Happy Birthday to ME! Happy Birthday to Me! Welcome to the birthday edition of the Phat Daily Column. I turn a big 20 today, so no I'm not a 60 year old guy doing these columns, and no I'm not a young kid in high school. You'd laugh at how much I get asked about this. Well anyway, on to the Phat Daily Column.


-Thank the Lord! D'Lo has turned heel!! Of course, it didn't mean much since their gimmicks together didn't draw heat besides the hos. I hope they keep D'Lo as a heel, because that's when he is at his best. He gets REALLY cocky when he's a bad guy, and he wrestles better too. I don't know where the WWF will take him for now, besides feuding with Godfather, but I hope the WWF takes Ryan Boyd's great idea to put him in with DX. If they want to get him over, well there you have it. Or at least maybe go after the European title again, because for one, D'Lo claimed to be the best European Champ, and for two, it would be a cool war to see the Low Down vs. the Froggy Splash(Guerrero). I just hope that whatever the WWF does with D'Lo, it will finally serve to match the talent he has.

-Damn, Tazz cut a killer promo on Triple H last night! They had a rather good match, especially in front of the Philly crowd, too. I think Triple H should have bashed ECW more, cause then he would have got lots of heat in that crowd. At any rate, it's nice of the WWF to involve Tommy Dreamer in the match up, as he nailed Tazz with the chair to allow Triple H to get the win. This sets up Dreamer and Tazz at Cyberslam this weekend(right?), and I really hope the rumors come true that Perry Saturn returns to screw Tazz out of the title. That could help the Tazz-Saturn feud out a little bit.

-Wow, on RAW, Chris Jericho practically defeated Triple H, and on Smackdown, he did indeed defeat the Rock. I'm giving major props to both Triple H and the Rock for doing or allowing this. Especially the Rock. It doesn't matter much to him if he has to put another wrestler over. He does what's best for wrestling, and although I don't like his repetitive catchphrases, I do respect the Rock since he's a good company man. Other people in his spot would say "hell no", but the Rock is glad to do it, and he doesn't complain about it. The only one he did complain about though was Billy Gunn, but of course, just about every main eventer refused to wrestle him because he wasn't a consistant wrestler.

-My God, Lita took a hard table shot!!! That looked nasty in slow motion. I think she caught more of the table than the other ladies.


-Hulk Hogan was on WCW Live the other night, and he had a lot of good things to say. Once again, he went after some of the younger guys who I guess complain all of the time. He said that they need to stop crying and get out and prove themselves. I sort of agree with this notion, and then again, I disagree too. Hogan did hold down a lot of younger wrestlers when they were busting their asses for a shot at the top. When they couldn't get to the top cause of Hogan, that's when the complaining started. They are thinking 'why bust our asses when it won't amount to anything'. Also, Hogan talked about maybe returning to the WWF, and how Vince McMahon vs. Hulk Hogan would sell out the ASTRODOME. Notice that...the ASTRODOME...home of Wrestlemania 2001. Think about it, it could happen... But anyway, he would like to fight Stone Cold and the Rock also. Oh wait, he could have fought Austin, but WCW didn't think that "Stunning" Steve Austin would amount to anything. Hogan put over Goldberg in this interview, again. I wonder what's up there. Hogan...appreciating another main eventer? I wonder if anybody remembers why Hogan dropped the world title in 98 to Goldberg. Remember? Hogan stated that the only way he'd drop the title to Goldberg is if he had a return match for the world title in which Hogan would win. I wonder if that still amounts to anything...

-Slamboree is shaping up to be an actually decent card so far, and WCW isn't waiting up till the 2nd week to hype it!! Here are the matches so far:

Chris Candido vs. The Artist(this one sucks, I'll admit that)
Buff Bagwell vs. Total Package
Shane Douglas vs. Ric Flair
Sting vs. Vampiro
Hogan vs. Billy Kidman

Ok, a lot of them are repetition. The storylines, however, are working pretty well around these matches(besides the lightweight match). Since they are rematches, it's hard to predict the winners I guess. Hmm, oh well.

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