Welcome back to the one and only Phat Daily Column. Well, it's been an interesting week for me with all of the sad tragedies and all of the critisism I recieved for my Monday Night grades, even though I clearly explain them. Anyways, I've gone a whole month, 31 days now, without a break. Usually with a day off, I can clear my mind, and when I come back I start writing fresh again. Oh well. With that being said, on to the PDC.

The State of WCW

Alright, what do I think of WCW nowadays? Well, I think they are finally showing signs of life, but they must really show much more if they are going to even come close to beating the WWF at the ratings. The lack of good storylines is killing WCW, but I do like how many wrestlers are challenging for the world title now. That's probably the best storyline WCW has. What angers me about WCW is that they still have their old men lying around, hogging up all of the television time, when many, deserving, young, talented wrestlers need to get into the spotlight. I think they are swinging in the right direction by having big names like Nash and Sting beating on Ric Flair. Another thing WCW could flourish on is the absence of Hollywood Hogan. His ego and spotlight hogging leaves me and many viewers sick to their stomachs, and I still don't see how he's champ for so long. You put Hogan in the ring with someone like Benoit or maybe even Jericho, and Hogan would get beat down. You know exactly that when Hogan recovers and comes back, he'll want the spotlight, the world title, and all the television time that he can have. Now I'm not badmouthing Hogan, as he has set the grounds for wrestling. I'm just saying he needs to pass the torch like Andre did to him, and help the younger, or popular wrestlers get over. The same goes for the rest of the older wrestlers. Another thing WCW needs to get rid of though, is their ganglike violence. I don't like seeing groups of wrestlers beating down on one wrestler. That is terrible, and if that's not proof of violence, I don't know what is. What can WCW do to become better? Well, they have the resources, and they should use them. Wrestlers like Sting, Macho Man, Chris Jericho, and Chris Benoit need to be used much more, and they need to be in the title hunt at all times. All of these wrestlers can perform at any match. Other things they could do is to have much more better tag teams. When you have two cruiserweights as your champs, that's not good. I'm not saying they are a bad team, but a good powerful tag team would level them. They also need to use Bret Hart much better when he comes back. When he's used improperly, that's when he's boring as hell to watch. When he's in a good angle or storyline, the Hitman can be at his best. Either way, I think WCW needs a lot of improvement before they even come close to taking WWF's ratings away. As for grading Nitro, if I see some matches that I'm actually amazed by, I give it a decent grade. If I see the older wrestlers having their screwjob matches, I'll bitchslap them in my column the next day. I think the past few Nitros have had some solid wrestling matches in them. But Nitro still has it's many boring wrestling matches that I just turn to another channel when they come on. Oh yeah, I also exclude the first hour of crap, I mean of Nitro. Maybe people are mislead by that.

The State of the WWF

The WWF is very powerful now. I don't see their opponent, WCW, even coming close today. If the WWF notices that WCW is gaining ground, they will go all out to get that ground back. WWF produces a great product that is very entertaining to watch. Their RAW attitude is noticed throughout the country, and is gaining more fans every week. The WWF sells out arenas quickly no matter where they go. They are constantly getting in the 6's in ratings, which is very good. WWF is tearing it up!Even though they are ahead, they do have some flaws. One flaw, is the lack of wrestling matches in their program. Sure they do have some good matches on RAW, but they also many interview segments. JP reported that RAW has an average of 36 minutes of wrestling each show! Yes, I said 36 minutes of wrestling each show! Now take away about 35 minutes from commercials, and you do the math. It's around 50 minutes of non-wrestling programming!!!! Now I'm a wrestling mark. I like to see matches more than segments. I would rather see someone interfere in a match to start a feud than seeing an interview or something back stage that starts a feud. A few things the WWF could do to improve is some of their raunchy angles. I don't mean stuff like valets stripping, I mean crap like Mark Henry a while back with Sammy. That was wrong. Other stuff, like the Ministry, need to be dropped. I don't like the Ministry because I'm not much for what he does or represents. I don't like seeing wrestlers sacraficed, just because that crap has nothing to do with wrestling. Undertaker needs to shut his mouth about being the Lord of the Darkside, and get his ass back into the ring and be as great as he used to. The WWF needs about 2 more world title contenders. I have seen, throughout the months, a repetition of matches, oh like Mankind and the Rock. If the WWF gets at least two main event contenders, they would be golden. Triple H will be one of those main eventers, and he'll be great in that position. The WWF needs to start working on getting one more wrestler over as a championship contender. If they do, I'm not sure what could stop their success.The WWF has proven night in and night out that they are the top business in wrestling. Everything that has WWF on it anymore is selling everywhere, and their events are the hottest ticket in town. The WWF knows how to get their wrestlers over, unlike their counterparts, WCW, which have no clue how to get some of their wrestlers over. Plain and Simple, the WWF is on fire still. I really don't think that the WWF will lose the ratings for a while. Many of you critisize me for my Monday Night ratings about RAW. Maybe sometimes I grade them a bit harshly because I'm always expecting more each week. Either way, I'm looking at things, like the Ministry, and segments that don't make sense at all. It's very easy to see, I like wrestling matches. I think the WWF has great wrestlers that can put on great matches, but instead they are just having interview segments. If RAW had much more than 36 mintutes of wrestling, I highly doubt that the WWF would get any lower than a B, and that's the truth.

But wait, there's more!!!!

Mr. Tito's Phat Video Review

-Oh no! Not another video review! Yes, it's back. I got a good birthday present from someone very special to me, and it was the Austin 3:16 Uncensored video. Here's a review of it, as well as a grade!

Austin 3:16 Uncensored: This video is about Stone Cold's ride to championship glory as well as his early brush ins with Vince McMahon. It starts out with his Royal Rumble win, when he threw out the last participant, who happened to be the Rock, and he would win the chance to fight Shawn Michaels at Wrestlemania 14. It would show Stone Cold pushing Mike Tyson of all people on RAW the next week, and it showed everything that built up to the Wrestlemania match vs. Shawn Michaels. They also showed a great match that I completely forgot about. The No Way Out of Texas 8-man tag team match. Damn that was a good match, even with Shawn Michaels being replaced by Savio Vega in it. It would show Stone Cold's rise to being WWF champ, and his early stages against McMahon and Dude Love. They constantly had Stone Cold being interviewed by Jim Ross, and Stone Cold wasn't afraid to curse in it either, which I enjoyed. I would say it's a must buy for a hardcore Stone Cold fan, and it's good to see for an everyday wrestling fan. I'll give it an A-.


I have some future projects that I am going to work on, most likely in the summer. I'm not only to have the top 10 most influences in wrestling history, I'm going to do something very special. Since I have the Wrestlemania box set, I'm going to review and rank every Wrestlemania ever! I don't think I'll grade them, but I will rank them, 1 through 15!! Can't wait to do that!

@Well that's it for today's Friday special. I hope you've enjoyed it, and I'll try to be back tomorrow with another edition of Mr. Tito's Phat Daily Column. Thanks for reading my column, cause I enjoy making it each and every day. This Mr. Tito, never taking a day off, signing off! So until the next PDC, just chill..till the next episode.


Take Care, and Happy Wrestling.

Mr. Tito 1999