Welcome to the lovely Wednesday edition of the Phat Daily Column. Somewhat like Conan O'Brien says, I have a great column for you today... at least in quanity of material in the column. I have Ratings Analysis, Shouts, Daily Apples, and a video review of Best of RAW Volume 2! I hope that makes up for yesterday's column, which came out shorter than expected.

As for future media reviews.... I'm getting through ECW's Barely Legal, and just for material purposes, I'll try to review it tomorrow! As for the Wrestlemania book, I'm slowly reading it. I don't have much time to read anything extra, so I read Wrestlemania by Wrestlemania, day by day. Maybe sometime this weekend, I can fly through the rest of the book and review it sometime soon (I hope!).

Lots of PDC to get to, so on to the column!



First Hour: 4.9
Second Hour: 5.3
Composite: 5.1
Composite Last Week: 5.05
Composite Gain: +0.05

-Weekend WWF Shows-

Livewire: 1.1
Superstars: 1.1
Mtv Heat: 1.7

Well, is a gain of 0.05 in the ratings proof that there is extra interest in Backlash this weekend? If you know statistics, you'll know that this probably isn't "statistically significant". So really, this isn't really good for the WWF. Their only improvement came from the 0.1 increase in the first hour, which again, might not be significant.

Like last week, the main event ruled the night with a 5.6 rating. The main event seems to get lower by the week, although they have been pretty strong matches. Maybe nobody wants to watch a main event when they are damn near sure of the winner or who will get pinned? I believe fans will watch if they see the unexpected.

The Weekend shows kept in par this week, which I guess is stable for the WWF, and Heat did it's usual crap. I guess the Trish Stratus dating game wasn't enough to get the TEENY-BOPPER girls to watch the show.


Would the gain ratings on Mtv if they reunited WCW's 3 Count and put them on Heat?

I noticed a few weeks ago on RAW when Austin took someone to the outside by the announcing table, Paul Heymen got the hell out of there and FAST. He must still owe Austin some money from his ECW days.

Funny how Mic Foley couldn't sign a clause saying that he couldn't get fired...

Odd that Chris Jericho continually calls William Regal an "ass-clown", but yet Jericho once dressed up as Doink to attack Regal from BEHIND.

Was it just me, or did the asshole chants carry farther in Denver on RAW, like baseballs do?

A sure sign that your push is over: being pinned by Kai En Tai

I guess sporting multi-colored knee braces gets you over as a heel and purple tights make you a face these days!

How fitting would it be for the Undertaker to use his original theme and come out in a hearse since his career is dying.

How can Vince force Shane to wrestle, when he's the president of WCW?

It's pretty funny how TNN says, "We've got Pop." The last time I checked, nobody pops for TNN.

Instead of an ECW invasion angle, the WWF is participating in a bad music invasion angle. (Marilyn Manson, Limp Bizkit, Uncle Kracker, etc.)

Looks like Christina Aguilera and Haku go to the same hairdresser. (Note: Click Here if you haven't seen Christina lately)

Maybe Big Show would get a better pop if he didn't come out when they played his music.

Regarding Saturday's column, in particularly where you said: "...if you really want to, drink one on Mr. Tito tonight if you so choose to do it". Well, me and my friends drank a "few" on Mr. Tito. The bar tab is in the mail. (Note from Tito: Damn it!)

Credit for the Wonderful Participation: Brian Salvatore, Chris Koutougos, Orion 13, Jeff Wilen, Lobo 74, Poor2k, Matt Vitale, Matt Castleberry, Johnathan Taylor, Mike Specian, Nik, Ash Hodson, and Paul Overkill

Mr. Tito's Phat Video Review

This is probably the most requested video review, and it's finally here. I bought this in hopes that it would be a bit better than Best of RAW Volume 1. Let's see........

Best of RAW Volume 2

Ok, we'll start by going through the technical stuff... Production rules, just like every other WWF video these days. The WWF really knows their "shit" on how to make anything look good, no matter how bad the wrestling or whatever is. It's hosted by Johnathan Coachman, which is a new change since Michael Cole hosts the majority of WWF videos. Not saying Cole is bad, but it's nice to hear somebody else narrate the videos.

This video spans from late 1998, where Volume 1 ends, and all the way to Armageddon 1999, where Stephanie McMahon turned on Vince McMahon during his match with Triple H. We begin with the Rock Bottom 1998 era, with the Buried Alive feud of Austin and the Undertaker, and the never ending Rock vs. Foley feud. They showed many of the Foley vs. Rock matches, which were all good, despite being one after the other. Next, we move on to a lot of Corporation stuff, which made me appreciate this video. Why?!? They showed the Corporate Royal Rumble!!!! You know, the biggest moment in Chyna's career, when she eliminated Vince McMahon to take the #30 spot.

We move on to the Rock vs. Austin feud, which was about 100 times better hyped than the recent Wrestlemania feud. Ah, those were the days. We then move on to the RISE of Triple H, as they showed most of the match he had with Mick Foley after Summerslam 1999, you know, the one where Austin refused to drop the World Title to Triple H. This is the MAKE UP match for that ego. Anyway, the match has a very funny segment when Triple H just whacks the Rock with a chair, just for the hell of it. Rock was doing commentary, and just out of no where, BAM, he got laid out.

The end shows the Triple H-Stephanie situation, which I thought, back then, that it was the spark the WWF needed to their already lame storylines. I was tired of seeing the Big Show feuding with Bossman, among other lame feuds once Vince Russo, Ed Ferarra, and other writers left. Of course, we finally get to the Vince vs. Triple H match, which ends the video.

The video showed other stuff, such as the Jericho debut, the CEO Austin, and more.

LAST WORD: Wow, this is a BIG improvement over Volume 1, and I'm glad I bought it. Good overall recap of 1999 by the WWF. I'll give it an


(A) for a great video and a drastic improvement over Volume 1. I can't wait for Volume 3, which will cover the year 2000.

DAILY Apples

-Wow. I just want to thank the fellas at ViewAskew.com for mentioning my Mallrats reference about the Trish Stratus dating game. View Askew is the great movie company that has made such great movies as Clerks, Mallrats, Chasing Amy, and Dogma, all headed by the great Kevin Smith. I appreciate it. I greatly look foward to "Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back", once it hits theaters. Please check out their site by Clicking Here.

-Rumors are surfacing, although the WWF will totally deny it, about the fact that WCW may not have their own show or separate federation. Why? Well, I believe the WWF can't get a better timeslot on TNN, despite TNN's current Prime Time line up totally sucking balls. Plus, you could believe the WWF is getting scared, due to the failure of the XFL. I felt that the show could work, BUT the wrestlers hired for the WCW show were ones that I was personally fans of. So I don't know... But what I do know is if the WWF has decided not to do the WCW show, they have a LOT of talent laying around now, under contract. They can't let them go to waste, either, since the independent scene is ready to pick up any leftovers these days.

-Not much news to B.S. about right now.

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Saturday's "Million Dollar Game" scored a 2.1 in the ratings, which is still pathetic, especially for a championship game of a season during the Prime Time hours.

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