Welcome to the EASTER edition of the Phat Daily Column. I hope everyone is having a wonderful Easter today, because everyone deserves it. For today, maybe you can think of me as an Easter Bunny who gives apples instead of eggs. Eggs are far worse in that they can be crushed easily, and they get a horrible smell when they rot. Whereas apples always smell good, and they are FUN to give when proving a point. Without further ado, onto the Phat Daily Column.

NOTE: I am VERY behind on e-mails right now.


-One match I can't wait for is the Triple Cage match at Slamboree. No lie, especially after seeing Ready to Rumble, my appetite for violence is watering bigtime for this one. For those who haven't seen, the triple cage is somewhat hard to explain. First, you have a regular chainlink cage surrounding the ring...with a hole on the top. The second cage is smaller, and like the first one, it too has a hole on top. The third cage is different though. It's like a platform instead of a cage, and at the top of the 3 cage you can reach for the world title, which is hanging above. If the match is anything like it was with the "King" and DDP, then it could be one of the best matches ever. No lie!

-Uh oh ECW, Lance Storm is said to be the next one to jump and make a HUGE career mistake at WCW. Of course, he would fit better with WCW since he's far from a hardcore wrestler. I feel that he's more of a better technical wrestler than he is a hardcore wrestler, therefore, a better fit in WCW. Of course, in ECW he has Dawn Marie shaking her ass for him to get him over, which is something he will miss in WCW. Lance Storm could struggle in WCW due to his lack of charisma and attitude. It would be hard for WCW to give that man a gimmick that would get him "over", but I guess they will deal with that when they do sign him.


-Well, for Hardcore Heaven, Jerry Lynn vs. Rob Van Dam has been signed. You all know my feelings on these two, as they used to fight all of the time! Of course, it's been a while since they have fought, so the match will be nothing but spectacular. Maybe when this match gets a HUGE response, Paul Heyman can notice the payoff of spacing out matches of a great feud. (Meaning look at Super Crazy and Tajiri)


If you haven't heard yet, Tommy Dreamer finally won the World Title in ECW. After years of busting his ass for his company, Dreamer FINALLY gets rewarded for putting his body on the line everynight, and being very loyal to his company. Of course, ECW then proceeded to drop the ball bigtime by having Justin Credible come down and defeat Dreamer to become World Champ. I really wonder how Heyman thinks sometimes, as this is a perfect example why. Of course, with Credible as world champ, that pretty much ices Lance Storm leaving ECW. I guess it's somewhat of a success story for Credible, who used to be Aldo Montoya of all people. Therefore, congrats to him.

Also on the card, Rhino defeated Tajiri to become the NEW television champ. It's funny how the most prestigious title in ECW, the television title, has been whoring around to various wrestlers. Before, Shane Douglas, Tazz, Bam Bam, and RVD made that title one of the best titles in the sport. Now Rhino has it, and RVD will eventually come back, win the title, and defend it against Jerry Lynn for 100 more times. Gee, I guess we are back in 1999 aren't we?



-Well, now we are seeing rumors that the "special announcement" for Backlash will be involvement of Shawn Micheals. He could be a referee or possibly be in somebody's corner? Which corner? Maybe when my prediction comes true, which is the addition of Chris Jericho to the match, then HBK will be in his corner..possibly! I remember when Jericho first came in that there was all kinds of rumors that HBK would be his bodyguard or mentor. Hey, those idiots who made up those rumors could have been right all along!

-The WWF has announced that NO WAY OUT will be released on video Tuesday. For those of you who haven't seen it, this is a possible buy. This was Foley's last great match(Wrestlemania appearance wasn't great), as it was the Hell in the Cell match with Triple H. The Jericho vs. Angle match is a great opener, and the Shane McMahon screwjob is just priceless. Check it out, and while you are at it, check out the recent Royal Rumble, which in my opinion, was the best PPV of the year thus far.

Future Reviews

Everyone knows that I love to review videos, movies, television specials, music CDs, and now books for this very column. I usually do it as an added attraction of this column, and to also help someone decide on a good wrestling product. Here is what I plan to review in the future:

Positively Page, which is the biography of Diamond Dallas Page(Give me time on this one)
The Best of Starrcade, which is a video that was released as part of the WCW "Best of" series.

Right now I'm looking for some other videos to review. Sam Goody has an XPW "hardcore" tape which I've had my eye on for a while, and I'm probably going to get the "3 Faces of Foley" to review too. There are plenty of "bootleg" things I could get out there in the wrestling world. There are plenty of wrestling theme CDs to choose from, but I don't think I'll go for those. I bought one of them, and I was greatly disappointed at the horrible cover band doing the themes. There is an unofficial biography out there as well on Chyna which I could read, but I'll just wait until the official one comes out. WWF Volume 5 is coming out in the Summer, and of course, I'll review it the day or day after it comes out.

@That's all I have for today. Enjoy Easter today, and don't attack the Easter Bunny like Jay and Silent Bob did in Mallrats....if you've seen that movie. If not, forget that comment! So just chill till the next episode!

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