Oh no! No Thunder last night? What am I to do? Well, that problem won't be answered in today's Phat Daily Column, even though Thuder did pull up an impressive 3.1 last week. Well anyway, lots of weird stuff is going on with Smackdown, and things will get interesting for some certain fans. Well, let's talk about this in the column, so on to the PDC. Oh yeah, I have TWO new things today. One, a BRAND NEW column on the Phat Farm, and two, a BRAND NEW project will be revealed today!


-Well, Smackdown is tonight, as I want to see how much the WWF steps it up when WCW isn't knocking at their door. As for the ratings, the WWF will do nothing but load up the first hour, and almost bore us to tears with the second hour. That's one reason why I agree with Russo about moving Nitro to the 9-11 spot so RAW can start producing like they really can. I don't think we've seen the WWF in full stride yet, as in not fully beefing up one show. Oh yeah, speaking of Smackdown...here are the NON spoiler matches, and again, if you don't want to see the matches, just ignore the bars. :)

Dudley Boyz vs. Essa Rios and Eddie Guerrero
Rikishi Phatu vs. Big Show
Triple H vs. Tazz
Godfather/D'Lo vs. T&A
X-Pac vs. Christian
Chris Benoit vs. Kurt Angle

-Like Tony Shiavone says after a violent hardcore match that just happened, "well there you have it". This could turn out to be a very good Smackdown, with just a few matches holding it down. It's also interesting to see one federation get this huge rub off of another just because of Mike Awesome going to WCW. You'll see it tonight on Smackdown, and I have some comments lined up tomorrow, cause remember, this is a NON Spoiler column. Always has been, always will be. I understand how people always wanted to be surprised, as I used to do that myself until a bunch of savages kept e-mailing me the spoilers.

-My Gosh, if there was a Discovery channel special on every week, the WWF couldn't call themselves the highest rated show all of the time. This is twice now that Discovery has nailed the top cable spot, as "Walking with Dinosaurs", which I'm mad that I haven't see yet, defeated the WWF with an 8.0 rating! Ouch! If you recall last time, the WWF lost to the "Raising the Mammoth" special, which was a good one in my opinion. Oh well, I guess this is better than losing to Nitro sometime.

-Whoa, a lot of readers e-mailed me and said that the Smackdown in Tacoma, Washington sold out in 5 minutes!!! Holy cow! Now I understand that a lot of people waited outside all night for these things, but yet got shut out in only 5 minutes. How can this be? For one, everyone and their mother is at every Ticketmaster location trying to get tickets. Two, and probably the most harsh of all, ticket brokers are buying them up by the quantities. That's right, as they buy a good chunk of the show's seats getting bought up just so the broker could resell them at a different and higher price. I know this is true because of the November RAW in Pittsburgh. I almost went, as a broker had plenty of "B" section seats, all running for $150-$200 dollars. Although I decided to save my money and go for a cheaper route, which was in the own confort of my home, let it be known that those brokers are out there and they do have some tickets.

-On June 12th, the world for the WWF will definately change. USA knows that the WWF will indeed sign with Viacom, so they are doing everything in their power to stop the WWF from doing so. The trial, which starts on June 12th if you didn't get it, should drag on for about a week or so, and then the WWF will be either stuck with USA, or probably sign with Viacom and get lots of money out of the deal. This trial should get very interesting, as I truly want to know if the WWF could easily jump out of that deal with USA like they did.


-No Thunder!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. I will say this though. Having a pre-empted show this early in the Russo/Bischoff run is really going to hurt. It will especially hurt when the NBA playoffs, WHICH WEREN'T LAST NIGHT, come around. Then, we could see both Nitro and Thunder taking the week off, and thus, Dubbya Cee Dubbya would be hurting. This is truly bad timing for WCW to try to present a new product, because the NBA playoffs are more commanding than the US Open or Dogshow is. I wonder what the ratings of Nitro would be if they put on a show AFTER the backetball games...

-A lot of people are truly wondering if we should panic for the low WCW ratings, or should we be patient. Ok, let me get into this more. For one, the second hour was very low due to a stacked WWF. WWF knew a title shot between Jericho and Triple H could get audiences hooked, and it did. However, the first hour of 2.9 is inexcusable for WCW, as the general consensus about Spring Stampede was that it was good. If this booking regime is sooo good, then why couldn't they spike the ratings for the first hour after a pay per view? See, that's what I question. Of course, this turn around will take time due to the holes that Bischoff, Russo, and Sullivan dug when they were in charge before. Who knows.


First one, I have a new columnist at the Phat Farm, so.....

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My second announcement is an interesting one. Let me tell you how this one came about. Many readers know that I'm behind Backyard Wrestling 100%. Yes, you've seen the Bad Tito columns on it, along with the great Awards thingy done in December. However, I wanted to do more to promote the sport. Therefore, I decided to put togther a site which contains links to EVERY Backyard Wrestling federation who applies. That's right, a site that is mainly focused on promoting Backyard Wrestling. I called it the Backyard BBQ!

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And yes, those phrases yesterday were to hype this.

@That's all for today. I'll be back tomorrow with possible Smackdown thoughts....or maybe I won't. It's my 20th birthday tomorrow, so I'll do what I want! HAHAHA!

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