Welcome to the BIRTHDAY edition of the Phat Daily Column. Actually, Saturday's PDC was more or less the birthday edition, as today's column will be the BACKLASH edition of the PDC. I will give you some hype by recapping the stories of each match, and then give you my very own predictions on each match. Looks to be one of the best Backlash cards in years, especially in comparison to last year's half-assed effort. (Undertaker/Kane vs. Austin/Triple H = Yecch!)

Let's see here... who was born on April 21? Good ol' Tony Danza shares a Birthday with me. *Shakes head* Hockey goaltender Ed Belfour celebrates his birthday today, too. I remember how great he was hyped to be, and then, the Penguins beat his ass in the early 1990's for the Stanley Cup. HA! Well, he's still a good goaltender... Actress Andie MacDowell was born on April 21st. I always remember her performances from Groundhog Day and Multiplicity, and NEVER any of her serious films. Also, Iggy Pop was born on this day. I'll always remember him for being the bad guy in the Crow 2, possibly the worst attempt at a sequel ever.

As for the wrestlers.... (Thanks to TheRockSays.com for this) Former ECW wrestler Axl Rotten shares the same birthday as me. I didn't like Axl much until he started teaming up with Balls Mahoney. I did like his choice of ring music (Marilyn Manson). According to WrestleView.com, the Disciple, Ed Leslie, whom most of you know as Brutus "the Barber" Beefcake was born on April 21. Man, he makes Tony Danza look great. I wonder if Hogan will work him into the WWF one of these days?

Enough joking around, it's time to WORK on my birthday. Time to hype Backlash and give my predictions!



So how did Backlash shape up? Well, in the beginning, it wasn't amounting to much. But that's not to blame the WWF for anything. The idea of the split is going through an adjustment period with wrestling fans, as they aren't used to the one show a week pacing now. It will take time... Before the Split, Kurt Angle and Edge were already feuding, and that's the only thing outside of the split which is on the Pay Per View.

There are 6 matches generated from RAW. I'll agree with the notion that while RAW has the better storylines, Smackdown has the better roster. For Spike Dudley and William Regal, Spike won off of a fluke match, and then cheated to win the rematch, when the title was on the line. Jazz and Trish have hated each other for a while, and Jazz has basically become a lameduck champion for the ever so improving Trish.

Some would argue that Brock Lesnar is becoming the WWF superstar to watch now. Well, his attack of the Hardy Boyz after a HARD FOUGHT match with Big Bossman and Mr. Perfect has prompted the feud. It was going to be Matt vs. Brock, but since Brock laid him out on RAW, Jeff will now do the job, I mean deed. Can't wait to see how Brock does in a match.

Next, we have Bradshaw against Scott Hall. I'm guessing that this was supposed to be X-Pac/Hall vs. Bradshaw/Kane, but Kane's bicep injury forced him out of the match. It's Bradshaw's time to shine, as the WWF has had high hopes of a possible singles career for the former APA member.

Then, we have Eddie Guerrero vs. Rob Van Dam, in what many, including myself, expect to be an incredible match. Eddie attacked RVD, and after a Froggie Splash, you could clearly see the jealous motive for his attack. He'd explain it later. Eddie is coming back after problems with pain killers and a DUI, and of course, he was a talent picked off the WWA roster.

Finally for the RAW roster, we have Steve Austin vs. the Undertaker. Flair made Undertaker vs. Triple H at Backlash for the World Title, but Vince later overturned that for storyline reasons and real life reasons (bad crowd reactions). So, Flair set up some matches on RAW to determine who would fight in a #1 contender's bout for Backlash. Austin beat Scott Hall, while the Undertaker barely beat RVD. Here they are, fighting on a Pay Per View for the 29437474374 time, to see who gets the next World Title shot. Ric Flair would make himself the Special Referee for this bout, making it the next stipulation for one of their matches.

From Smackdown, we'll get Edge vs. Kurt Angle. Both of these guys, especially since Edge's face turn, have been fighting off and on. And now, they fight on a Pay Per View to end it all. In tag action, Al Snow and Maven were confronted by Billy, Chuck, and Rico, which led to this tag match to be set up. Ok? Billy Kidman would come back to WWF television, with no build up, to win the WWF Cruiserweight title from Tajiri. He would even admit it later. Tajiri has had some problems dealing with Torrie Wilson lately, Kidman's fiance in real life, which is the soap opera part of the Cruiserweight division.

And then the World Title feud... Again, Undertaker vs. Triple H was scrapped in what was said to be bad crowd reactions early on to the match.. So Vince probably saw how injured Hogan was becoming, bad knee and nagging rib injury that just won't go away, so he pulled out a trump card to make Hogan vs. Triple H. I have a feeling that injuries are going to really hamper Hogan soon, which is why the match was probably made. Their feud was predictable, as they'd eventually start fighting each other in a tag match.

-Tito's Predictions-

Possible Mtv Heat match: Albert vs. Rikishi
It's just a guess that it would happen. I'd cry if it was a last minute addition to the BACKLASH card. It could be on Heat for all I care. Albert pounded his former tag partner, Scotty 2 Hotty, into the ground, thereby allowing Rikishi to "defend his friend", or whatever. I have a feeling that Rikishi's overall stock is declining, hence the pounding by Lesnar a few weeks ago. I'm assuming that Jim Ross is in one of those horny moods about Albert, which means he'll be shoved down our throats for a wow. Oh joy!
Tito's Pick: Fat Albert

European Title: Spike Dudley vs. William Regal
Total yawner. Why even bother giving the title back to Regal? He'll only stink it up again, despite being a European. Give it to Brock, Eddie, or Booker T, but not Regal. Thank God for Rob Van Dam, or the IC title would have been flushed down the toilet by now.
Tito's Pick: William Regal

Brock Lesnar vs. Jeff Hardy
Um, duh. I hope Brock does his Shooting Star Press to wow us all.
Tito's Pick: Brock Lesnar

WWF Cruiserweight Title: Tajiri vs. Billy Kidman
In one regard, I could see Tajiri winning the title back on a Torrie error or cheating, which could give a hot incoming Rey Misterio the title off the bat. However, I can also see Kidman winning and Torrie joining him as his manager. Since Torrie and Billy are engaged in real life...
Tito's Pick: Billy Kidman

Bradshaw vs. Scott Hall
A win over Hall could be a decent boost for Bradshaw, given what mood Hall is in for the match. However, Hall seems to be in decent shape right now and seems to still know his wrestling, so he could win too. Another dilema. I'll choose a key member of the WWF Good Ol' Boy Network© instead of the Clique member.
Tito's Pick: Bradshaw

Kurt Angle vs. Edge
Oh please, end this feud!!! Edge sooooo needs to re-team with Christian. Angle is the man, and he MAY be feuding with Hogan soon, so you gotta keep him strong as a heel.
Tito's Pick: Kurt Angle

World Tag Titles: Billy and Chuck vs. Maven and Al Snow
Snow and Maven are just sitting ducks or excuses for tag contenders for Chuck and Suck. Let's see here, who could fight Billy and Chuck after this match? Uh oh, a possible upset? Maybe? To be on the safe side, we'll stick with the champs.
Tito's Pick: Chuck and Suck

Women's Title: Jazz vs. Trish Stratus
Molly vs. Trish is the money feud for the Women's title, not the ugly and overrated Jazz vs. Trish. Not much focus on Jazz this month, which is another clue to who will probably win and move on.
Tito's Pick: Trish Stratus

Intercontinental Title: Eddie Guerrero vs. Rob Van Dam
Oh man, I can't wait for this match! I beg for at least 15 minutes for this bout, knowing that it will probably get about 8-10 minutes, tops. Eddie has to "earn" his way back up the WWF ladder, thereby giving RVD a win. He'll put up a fight, though, as this should be a classic and could blow away the so-called double main event, if again, given the time.
Tito's Pick: Rob Van Dam

#1 Contender's match: Undertaker vs. Steve Austin
Undertaker is clearly out of the Pay Per View picture for a while as far as Main Events go, so Austin is very likely to win. Plus, I bet Vince would like to keep Austin happy at this point and time. I know I would. Austin vs. Hulk Hogan, anyone?
Tito's Pick: Steve Austin

World Title: Triple H vs. Hollywood Hulk Hogan
Triple H has his work cut out for him here. Like I stated above... I believe that Vince sees Hogan's body beginning to break down, and he'd like to get the most out of him before Hulkamania runs out of gas. Austin vs. Hogan will sell a Pay Per View, but Hogan vs. Undertaker, Triple H vs. Austin, and of course, Triple H vs. Undertaker are very questionable as Main Events for Pay Per Views, or at least in the WWF's mind. With the loss of the Rock to time off and an expanding movie career, Smackdown needs Triple H to fill some void. Therefore...
Tito's Pick: Hulk Hogan

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@That's all. I should be back on Monday with my Backlash thoughts on Monday, although they could be late since I'm working a long shift from very early morning until the evening. Gotta make money somehow. Until the next PDC, just chill... Oh, and thanks to everyone who sent in birthday wishes.

Take Care, and Thanks for Reading.

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