Welcome back to the one and only Phat Daily Column. Well, many have suggested for me to take a day off, but I refuse! This is #32 in a row, and I checked my records, and it is the most I've done in a row, JOY. I figured today I would throw up my lovely Backlash predictions. Enjoy!


-Here is my Backlash Predictions:=New Age Outlaws vs. Owen Hart and Jeff Jarrett. I have a strong feeling that a break up will occur during this match, and I think it could most likely happen with Debra helping the New Age Outlaws winning. Who knows, Owen and Jarrett could pull something out, or even a New Age Outlaws break up could happen. You never know. Winners: New Age Outlaws=Godfather vs. Goldust for the IC title. My money is on Goldust, just so he can get another younger wrestler like an Edge or someone of that nature over by dropping the IC title to them. Besides, why a rematch so soon after Godfather wins the belt? I wonder if the Blue Meanie will be back with Goldust. Winner: Goldust=Hardcore Holly vs. Al Snow for the Hardcore title. My cash is on Al Snow winning it. I think he is probably out of the WWF doghouse by now from not selling chair shots during matches. Al Snow is going to beat on Holly, but the Spark Plug will still put up a fight. Winner: Al Snow=Brood vs. Acolytes and Mideon. This one is hard to call. I'll sit on the fence on this one, as it seems that someone will cost their team the match and will get kicked out of his group for messing up. I say it could be Mideon, but I don't know because all 3 of the Brood are getting pushes in the future. Winner: N/A=Undertaker vs. Shamrock. Hard one here too, but I'll go with the Undertaker, even though, with Shamrock's new profound popularity could possibly get him the win. I see the Undertaker winning to make his Ministry a bigger force. =Triple H vs. X-Pac. Triple H all the way. Poor X-Pac will put up a fight, but he will come up short. Plus, Triple H is getting ready for his World Title push. Winner: Triple H=Boiler Room Brawl with Mankind vs. The Big Show. This match, I don't think will have an actual winner. They will become friends because of this match. Joy.=Stone Cold vs. The Rock with Shane as ref. I see Stone Cold winning this, and maybe, just maybe every fan's dream will come true. Maybe this could be the night the Rock turns face. Shane could oust him from the Corporation for losing. We'll see!!! Winner: Stone Cold Steve Austin


Not much to report about WCW today, so I'll just discuss something. That something is Hollywood Hogan. Many of you readers get on me for my constant put downs towards Hogan. Why do I do it? I feel he's been there done that in the business, and it seems like there is no interest in him anymore. Although he is in great shape, he can't wrestle like he used to. His Hollywood gimmick seems to be wearing out, just like his Hulkamania gimmick wore out. Now I do appreciate Hogan. He has done what no other wrestler has done, and that is to help put a federation on the map...twice!! The first time he did it was in the WWF, when Hulkamania was spreading thoughout the world of wrestling. Everyone and their mothers knew who Hulk Hogan was, and that helped make the WWF HUGE! As for the second time, it was his landing as the "third man" with fellow Outsiders Kevin Nash and Scott Hall. The whole wrestling world was shocked, and they became hooked on the nWo, and thus WCW was finally successful. This is what made Hogan great.The reason for his HEEL turn was because his Hulkamania gimmick was overused and it was getting old. When they turned him HEEL, he had a brand new gimmick, and he was bad for the first time since he first started in the wrestling business. After those long title runs, those threatening long interviews, and matches that showed his age, it proved, to me at least, that the Hollywood gimmick is getting old. Hogan, with his Hollywood gimmick dissolving, kept taking all of the wrestling spotlights, like he has usually done as Hulk Hogan or Hollywood Hogan. That is my theory why WCW's ratings went down, too much of an old Hollywood gimmick. So what now? I say, since Hogan is recovering for a while from the knee surgery, to come back with a fresh new gimmick. See if that works, because it has worked twice before. If it does not work, I hope at least, that Hogan thinks about his future in wrestling, and maybe help the next great superstar get over as a wrestler. That would be nice, and that way the non-Hogan fans like myself can appreciate what he has done.

@Well, that's all for today. Thank you very much for reading, so until next time, just chill..till the next episode. This is Mr. Tito, Pretty Hot And Tempting, signing off!

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