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This edition of the Phat Daily Column is dedicated to Rick Rude, as well as those involved in the Columbine High School incident.


-I'm sure you have heard by now, that Bret Hart was at a WWF house show when the WWF was touring up in Canada. No, Vince McMahon was not there, but he was just there to visit old friends, and his BROTHER. So if you tell me that this all has been a work and he's WWF bound once his contract can be up in December because of him being at this house show, I'll laugh. He's visiting his own flesh and blood, and besides, if you were with the same people for over a decade, and suddenly you couldn't see them because you were in a different federation, wouldn't you jump at the chance to see your old friends? I highly doubt that it's bothering WCW at all either. Bischoff has reportedly told Nash that he wants Bret Hart to be used more once he comes back. Bischoff's backing him, so when he comes back he could finally get his due in WCW..finally.-Once again WCW pulled within reach of the WWF with one match...that match featured Flair, just like last week with Sting, vs. Nash. The Flair and Nash match was only 0.7 points behind. They were up against the final WWF match of the night, Vicera and the Big Show. All of the other matches or segments got beat down by the WWF, except for the first 15 minutes, which was only 0.9. (the Rock segment vs. the Flair Interview) I guess Kevin Nash, head booker better book a super Nitro to even come close to taking RAW's top spot. Even the place where I was bitching about this week where RAW had no main event crushed Nitro. -With all of the recent drug test going on in WCW, the question is who gave them? It wasn't Bischoff's idea, it was the good folks at Time Warner, the REAL bosses of WCW, that ordered the tests. I'm sure they were a bit disturbed by the ESPN special, so they most likely ordered the tests to make sure their wrestlers were clean. That's good, they show some leadership by giving out some drug tests..real nice. You know, where are they besides giving drug tests. Do they realize that they have wrestlers running their show which they pay millions of dollars into?


-Good old Steve Blackman is under "creative evaluation". HA! You mean to tell me his little feud with Droz, and even fighting him in a lousy kendo stick match wasn't over with the fans? Well, apparently the WWF feels they need to figure him out more, as he has lots of talent that they can use. They'll figure him out, and if not, they will turn him heel, that always works with wrestlers in the WWF.-Miss the Oddities? Well those tall freaks of nature are shipping out to get some wrestling skills, plus I do believe they are under "creative evaluation" like many other unfortuate wrestlers are. Both Giant Silva and Kurrgan are heading down to Mexico. I don't believe I have ever seen Silva wrestle, but Kurrgan needs all of the help he can get. One thing, he needs conditioning. He has too much flab on him. Besides, having the two big oddities gone for a while will be for the best, as the WWF seems to have too many big guys around. -Mark Henry is coming back sometime soon, after having both of his knees operated. You know, I was proud of Mark Henry. He finally found a gimmick that was appreciated. The only part I didn't like was the whole "Sammy" situation. That wasn't needed. As for his new name Sexual Chocolate, that's the best. The second I heard Lawler call him that, I fell off my chair laughing from remembering "Coming To America". Anyways, I really look forward to Mark Henry's return, but I hope he doesn't run into any more transvestites in the future.(All news portions taken from the Ross Report)

@Well, that's it for today. That was #30 for those who are counting, I think. Anyways, I'll hopefully be back tomorrow, so until then, just chill..till the next episode. This is Mr. Tito, Pretty Hot And Tempting, signing off!

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