Welcome back...to the one and only Phat Daily Column. Holy cow! A holiday didn't hold back the Nielson ratings for once! WOW! Anyway, they are in, and I will do my wonderful Ratings Analysis. But wait, there's more!! The Phat Video review RETURNS today, as I evaluate "The Best of Starrcade". So to end this introduction, I'm going to say "on to the PDC."

Ratings Analysis


First Hour: 3.7
Second Hour: 2.4
Composite: 3.05


First Hour: 6.3
Second Hour: 7.9
Composite: 7.1

Head to Head

RAW: 6.3
Nitro: 2.4

Nitro vs. Heat

Heat: 3.0
Nitro: 3.05, but an unoppose hour, like Heat, of 3.7

Lower End Shows

WWF Livewire: 1.5
WWF Superstars: 1.6
WCW Saturday Night: 1.6
ECW on TNN: 0.9

-Hmmm, what can I say about the Monday Night ratings. WCW did jump up bigtime with their first hour rating of 3.7, but 1.3 of that rating probably went with RAW the second it came on the air. Now if WCW could keep those fans, then they would really be stirring up the action. At least they drew SOME good numbers this week, especially after last week's terrible ratings. On The Other Side of the Coin( Big Al), RAW is showing strong second hours once again. It seemed rather pathetic for the hottest show on television to NOT get high ratings with no competition. Now they are, and that's they way it should be.

-Wow, Nitro's composite defeated Heat! When you take into account Nitro's unopposed hour, since Heat is unopposed, Nitro beat them pretty good this week...for once. Livewire, Superstars, and Saturday Night each had some great ratings this week. On the other hand, we have ECW on TNN. It wasn't a good Friday for ECW, as the past few weeks have been terrible for them in the ratings. I'm expecting 1.2 ratings or more everyweek, especially since it's been about 7 months for them on the air. But lord knows they can't achieve that, and they especially can't when the WWF gives them the rub.


-Oh no. ICP was seen backstage, as I guess they are boys again with Vampiro(even though they bashed him on their site hard one time), and ICP was seen asking Vince Russo for work in WCW. I'm hoping that Vince Russo isn't absent minded and sees what these clowns really do to wrestling. They are nothing but trouble backstage, as they refuse to do anything even though they are getting paid, and they cause a lot of trouble backstage with other wrestlers as well. They are truly a waste of time, money, and effort. Just let them run their little federation so that they won't make us sick on television.

-Now, yesterday, people were calling me a "F'N hypocrite" for my Jarrett comments. I stated earlier that him winning the title was the reward of working his ass off for the past few months, and I cheered when DDP beat him Monday. Let me tell you this before you come to any conclusions. I don't like Jeff Jarrett. I've never liked Jarrett. I hated his Double J gimmick, and that left an impression on me forever. In fact, I almost got kicked out of Monday Night RAW in Wheeling, WV in 1998 for holding up a sign to show my dislike for "Double J". Here's the story:

Around March of 1998, RAW finally came to the Wheeling Civic Center, which is around 15 minutes from my house. I waited out in the morning and got 5th row tickets. Little did I know that it was on the television side, and I jumped for joy about that since I brought signs with me. I forget what most of them said, but one read "THIS GIMMICK SUCKS". So after they had RAW, they ran through the Shotgun tapings. Jeff Jarrett went from the NWA World Champion back to Double J. That angered me, since I couldn't stand the lame Double J gimmick. Therefore, I kept holding up my "THIS GIMMICK SUCKS" sign during his match against I forget. Everytime the cameras rolled on me, I held up the sign. Then, a rather large and thick man in a suit comes up to me and tells me to stop holding up the sign. I was like "screw that" and kept holding it up because it was free speech to show my disgust for Jarrett. The guy came over and told me "It you keep holding up that sign, I'm going to rip your arms off!!" Thinking this was just a Jarrett fan, I kept holding it up, and I then somehow figured out he was a WWF official. He asked me to come outside for a moment. He took my sign and threatened me with bodily harm(no lie). I kept insisting it was free speech, but he was F'N pissed off about it. He let me back into the arena, threatening me if I did anything else, he would personally toss me out of the arena. Later on in the night, I saw him sitting by the commentary table, so he was definately with the WWF.

The funny thing was when I saw Shotgun. They had to go to different angles when they had that match, trying to avoid my evil sign. I guess the WWF was working hard to get this Double J gimmick over, as it didn't work months later and he switched to his "Don't Piss Me Off" storylines. Since I still hated Jarrett, I kept hating him, and I kept hating him when he made the jump to WCW. Therefore, whenever he loses, especially to someone I enjoy watching like DDP, I'll cheer for it.


-Oh my, the WWF is attempting to do coins now. It could be a success since everyone and their mother is insisting on collecting the new quarters, even though those quarters will be in circulation everywhere in a few years. But anyway, I think the WWF coins could be a big failure. For one, they will make them with expensive metals like gold, silver, and platinum, which will drive up the costs for these wonderful coins, therefore nobody will buy them. Two, depending on how they sell them, they could make a bunch of coins, or let's say for instance, Al Snow, and then the WWF would be left with lots of Al Snow coins that they couldn't sell. This idea just seems far fetched to me.

-Thanks to WWF games, THQ is making a killing in the video game market. They posted strong quarterly earnings recently, and with upcoming WWF games, who says they won't again? Both Smackdown and Wrestlemania 2000 are still posting strong sales numbers for having a few months of longevity behind them. My gosh, I can remember the day when THQ was one of the worst video companies around, and now look at them. They used to put out games for the 16 bit systems that EA Sports refused to put out, as EA Sports just easily handed them over to THQ thinking THQ wouldn't gain anything. Well, there were loyal NHL series players, along with hardcore Madden players, and they bought up the 16 bit games, thus earning THQ a strong profit. Now THQ is way ahead of EA Sports, who are suffering low sales recently.


Today's review comes to us thanks to a WONDERFUL birthday present. It's part of the "The Best of Series", and from the opening scene with Mean Gene, he said "since there is so much Starrcade to show, we had to break it up into two tapes, this being part one". I looked on the box, and what do you know, it says from 1983-1990. Oh joy! I thought I would have to see highlights of Hogan-Sting or Nash-Goldberg, both terrible matches. On to the video review.

The Best of Starrcade

No narration in this, just two introductions by Mean Gene, and one was for the first few years mainly with Ric Flair, and the other was from the last 3 years with Sting. The first match was Ric Flair vs. Harley Race, which I've seen on 5 wrestling tapes already(Flair 3 decades of Excellence, Flair: The Nature Boy, Lords of the Ring, Best of Starrcade 1983-1987, and this Best of Starrcade). Great match, as I've seen it many times already! Other matches featured: Piper vs. Valentine in a dog collar match, Tully Blanchard vs. Magnum TA in a vicious I quit cage match, Flair vs. Ronnie Garvin, and Flair vs. Lex Luger. They then show Sting's matches, which are Sting/Dusty Rhodes vs. the Road Warriors(Legion of Doom), Sting vs. Ric Flair, and Sting vs. the Black Scorpion(Flair). Those were all great matches in their own right, but I was hoping they would add the Skymasters match between the Midnight Express vs. the Road Warriors or maybe the Midnight Express(with Paul E) vs. the Midnight Express(Jim Cornette). Wait, I guess I mark for the Midnight Express!!!

Overall, it showed some good highlights from some of the classic Starrcades. If you haven't seen anything from past NWA which later became WCW, then go rent this video for an education on how things used to be. For hardcore Flair fans or Sting fans, this is one to watch because of the great matches on this tape. It could have had some good narration to point out the angles or storylines in those days, but oh well. I'll give it an


I'm hoping to do the Book Review on DDP's Positively Page next week, as I'm over halfway done with it now. If you want to read that book, go to DDPbang.com.

@That's all for today's column. I'll be back tomorrow to maybe discuss Thunder, and other topics. So until then, just chill till the next episode!

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