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Mr. Tito's Phat Daily Column

Reported by: Mr. Tito on April 25, 1999

Welcome back to yet another editon of the Phat Daily Column. I keep pumping these things out everyday just for the fans. : ) Anyways, on to the PDC.


-Well, new horsemen could have formed, BUT Eric Bischoff killed of Nash's idea. The new Horsemen would have included Nash, Steiner, Lex Luger, and Ric Flair. I guess that means that the "Vanilla Midgets" would be out of the picture? You know, for the past few months, many angle proposals have been shot down. Many of which could have been decent, but the second one party, like Nash comes up with an idea, the other party, like Bischoff, will strike it down. That's not very good to have, and WCW isn't really scripted, they are just wrestle on the go, no set storylines like the WWF, which makes their show very unorganized.

-Many reports have been saying that Raven gets large pops wherever he wrestles. Wow. I remember reading a house show result, and people were cheering him against Hak. That's odd, but of course many still don't know who Hak really is. But still, Raven can be pure evil sometimes, and hearing that the crowd is cheering him on is rather odd, especially in WCW. I remember watching him wrestling against my boy Stevie Richards live in ECW, and he had some crowd support, but not the whole crowd. Oh well, I'd rather cheer for Raven than most of the wrestlers in WCW.

-There are many questions concerning the career of Curt Henning. Now he's not getting dropped or released from anything, but there are questions coming up about his "Promised World Title" reign that he was supposed to have. Can he stay healthy just to become a world title contender? It seems that it doesn't take a month for him not to get injured. WCW needs to move him to an announcer booth, because he's very funny there. He's a good wrestler, don't get me wrong, he just can't stay healthy like he should.


-Oh my, everyone's dream of having the Rock finally turn face again could come true at Backlash!!! You don't understand how much mail I got asking me when the Rock was turning back to a face again. Argh! Well, maybe Backlash and the Monday after will be the answer. Having the Rock turn face will let Triple H step into the corporate spotlight. I still think he will turn later down the road, and he'll fight Triple H for power of the corporation. Who knows, it could happen tonight or tomorrow night, and then, finally, everyone's dreams will come true.

-Everyone also keeps asking me, when will Nicole Bass and Chyna lock up? Well that all depends on Chyna, and Nicole Bass learning how to wrestle. For one, Chyna has stated before that she would rather be in a managerial role than a wrestler. But consider this Chyna, Bass can meet your match. She's as big as you were when you first came in. As for Nicole Bass, she needs to keep training in camps, because I heard she can't take bumps too well. She also needs to work on some wrestling skills, to make her believable as a wrestler, instead of a female bodybuilder.

-Wow, the WWF is impressed with Hardcore Holly. They finally think that his current gimmick will work for him, and they think he's a good performer, that's why he keeps winning that darn Hardcore title. That's cool, but lately I have stumbled upon some Hardcore fans of Bob Holly. I usually bash him in my Monday Night Impressions. I think I just don't respect him yet do to the past gimmicks that the WWF has given him. I sometimes base my opinions from their pasts, and that's my bad.

@Well, that's it for today. Make sure you enjoy Backlash tonight! I'll try to be back tomorrow to continue the legacy of the Phat Daily Column. Have a good one! So until next time, you know what to do....just chill..till the next episode.


Take Care, and Happy Wrestling.

Mr. Tito 1999

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