Welcome back to the Phat Daily Column. Monday Night just went by, and what a night it was. For today, however, I'm very short on time, so I will be brief with the impressions this week. Also today, another federation who just happens to be on TNN had a very interesting rating this week. You know already that I'll discuss it. Without further ado, on to the Phat Daily Column

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First off, I just want say that the Monday Night Guys, Nick Ponton and Tyler Riggs, are doing one hell of a job everyweek on two of the hardest shows to recap. Without a doubt, two of the best results guys in the business today.


Let me just say that I ENJOYED DDP WINNING THE TITLE SOOO MUCH!!! 3 time, 3 time, 3 time World Heavyweight Champion of the world! I'm glad that he beat Jarrett, who would still be a midcarder in the WWF right now. Of course, poor DDP will probably lose the strap back to that loser that Jim Ross saw no main eventer when he looked at Jeff Jarrett. Good Gawd, a great champion at last in WCW!

My jaw dropped when Sting had gallons of fake blood dropped on him. That sparked a "Holy Shit! Holy Shit!" moment for me. Although I think that method has been done before, it just looked tough they way it poured into the ring. The New Blood then hung Sting up, which made for a very compelling ending in my opinion. Good stuff.

The handicap match between Hogan and Awesome/Kidman was great! I never would have thought to say that about a Hogan match, but I enjoyed it very much. I never thought I'd see Hogan and Mike Awesome work together, oh, about 3 months ago. Hogan stepped his wrestling skills up a notch too, and then he went through tables which made it better! My gosh, this is a new Hogan. Hell has froze over!!!

Quick Notes: Thank god Kimberly only wanted a divorce instead of being pregnant. Phew! Kronic is the WORST tag team I've ever seen. Did you hear those "boring" chants? Oh yeah, they are sooo over. Arquette defeating Bischoff was kinda lame, but whatever sets up DDP to win the title works for me. I'm glad to see Mike Awesome get a good role in WCW. The mixed tag match was rather interesting. Steiner's new music SUCKS. Tank Abbott is worthless now.
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Last Word: Well, yet another good week for Nitro. Of course, I keep seeing parallels between Russo's first run and this current run. He started out good and slowly got worse. This show had a bunch of very good high spots, and a few low. Kronic spots were the worst, and a good reason why this show only gets an


this week. They will probably jump up a little bit in the second hour against RAW with a 2.7. Who knows.


Oh, we were treated to two long and boring interviews tonight. I think the WWF catches on when they see crackers like myself ripping on OPENING interviews, so they put them elsewhere in the show. God almighty. The first interview was around 15 minutes with Triple H, Shane, and Stephanie(later Jericho), and Vince's was around 10 minutes or so. That's a good 25 minutes that could have been used for wrestling matches, since the WWF is so damn loaded with talent. Lord knows the precious McMahons need their television time. What the hell was the announcement about Backlash anyway? That Stone Cold and Rock have had a feud? Oh please. Nice way to drop the ball on the hype. Maybe it was the fact that the Rock was possibly behind the car that hit Stone Cold? Who knows, but it wasn't about Backlash at all. Horrible!

It's funny how the WWF books their pay per views now, because they *think* that they only need 1 week to hype a pay per view match. They just have Benoit attack Jericho out of no where, so thus, they have a feud again. So let's jam it more with their main event match. Careless WWF, as the competition is only getting better, so quit making some obvious flaws.

Quick Notes: Opening match between Angle and Rikishi was a joke. I like how Prom for Eddie is on a Sunday. Makes a LOT of sense. Haha, I liked Angle telling the APA how it is. Matt Hardy...hardcore champ? Oh my. Wow, the WWF breaks up two teams who got no crowd reaction during matches, and then they re-tag them up with different partners and wrestle! Oh joy! Val Venis, who really knocked up Terri back in the day(My bad yesterday), defeated Eddie...yes, that was NON TITLE. Dudleys are being wasted right now.
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Last Word: This RAW did nothing but bore me this week. Last week was exciting, this week I could hardly stay awake. The WWF gets so lame in their second hour, and they didn't really try in their first this week. Lord knows that they don't notice their rivals getting better each week. Sure, they ratings gap is huge, but they could lose it slowly if they don't step it up. I'll give them a


but they need to start stepping it up for not only reasons to keep the competition down, but they could jump way past the ratings they are doing now and get more money out of the next television deal they sign. They will probably get a 6.1 in head to head action.

ECW Ratings Analysis

-Oh god, ECW on TNN only did a 0.9. Oh wait, let me run through the excuses first. First one was that it was Good Friday. Comparing it to another holiday, Christmas Eve which had a 1.1, there is no dice there. Oh wait, it was the playoffs this week! Actually no, as both the NHL and NBA are losing viewers every year. So what's it going to be? Hell, I'll say this. ECW had the biggest rub of their life on Smackdown with Tazz and Tommy Dreamer, but yet nobody new came to watch this show? Just face it now, ECW on TNN isn't drawing the numbers like it should. Sure, it's on a Friday, and most of us go out on Fridays and tape it for later, like myself. But still. It's been more than 6 months..probably 7 months now, and ECW on TNN got the SAME rating as they did when they first started. You'd figure they would be at least consistantly getting higher than that, but they aren't. Yeah, go ahead and keep thinking they are the #2 federation!

@That's all I wanted to say for today. Sorry so brief, but I slept in too much today, and I have class real soon. I'm not sure if the Nielsons will be slow on the ratings from Easter or not, so I'm not sure if I'll have the Monday Night Ratings Analysis or not tomorrow. Who knows? See you tomorrow. Be sure to check out the BACKYARD BBQ!!

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