Welcome to yet another edition of Mr. Tito's Phat Daily Column. Today, we'll rip apart RAW, as we usually do on Tuesdays. I will say, and I've personally noticed this about myself, that my columns have been more relatively positive than ever. That's funny, because nobody sends any feedback about that. The only anti-Tito sentiment comes from when I see a weak show and I bash it, or a weak match, such as Hall/X-Pac vs. Big Show/Austin, so forth and so on.

Gee, I wonder why I like the WWF shows NOW than before? The split? Possibly. It's a new and fresh angle, that could lead to good things in the future. Oh wait, I know why... A certain person no longer associates HERself on television. Could it be... why yes it is. The shows are more watchable without the usual 30-plus minutes of seeing Stephanie McMahon on television anymore. The Cancer of the WWF is at least off the television shows, and I'm very pleased about that. Too bad she's still making bad booking decisions backstage, such as pushing the comical element on newer wrestlers only to be squashed by WWF mainstays from 1998-1999.

It's clearly obvious, to me at least, that I have more of a demand to see the WWF shows than before in the past few months. In the months leading up to Wrestlemania, I was very pissed off at the WWF for having Stephanie's hand lotion and Lucy the dog as the main focus of the Triple H vs. Chris Jericho feud, instead of having the wrestlers interact with each other.

And if she does come back... well, whatever show that she begins appearing on MAY get boycotted, by yours truly. The "may" is there because despite her presence on the show, I still like watching certain wrestlers from each brand (RVD, Booker T, Brock Lesnar, Steve Austin on RAW and Kurt Angle, Chris Benoit, Triple H, Chris Jericho, Rock, Lance Storm, DDP, Christian, Edge, Cruiserweights on Smackdown).

On to the PDC.


RAW started off right with Brock Lesnar fighting Matt Hardy. Whenever Brock is on television, it certainly grabs your attention. This guy is nothing but a badass, and nothing but that. When you now see him, especially after pounding Jeff Hardy, you know somebody is going to get killed. Matt Hardy challenged Brock after scratching himself from the Backlash match. That made no sense, but Brock killing the Hardys did. The WWF ruined the Hardys ever since they didn't bother pushing them after the Austin/Triple H feud, so screw them now. Sure, I'll always cheer them on and support them, like probably buying their book if that ever comes out, but I give up on them. I see Brock as one of the biggest potential superstars the WWF has ever created, and with Heyman as his manager, it only gets better.

The Undertaker came down for a long interview next, thus reminding us how we'll go back nearly 11 years to see a rematch between himself and Hulk Hogan. Yeah, many injuries and ages later. The Undertaker was healthy and more mobile back in 1991, and Hogan was his usual WWF self, with the usual sad punches, bodyslams, and legdrop/big boot combo. Now, the Undertaker's age and many lingering injuries have badly slowed him down, and Hogan's body is breaking down to the point where his limited offense is even worse! Yikes! Triple H would come down. I thought that since he was a Smackdown wrestler, using his music seemed a big ridiculous, although it's the best theme going. He would attack the Undertaker, take it to the back, and get arrested. I'm glad they arrested him, although there was no rush to apprehend him in the first place.

Next, we had At the Movies with Booker T and Goldust. Goldust's questionable sexual preference could make this a rip off of "Men on Film" from the hit show In Living Color. Since Goldust appeared to be the host of the segment, he was Antoine Merriweather, while Booker T played Blain Edwards, although he was on the right side of the fence. If only Booker T and Goldust were even remotely funny as David Alan Grier or Damon Wayans. Booker T is an absolute joke in the WWF now. It's sad, since if they pushed him as a serious threat to WWF wrestlers, then they could have had another top tier performer instead of the current stale ones, such as the Undertaker. Instead, they made him look at his hand in a weird way and make him act upon various stereotypes of his race.

Rob Van Dam vs. Mr. Perfect was next. I thought the purpose of the split was to push younger stars? Instead, I see Mr. Perfect getting airtime every week to showcase his 1980's wrestling style. Same match as before when these two fought. Various trademark offense for RVD, and then winning with the 5-Star splash. RVD's offense is really getting repetitive lately. At LEAST the Rock would try something new occasionally, even if it looked bad. Yeah, I'm comparing RVD's repetitiveness to the Rock's competitiveness, and RVD might actually be worse! Eddie Guerrero attacked afterwards. Anybody want to bet me that RVD vs. Eddie Guerrero at Judgment Day will be made into a Ladder Match? Come on, take that bet! I dare you!

Lots of Flashbacks from Hogan winning the WWF title tonight from his past. Anybody want to bet me that Hogan will win the World Title again before his WWF career is all said and done? See, you won't take that bet either.

Next match was Jazz/Molly Holly versus Jackie/Trish. Gee, coming into this match, who did you think would get pinned? The WWF needs another strong face in the Women's division. How about Lita? Oh wait, she's probably gone for a long time due to her neck injury. Oh yeah, plus, she can't actually WRESTLE, for she can only hit spots, which can look bad too, given how her opponent sells her moves. OK match, but anything "special" from it was ruined by how predictable it was for Jackie to get pinned. Jackie needs new music, by the way....

Ric Flair would then come out and talk about how he's soooo sorry about Steve Austin. The segment went no where, even when Austin came down to confront Flair with his rigged-What speech. All of this wasted time led to the booking of Bradshaw/Austin vs. the NWO?!? Wow, wasn't this the Main Event of last week's RAW, which had a handicapped match of the NWO/Undertaker against Austin/Bradshaw?

Next match was Booker T/Goldust versus Spike and Bubba Ray Dudley. Fans have been begging, for a while, for Spike and Bubba to team up. I know I have NOT been begging for Booker T and Goldust to be tagging up, that's for damn sure. Sloppy tag match here, as neither team had any real sense of team work. At least with the burned out Hardys, they do double team moves to you non-stop. That's what is missing from today's tag team wrestling. Why was the Midnight Express, Road Warriors, Fantastics, British Bulldogs, Hart Foundation, Dudley Boyz, and even teams like Demolition, Smokin' Guns, and others praised as tag teams? They had great teamwork. Neither team had anything close to good tag team communication in this match, thereby making it worse than it should be.

Shawn Stasiak and William Regal fought to a very very short and wasted match. What's the point of Stasiak right now? You wonder why none of the younger wrestlers have any sort of credibility these days because they are completely jobbed out and embarrassed by the Good Ol' Boys of the WWF. Just terrible. Is Regal a face now, too?

Bradshaw was "knocked out" by the NWO. At first, I was thinking that Bradshaw might join the NWO. However, the new member was easy to predict once Flair kicked Nash out of the building and announced that the Big Show would be the man. Man, Show is going for his 3rd run with the NWO, probably a record of some sorts. Let's see here... After losing the World Title in 1996, the Giant joined the NWO just a few months later. He was kicked out in early 1997 after wanting a World Title shot from Hogan, after winning World War 3 to earn a shot. When the NWO split up into 2 groups in 1998, the Giant joined the NWO Hollywood, Hogan's group, where he'd remain until his fatass signed a WWF deal in late 1998 or was about to do so.

Hulk Hogan would then come out. The use of Voodoo Child was a very clever move by the WWF to keep Hogan continually fresh in the fan's mind. Lame interview, though, and again, more nonsense talking leads to less time to develop more matches or to actually USE wrestlers drafted on your roster. I'll LAUGH if the WWF actually goes through with the Undertaker vs. Hulk Hogan match. It could be as worse as the Halloween Havoc 1998 match between the Warrior and Hogan. Ok, not that bad.

Our Main Event was Big Show/Austin vs. Hall/X-Pac. Short Main Event, as Hogan's promo may have cut some time off the end. Big Show, with ABSOLUTELY NO BUILD UP, joined the NWO. The only premise would be that the NWO offered Big Show some money to join them after Flair made the match announcement of Big Show/Austin vs. the NWO, just so it would fuel the Flair vs. Austin feud. PLEASE rename the Big Show as the Giant. I'm begging you WWF!!!!

LAST WORD: Lots of talking in this show. As a show after a Pay Per View, I guess the talking had a purpose since it will lay groundwork for what's happening on the next Pay Per View. But still, at least make the midcard, as always, better. The booking, in general, is still good for RAW, but the matches are beginning to scare me at how horrible they are becoming on the RAW product. I'll give this show a


although I see some the ideas the WWF are pushing with the storylines. I thought the matches as a whole were poor, meaning that the RAW side got the short end of the deal during the draft.

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