Welcome to another fun filled edition of Mr. Tito's Phat Daily Column, the column with bite! Today, I'll simply review WWF Backlash, as dark cloud of Red and Yellow is now hovering over the WWF. Ah yes, Hell has frozen over, folks.

Thanks to everyone and anyone who sent me birthday wishes. Just think... I was 18 years old when I started the PDC, and now I'm 22. It's scary to think how the wrestling industry and how my columns progressed for the 3-plus year span. Ha, I remember being able to talk about 3 federations back then.

Anyway, on to the PDC.


The show started off with a hot Cruiserweight opener. Billy Kidman and Tajiri really put up an effort to get the fans pumped up, as they hit their spots well throughout the match. Kidman doesn't botch too many moves. I was happy that the fans were cheering for Kidman at some points in the match. Great finisher, as Tajiri acted like the Great Muta and sprayed the mist out of no where to pin Billy. This division could really take off if Rey Misterio shows up on the upcoming Smackdown and challenges Tajiri for the title.

Next match was Bradshaw vs. Scott Hall. As good as you'd expect from these two. Bradshaw, at some points of the match, seemed to work extra stiff. I wonder if Hall pissed him off at any point in the match? I thought it was a very nice touch to have Faarooq helping out Bradshaw, given that this was a Pay Per View. Too bad it didn't matter, as X-Pac's distractions helped Hall win the match with the Nutshot-Cradle-holding tights combo.

Vince McMahon came in to commend Ric Flair on some actions, but yet question his move to be a referee in the Austin-Undertaker match. This scene would prove to be a strike against Flair, as he goofed on the pin at the end.

Trish Stratus vs. Jazz was next. Not bad. The Women's division is WAY better than it was before, as it seems to be oddly hinging on Trish's improvement. Before the match, that wonderful Molly Holly attacked Trish, thereby softening up Trish for Jazz. Jazz would go on to win cleanly with the STF. Look for Trish to win the title back tomorrow night on RAW, given the fact that the original plans seemed to be Trish winning the title, but the WWF decided against it last night since their plans got out about it.

Brock Lesnar just KILLED Jeff Hardy. Man, the Hardys' stock has just dropped, ever since their hint of a singles career when they briefly feuded with Austin and Triple H around this time last year. Not that I mind, in this case, that Jeff got killed because Brock is the man! Push him to the moon! An unexpected call off from the referee, as Brock wasn't out to pin Jeff. He was out for blood. Vicious powerbombs by Brock. That last one, I swear, almost killed poor Jeff.

Next, it was Edge vs. Kurt Angle. This match took its time to develop, but the end featured some nice drama and plenty of false finishes. Edge looked to have almost beat Angle many times, but in the end, the Angleslam was more devastating than any of Edge's offense.

Dumb in ring promo cutting by Chris Jericho. The WWF is making no sense of him anymore.

Eddie Guerrero vs. Rob Van Dam was next. I was expecting this to easily be the match of the night, but it was just decent at best. Eddie and RVD seemed to clash a bit on their styles. Good powerbomb spot by Eddie on RVD from the top rope. I was a tad surprised at how clean Eddie beat Rob Van Dam. Hell, Eddie beating RVD shocks me, but cleanly? I take it that RVD isn't in the favor of the WWF writers right now, eh?

And now, the show went down the drain....

Steve Austin vs. the Undertaker was a complete bore. The crowd was very dead for their headlock or sleeper offense, which was also present during the Hogan vs. Triple H match. Simply awful. Ric Flair's referee role wasn't too bright of a spot either, until he blew the final pin. Just a very boring match. Austin does well when he's fighting someone YOUNGER than him, not older. Undertaker won the match. Oh my... are we seeing a rematch from the Survivor Series 1991 Main Event for the World Title? Yikes! It was only a little over 10 years ago... I was laughing hard when Flair said "ah shit" after the match.

Next, Chuck & Suck vs. Maven and Al Snow was a total stinker for the World Tag Titles. Yecch! Nobody in the ring could make the match interesting at all. Usual Rico interference led to Chuck and Suck retaining. Who will challenge them now for the titles?

The Main Event was Hulk Hogan vs. Triple H. A sad parody of a wrestling match. Hogan is just a horrible wrestler at his upper 40's age, while Triple H hasn't been able to carry any good matches lately. Carrying Hogan is a large task. Lots of weak technical wrestling here, and then, plenty of overbooking for the finish. Jericho came in, and then the Undertaker came in. Triple H would get hit by the Undertaker, and Hogan would legdrop Triple H for the world title. Yes, Hogan is your NEW World Champion.

Look at it this way, for those of you who worry about Hogan as champion. In his late 40's, Hogan's body isn't holding up. His left knee is obviously bothering him, and little nagging injuries, like the rib injury, will keep coming. I have a feeling that Vince is milking Hogan for all he's worth until Hogan just can't perform no more. Yes, Triple H had a one month reign as Undisputed champ, but if business does well by giving Hogan the title for one last time, thereby fighting the best the WWF has to offer in the process, then fine.

I went 5-4 on my picks. I did pick Hogan over Triple H, probably my best pick of them all.

LAST WORD: Funny. Usually the Main Events looks stronger than the midcard matches. However, that wasn't the case tonight, as the last 3 matches were weak or boring, while the others were either watchable or very good. Kidman vs. Tajiri was a hot opener, RVD vs. Guerrero was decent, and Edge vs. Kurt Angle had some great drama in it. However, the WWF needs to learn that putting your best wrestlers with 40 plus year old dinosaurs won't make a good match. We'll go with a


on this show. Midcard was very good, but the final matches were weak. Had the last few matches been good ones, then we'd talk in the A-range.

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