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Welcome to the Tuesday edition of the Phat Daily Column, which if you didn't know by now, will cover Monday Night RAW!!! I used to have a thing I reviewed called Nitro, but unfortunately, Time Warner can rule the entertainment industry, but have NO clue how to run a wrestling federation. That's just fine, because the WWF-owned WCW should prove that the great Time Warner does have some faults.

Thanks for all of the birthday wishes. I finally got through the e-mail, which I let grow since Thursday. It was a nice vacation from it, but I guess the fun will return because today is when I accept the Shouts!. Oh well.

Sorry for the way I advertised the Bobby "the Brain" Heenan guest appearance on the Wrestle Palooza Audio Show . The way I set it up was with a quite formal picture of Heenan, and at the very top of the PDC. A couple readers thought he died, when they first looked at it. Sorry if I gave anybody that impression. Speaking of Heenan, you should still check out his appearance on the Wrestle Palooza Audio Show by Clicking Here. You gotta check out his comments about Tony Shiavone!!!

On to the PDC!

RAW starts off with Kane and mainly the Undertaker talking about Austin/Triple H. ZZZZZZZZZZZ..... You Think You Know Me... Thank God for Edge/Christian saving the interview, because I couldn't flip to watch the Penguins BEAT the Capitals since it was an intermission. Edge/Christian only talked stuff to allow Austin/Triple H to get the sneak attack! A match was later set up on the most ridiculous amount of circumstances I've ever seen, which had Mick Foley booking Austin/Triple H/Edge/Christian vs. Kane/Undertaker/Hardy Boyz off of a stupid contract that they say he signed late last year, just in case he'd get fired as commissioner. God, that's so lame. I bet you that they'll have Foley pull out more things he signed as commissioner, down the road.

I wonder how the ECW marks will react to this match? Rhyno beat Spike Dudley to a whatever match, with lots of run ins and interference. Well, I guess this is the way to set up the X-Factor vs. Dudleys match. No Hardcore Bob Holly tonight, which makes me wonder if the Rhyno vs. Holly match will happen. Not that I care, really.

Nice of Kaientai to resort to cheap heat with the John Elway jerseys. I bet that will continue, since the Indeed stuff certainly wasn't getting those wrestlers over. By the way, didn't several WCW wrestlers or employees file a racial suit about oriental wrestlers being mocked? Anyway, they got a big win, but over the group that won't help them get over much. It's hard to gain any extra heat when the crowd doesn't want to see the RTC wrestlers in the first place.

Decent, but fast tag match between Angle/Regal vs. Benoit/Jericho. If only, they'd get some time to develop a match, but that must be devoted to interview time on the week before the Pay Per View. Just the way it is, I guess. Regal was beat by Benoit, so who knows who will win or lose this weekend, in their respective matches.

Test vs. Big Show was oddly booked, as Big Show showed Vince McMahon the tape of Test honoring Jeff Hardy for attacking Stephanie. You know what cracks me up? It's only NOW that the WWF is using past footage to solve problems or fuel feuds. It was quite ridiculous during the Kurt Angle-Stephanie-Trish-Triple H situation, when nobody looked at footage. Big Show was a big snitch, and got himself a match with Test. It only served as a cheap attack for Shane McMahon, which doesn't bother me. Why? Because it will be very entertaining to see Shane CARRY Big Show to a good match. I never thought I'd ever say that in a million years.

Decent Six man match, which I was some what distracted from since the Penguins were beating the Capitals. Ha! Eddie Guerrero got the win, and he pinned Raven. Could he be paying dues to lose the European title this Sunday? Probably, as we can put Raven in the same drawer with Al Snow, Test, Perry Saturn, Mideon, and many others who have been boring European Champs.

Wow. Trish Stratus beat Ivory, and cleanly too! Wow, so does that make Trish the #1 contender? Tune into Smackdown to find out!

Main event was overall pretty good, which was a newer match the WWF hasn't done yet. I find it quite odd that Austin now sports orange kneebraces. A Hardy was pinned, so it's hard to predict who will win the BIGGEST TAG MATCH OF ALL TIME, according to the WWF.

Phat Stats

Matches: 7
Clean Wins: 6
Screwjobs: 0
Disqualifications: 1
No Contests: 0

LAST WORD: Eh, the usual RAW before the Pay Per View show. Lots of sports entertainment going around, with some really quick matches. They had a strong main event this week, which helps this show gain a


(B) in my gradebook. I'd like to see the matches to get better time to develop, but I guess that's what the Pay Per View is for.


After tonight, here is the assumed card for Backlash:

-Raven vs. Eddie Guerrero
-X-Factor vs. Dudley Boyz
-Hardcore Holly vs. Rhyno (??)-POSSIBLY Edge/Christian vs. Hardy Boyz(??)
-POSSIBLY Trish Stratus vs. Chyna
-A Kaientai vs. RTC match
-William Regal vs. Chris Jericho
-Kurt Angle vs. Chris Benoit
-Shane McMahon vs. Big Show
-Undertaker/Kane vs. Austin/Triple H

I'd assume that Edge/Christian and the Hardys will be on the PPV, therefore, why not let them fight again?!? I have a feeling Trish will get booked with Chyna, sometime soon. Also, I'm thinking Backlash will have some kind of stupid RTC vs. Kaientai match, and I'm still wondering if Hardy vs. Rhyno is still on. Well, actually, I don't, but I gotta shape up the card here. We'll see what Smackdown gives us.

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