Welcome to the wonderful world of Phat Daily Column. Well, I had a great birthday yesterday, and I want to thank any reader who personally sent me a greeting. It's greatly appreciated! So anyway, we have this TNN show that I just have to bite into. All of that and more in today's Phat Daily Column. Let's get into it.


-Smackdown had a very strong rating of a 5.2 on Thursday Night, which is close to their best of all time. It was indeed a good show this week, and most of all, Tazz and Jericho received a lot of attention Thursday. I'm glad to see them both getting it now since they were told, on their way in, that they would have to pay dues to get to the top. Both have paid their fair share, and now it's time to elevate them to the top. Anyway, with Smackdown, I thought it was cool to see an ECW champ fight a WWF champ, even though Tazz is under WWF contract. Now if we could only get WWF and WCW to organize a match....nah, it ain't happening!

-In the wonderful Ross report, JR stated that although nothing has been finalized, don't be surprised if you see HBK on television! If he's hinting it, then it's usually going to happen. If he does come back, the age old question to whether he'll wrestle again will definately come up. Sure, he wrestled that ONE match for his federation, TWA, but it's well known that he can't do that on a regular basis like returning to the WWF to WRESTLE would do. I just hope he comes back as the commish just for a good laugh. He's always funny when he comes back to the WWF after a long time away.

-Ross also hinted the break up of Head Cheese, stating that they could be going their separate ways. Damn, that really sucks! What can you do with either man to "get them over"? You can't do a thing, because Al Snow can't do anything good on his own, and Blackman needs Snow just so somebody can make fun of him. Of course, I can see where the WWF is coming from here, since whenever they face a no-heat team, like T&A, the crowds are sooo quiet. I guess we'll see in time what happens to this duo.

-My take on the SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT at Backlash for Monday Night RAW could be the entry of Chris Jericho for a 3 way dance! That's my guess, as some say it could be a cage match(boring) or a "no holds barred match"(been there done that). Whatever the case may be, the WWF needs to hype their upcoming pay per view more. Just because you have 2 shows a week doesn't mean you can hype a show in 2 weeks, instead of 4 weeks back before Smackdown.


-Oh my Gosh, Marc Mero could be on Nitro! OH MY GOSH. That is scary, because Marc Mero absolutely sucks! How WCW thinks he will become an instant draw for ratings is out of my mind. He was HORRIBLE as Johnny B. Badd in WCW before, and worth nothing in the WWF but the husband of Rena Mero. Hell, the WWF could have kept Marc Mero under contract if they wanted to. They could have maybe used him to draw the ratings then since his wife could do nothing about it. However, the WWF cut his ass weeks after Rena's case was settled. WCW is getting a worthless man here. Hey, maybe Rena could "buy a front row ticket" again and somewhat manage him from ringside!

-Hey, Candido is set to actually sign a WCW contract. Finally, as you never know who just might sign Candido to a deal so that he could come on a certain network and trash the Cruiserweight title. Of course, that title won't mean much soon since Russo hates Lightweight wrestlers. The same pattern happened last time when he practically buried the title by putting it on morons like Evan Karagias, Medusa, and Ed Ferarra. In the WWF, you saw it go from TAKA, Christian, and then it was put on Gillberg. Gee, I wonder who was partly responsible for that one. Oh wait, he's the guy who is supposed to turn WCW around.


-Show starts off with Jimmy saying some messed up stuff, with Mikey Whipwreck going to start a fire. Those two are truly messed up, and so screwed up that WCW is heavily considering taking them both back with their current gimmicks. Yeah, it would really work out there. Get this. After the intro, we go to commercial!

-We then treated to an impromptu match between the Impact Players, one being from Calgary...Alberta, Canada, vs. Raven, who isn't wearing his great "baby on board" shirt tonight, and Mikey Whipwreck who helped put over Justin Credible when Justin or should I say Aldo first arrived in ECW. Good match overall, as I was hoping that the Impact Players would lose. God, they are horrible champs.

-I'm really getting sick and tired of the ECW versus the network crap. It's so lame anymore, as the network reminds me of a horrible Corporation. It does, it does. Come on ECW, you can book better stuff than this. We are treated to Scotty Riggs Anton versus Rhino, which was a match that proved Riggs has yet to get rid of that WCW mold that he still has. Dropkicks everywhere! Oh boy, after Rhino beats Anton and the referee's ass, we get RVD coming down. But hey, that's a good thing, but ECW pulled a WCW on us this week. Let's have security break it up!

-One thing that is fun with ECW is how singles matches turn into 6 man tag matches. I like how this match had 3 stars who I used to watch in 1997, Tommy Dreamer, New Jack, and the Sandman versus 3 guys who I first saw on ECW on TNN like Tajiri, Steve Corino, and Jack Victory....well, I've seen Victory wrestle before, but not in this context. Good match, I guess, but it had horrible commentating by Joey Styles. "Oh My God, we are finally seeing a fair fight versus the network" or "The network is finally getting theirs", or whatever. It was horrible to listen to, as I would expect a lot better from Styles. After New Jack got the final pin after disappearing for a while, they went to commercial...so I'm expecting more, right?

-Back from commercial, and all we get are guys drinking beer. Yeah, nice finish ECW. Way to draw the ratings.

ECW Phat Stats

Matches: 3
Clean Wins: 2
Screwjobs: 0
Disqualifications: 1
No Contests: 0

Last Word: This show was OK at most, and nothing spectacular like they should have put on from the WWF momentum. Horrible beginning to the show, which probably tuned some viewers off. The matches were pretty good, and they were new ones too! Wow, new matches on ECW? I'll give it a


for this week's show. I predict the same rating will happen this week as it did last week, a 1.1. They should rub off this WWF angle as much as possible, but they don't. Hmm. Oh well, it's their ratings.

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