Happy Birthday to me! Well, I'm working on my birthday. I'm not taking the day off, so I can keep the streak alive! HA! I want to thank all of those wishing me happy birthday yesterday. Anyways, the ratings are in! Time for some for Ratings Analysis. On to the PDC.

Rating Analysis


First Hour: 4.2 Second Hour: 4.0 Third Hour: 4.1 Composite: 4.1


First Hour: 5.7 Second Hour: 6.4 Composite: 6.05

Head to Head

RAW: 6.05 Nitro: 4.05 Raw wins by an approximate margine of 2 points -Alright, the ratings prove something. They prove that Nitro had a decent show, and that RAW is still solid with popularity. It seems now that the WWF has too much momentum for WCW to handle. Yesterday, I got lots of critisism regarding my Monday Night ratings. Many of you called me a "WCW Mark" for giving Nitro a B and Raw a C+. I guess I have to explain my reasons, again! I though Nitro was a solid show all around. The 4.0 ratings for them proves that. That's how it got the B. As for RAW, I was disturbed by the end. I usually expect a main event match at the end. I like wrestling more than segments. I was rather irritated when I was watching RAW at the end. I felt the show was decent, and coming into the final 20 minutes, I was about to sit on the fence this week and give both shows a B. But the lack of a main event made me mad, and maybe I was harsh in grading. Either way, I like main event matches, and Raw didn't really have a main event, just some segments to add to angles. I'm sorry if I pissed anyone off yesterday, but that's just my opinion, and this column is mainly based on my opinion.


-Good old Scott Hall was held back from even showing up on Nitro. He wasn't backstage at Nitro. I guess he was told to stay at home an extra week or so until they figure out where to put him. I hope Scott Hall is completely clean when he comes back. I also hope he picks up where he left off, and go after his US title. Scott Hall is one of my personal favorite wrestlers, when he's on his game. I only wish him the best. -Well, Chris Jericho is reported that he is under way in contract negotiations with WCW...and the WWF. But how can Jericho negotiate with the WWF. He's using his lawyer to have some talks with the WWF. But don't think yet that he's jumping to the WWF. I've heard that his "great" website isn't closing down, and I hear that Bischoff actually wants Jericho back. Many of you have suggested that the whole Jericho thing is a work. If that's true, why does he job more now than he used to, and why isn't he getting any television exposure either. Believe me, his contract is up sometime in July. -WCW has many injuries at the moment, and that proves something. The wrestlers are finally working, and they seem to have good spirits about the company for working harder to put on better shows. The WWF has injuries all of the time, because their wrestlers go the distance. WCW, besides Curt Hennig, doesn't have many injuries, until now. Hogan's hurt, Windham's hurt, Rey's wrestling hurt, and other wrestlers like Scott Steiner are also wrestling hurt. Injuries are bad to have, but they show that someone's busting their ass.


-Oh my God, the Blue Meanie is still with the WWF!! Holy Smokes! I guess all of the fan support actually helped! I wonder if his dumbass will still be with Goldust. If only his old friend, we'll call him Stevie Richards, would sometime join him in the WWF. That would be a Mr. Tito Dream Come True. -Here's the card, so far for Backlash: =Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. The Rock with Shane McMahon as ref for the world title. =Boiler Room Brawl with Mankind vs. The Big Show =Triple H vs. X-Pac =Undertaker vs. Ken Shamrock =The Brood vs. The Acolytes & Mideon =Hardcore Holly vs. Al Snow for the Hardcore title =The Godfather vs. Goldust for the IC belt =New Age Outlaws vs. Owen Hart & Jeff Jarrett for the #1 contender's spot

Sad News to report

-With this being my birthday, I was shocked about some recent deaths that have occurred. One, I'm sure you all know is the Colorado school deaths. I feel really bad for all of those who have lost loved ones and my prayers are with you. I also want to say that I am going to miss Rick Rude as well, as he passed away yesterday to an apparent heart attack. I remember him wrestling back in the day at World Class, doing well there, going to the WWF and winning the IC title off the Ultimate Warrior, and I remember his successful stint as a wrestler, before injured, in WCW. Rest in Peace Rick. :*(

@That's it for today. Take Care, and Happy Wrestling.

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