the Pittsburgh show at the end of last week, to which I was screwed because I set up a class that runs until 7:30 on Tuesdays. Damn it, damn it!

Goofy backstage segment before this match. Whoa... Billy Gunn can alter his voice? Next match was a 4 men, 2 unknowns match between Billy Kidman, Maven, and Al Snow against Billy Gunn, Chuck Palumbo, and Tajiri. Rico might as well get a job on E! for how picky he is about the dresses. He could join the evil Fashion Police, or whatever that is when the Rivers family critiques celebrity dresses or tuxedos. Not a bad six man, especially whenever Kidman was in the ring. He's finally healthy for the WWF now, and I hope the writers do something for him to get more cheers. Will anybody remember to NOT powerbomb Kidman when they wrestle him? Kidman, the star of the match, finished Tajiri off with the Shooting Star press. You know he's healthy when he attempts that move. Lots idiotic stuff with Chuck and Suck, and Rico too, getting stripped. What the hell? Do all of the wrestlers wear g-strings under their tights?

Another dumb Mark Henry segment. Ohhh! Bend a frying pan! Ohhh! Bend a steel rod. Big deal. The only time I was ever impressed with his strength was when he was gorilla pressing Vader, and that was it. Christian would attack Henry for some reason, thereby making him the one to job to Henry later. Oh boy!

Next match was Hardcore Holly vs. Randy Orton. BIG mistake of putting Orton on Smackdown. RAW needs the talent in their midcard, and badly! Orton will just get lost in the fold here on Smackdown. Of course on RAW, he'd get booked to be squashed by the Big Show. I guess Holly is Vince's new toughguy to take care of midcarders he doesn't like? Then fine, push him that way and have scenes where Vince and Holly are talking to put it in the fans' heads. With Orton, I always thought he was a good overall wrestler from what I saw in OVW, but not too flashy. I thought that Rico Constantino and Brock Lesnar were the best I saw from the OVW tape I saw (thanks Krueges!). Orton gets the surprise pin on Holly. Does that mean that Orton could beat former 3 time WCW World Champion, DDP, too since Holly beat him so easily last week?

Next, we had Kurt Angle debuting his new T-shirt. Ah yes, many would argue that the WWF television shows are just big commercials in reality. That dirty Edge apparently switched the shirts, as I wonder how Angle didn't see him come in and change it. I bet you that the YOU SUCK t-shirt is an official t-shirt. Looking at WWF Shopzone, they don't have it up yet... I'm sure you'll be able to buy it at next week's Smackdown, at Pittsburgh, PA, which I can't attend!!!

Christian vs. Mark Henry was next. Basically Christian bumping around for the STRONGEST MAN ALIVE, Mark Henry. And that makes a superstar? Hardly. Now if Henry was a great worker for his size, then maybe a push would be legit for him. Henry won with a bearhug. Oh, take me back to the 1980's, NOW!

Next match was Edge/Rikishi vs. Albert/Kurt Angle. Easy to predict who would get the pin in this match, given the fact that a certain FAT Albert would be getting the so-called rub off Kurt Angle's heel status. And he did, as he got the pin to win the match. I wonder when the WWF is going to pawn Albert vs. Rikishi on us? You know, Jakked would be a perfect place to place that high quality match and to finish off their sad feud. No wait, why not have them fight on Jakked every week?

Good main event in Triple H vs. Chris Jericho. I know what it is that these two lack to really keep the WWF crowds pumped for it... Triple H was a heel and Jericho was a face for their previous hot matches. Looks like one or the other's switch has hurt the crowds for their matches. Solid match overall, which went well over 10 minutes. Jericho actually got his first official win against Triple H, as before, Triple H would barely get the win or Jericho's win would be reversed, like the World Title match from RAW a while ago.

LAST WORD: A better Smackdown than I expected, but still, the midcard matches are just poorly booked. Whereas on RAW, the midcard is hurt from a lack of talent, Smackdown has the talent but doesn't use them properly or they push ones like Rikishi, Albert, and Mark Henry INSTEAD OF Christian, Lance Storm, and a host of others. The Cruiserweight division is slowly rotting, too, as they were included in a six man match to save time for the long interviews needed tonight. I'll give Smackdown a grade of


(C plus). The main event was good, the surrounding show needs some thought put into it, and badly. How hard is it to recognize your most talented wrestlers in the locker room? I don't get it.


In the beginning, the Tough Enough 2 wrasslers went from SUCK to BLOW on their in ring performances. They claimed to be tired and worn out from the wrestling process. Ha, more like untalented and worse than the original Tough Enough wrestlers. Maven and Nidia would make a guest appearance this week, and breathe new life into the contestants, or so it would appear from the video editing.

Looks like Jackie is a "saint" again, as she's reunited with her boyfriend after getting a little piece of Pete. I'd like to hear Jackie's boyfriend react to seeing the hot tub and club scenes for a little friendly kiss. Pete claims he's over her, but still wants to jump her bones in reality. Don't blame him...

Oh man, I LOVED seeing Hardcore Holly just chop the living shit out of the Tough Enough contestants. I was laughing quite hard at how they were getting blasted, especially Hawk. Probably the most entertaining part of the show. Too bad Chris Benoit wasn't healthy yet, or he could appear on there and chop some people, too.

LAST WORD: One of the better shows this season. Next week, the contestants go to South Africa. But not only will they be vacationing, but they also must train there as well. I saw the wrestler saying the ring was hard or something. Ha! Usually, when the WWF travels overseas, they carry around their older rings which hardly have any give to them, whatsoever. The WWF recently switched to a more bouncy ring to avoid more serious injuries that were caused by the old rings.

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