Welcome back to yet another edition of the Phat Daily Column. Backlash went by last night, so what will happen tonight? We'll just have to see. In the mean time, on to the PDC.


-Well, Stone Cold had a helping hand from Vince McMahon. This came after Vince hit his own son when he wouldn't make the 1-2-3. So what does this match mean? Well, the Rock was struck accidentally by Shane, so the Rock, I'm sure is extremely pissed, OR Shane could blame the Rock for everything, and thus everyone's freakin' dream of the Rock turning face again can come true. It's very odd to see Vince helping out Stone Cold though. Very odd. I'm sure there will be something going on tonight about that. -Al Snow finally won the Hardcore title. He must now be out of the WWF doghouse for not selling chair shots a few months ago. I think Al Snow will be a good Hardcore champ, but I hope he at least sells his opponents shots. -Well, the Undertaker has abducted Stephanie. Maybe he'll sacrafice her all day now. I really wish the Undertaker would stop this B.S. and get back to what he does best, actually wrestling on his own. He doesn't need a Ministry to help him out to kick ass. I guess he needs a little help now, when before he could clear a whole ring of wrestlers. It's a damn shame. -Holy smokes! The UPN special is on Thursday at 8. Wait a second, that's on at the same time slot as Thunder? Oh no, the Thursday Night Wars are starting. I think Thunder is in real trouble, since UPN is a network channel that you don't need cable to get. As for more wrestling from the WWF...well, that could lead into trouble, because this could wear the WWF thin, and that's not good. -Well, continuous proof why Paul Wight's career is going to crap happened as he lost to Mankind in the boiler room brawl. You can't get a wrestler, especially someone who you really want over with the fans, to lose every big profile match he's in. It seems like the WWF only brought him in to lose, and that's a shame.


-Nitro will have to put on a strong show just to even do decent for themselves against a live RAW coming off a pay per view. All I can say is that Nitro better have Sting. Last week they didn't have Sting, and their show could have been much better with him. Sting is the top wrestler in WCW, without a doubt, and WCW could use him. Just think, they were 0.2 points away from winning a segment against RAW when he fought Flair. Flair matches usually score low, but with Sting it scored high. Think WCW, use Sting! -Reports say that Konnan has asked WCW to release him out of his contract. Of course, you all should know that there is no chance in hell he'll get released, because the WWF would pick him up quickly. He would have to get hurt badly, and show signs that he might not return to the ring. Let's see, who got released because of they were injured badly wrestling. Let me think...maybe X-Pac(Syxx) and Bulldog. The only way to get out of a WCW contract is to have a career threatening injury. That's sad. -Well Torrie Wilson reportedly stated on her website that she isn't working for WCW at the moment, but she might in the future. That's cool, but if she came back, what could she do? She was used for the Wolfpac's dirty deeds, but what is left of the Wolfpac? Hogan's on the shelf, Nash and Steiner argued last week, and Lex is on the shelf also. Of course, I have read many e-mails on how much people love her, so whatever she does will probably work.

PDC News

-Well, starting Wednesday, I'll be starting something new on the net. I'll call it Phat Chat, and it's my personal chat room where you can interact with internet wrestling reporters. I do believe I will have it every Wednesday at 7:30 pm Eastern Time, and I'll try to have a big profile internet wrestling reporter or columnist every week. This week's guest: ME! This week is a trial run, so I'll be there, and you can ask me whatever questions you want to. You can access it now with mIRC if you want, by using the server irc.webchatting.com and by going to channel #phatchat. I'll have the web page for the Java version in the next column or columns. I hope to see you there Wednesday! -Another thing. Many of you are wondering how many days I'll go without a day off. Well, today is 34, and my goal is 50. I am very fortunate not to have any emergencies or anything come up so that I couldn't post the column.

@Well, that's it for today! I'll be back tomorrow along with my tag team partner Professor Frank McHone for the infamous and now controversial Monday Night Impressions. So until then, you know what to do, just chill...till the next episode. This is Mr. Tito, with this OPINIONATED column, signing off.

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