Welcome back to the one and only Phat Daily Column. Monday night went right by, and it's time to grade them with a passion. On to the PDC.

Monday Night Impressions


-What right do the Armstrongs have being on Nitro? I'm glad Malenko and Benoit slapped them around. Armstrongs suck to bad to be even wrestling in the first hour of Nitro.-I think all you have to do in WCW anymore to get a match on Nitro is to ruin someone's interview. (Ex. DDP's interview with Goldberg interrupting)-The Cruiserweight match was alright, but Psychosis a cruiserweight champ? He's worked hard all of his life, but come on, he's too big, weightwise, to be a damn cruiserweight.-The Flair interview was stupid, and it made me cry to hear about another Flair-Piper match. Piper can't wrestle, and Flair's starting to lose his touch. I knew Flair was screwed when it was announced that he had to fight Nash later.-Proof of why Konnan is still in the WCW doghouse was present as the NWO Black and White jumped him, discontinuing him from wrestling Scott Steiner.-Hak vs. Knobbs was a decent match, but since when did Knobbs become a hardcore wrestler? He beat the former Hardcore icon, which shouldn't happen, but it keeps the boring feud with Bam Bam alive.-It was nice to see a small confrontation with Nash and Steiner. Good for the future. -Buff hit his worst chartbuster ever to defeat Disco, but it was a decent match. -The whole Benoit/Malenko, Kidman/Misterio, and Raven/Saturn feud is nice, but too bad it doesn't get much exposure.-Norton vs. Steiner was the match of the night. Norton was really taking it to Steiner, and overpowering him as well. Too bad Steiner had to cheat to win.-It was nice to see Nash defeat Flair. I would have been pissed if a deteriorating Flair would have beat Nash. Now Flair has to get out of the nut house. I really hate Charles Robinson. Good to see Macho's lady beat him down to take his shirt to give the three count.-What kind of ending was that for the DDP-Goldberg match? That was terrible! Was Nash helping him out, or what? Very unorganized ending.====$Well, this week's Nitro wasn't bad, but it could have been better though. No Sting and the screwy ending for the main event kinda hurt. But still, a good show. This week's Nitro receives a Tito grade of a


for their show.Professor Frank McHone says: I am sick of seeing the old WWF angles being reused in WCW. The Flair thing is too Kane and Vince like. Piper wrestling on the PPV, oh joy. It should be interesting to see him work for two minutes and then be in pain. Psychosis actually won the cruiserweight title. It is about time. He has jobbed and worked hard without complaint for three years now, and finally gets his due. Overall, I was very disappointed in Nitro. The main event ends in what else, a screwjob. This Nitro gets a C.

Raw is WAR

-I was laughing my ass off at Lawler when he kept going on about seeing puppies during the Owen-Road Dogg match. We could have saw puppies, but no, Jarrett had to ruin our fun.-That's nice, a baseball bat. Just encourage a little kid to wack someone. Now we'll see a worthless 20/20 special on how a kid killed someone with a bat from watching the WWF. It'll happen. (I mean hitting someone, like really swinging, not carrying one around)-Godfather vs. Bob Holly had way too much interference. Godfather's hoes were the worst hoes(looks wise) he ever had. I think Goldust will win back his title at Backlash.-I really hope Shamrock kills Undertaker at Backlash.-Joy! The Mankind-Triple H match was marred by a freakin Corporation run-in! Damn I hate those. It also added to the theme that Mankind and Big Show will help each other out before they fight Sunday.-Once again, Jeff Jarrett had to ruin our fun after his match with Mr. Ass. I loved Lawler's comment about the Wonder bra.-Big Show vs. Vicera...had a nice Ministry run-in! Damn! BUT, it did however, set up a nice feud that can happen between Big Show and Undertaker.-That was hilarious when Vince went nuts on his interview. I was laughing pretty hard when he tried to back into Mideon.-Alright, Val Venis comes down, Sable comes down ruining his match with whoever, Ivory comes down with D-Lo, Ivory goes after Sable, somehow Val Venis and D-Lo get into it, and Nicole Bass comes down to pound on Ivory, and D-Lo and Ivory get away. Now what the hell was this segment about? It wasn't a match, it was garbage, especially since it's at the end of the show, when they can have a real wrestling match, instead of that crap. The only thing I liked about this segment, was the announcement of another Playboy shoot with Sable, and that's it!-The end was retarded too, as Monster Trucks somehow get involved with wrestling. Then Stone Cold throws the Rock into the grave, getting his belt back, when Shane comes and hits Stone Cold with a shovel(nice also to start violence with kids for the WWF to get blamed for). Where's the Main Event match???====$Well this was a decent RAW, but not a great one. I really wish the WWF would do live shows instead. The taped shows make the wrestlers seem very tired, and they just aren't up for it as much as a live show. Anyways, this week's Raw gets a


for a LACK OF A MAIN EVENT. Professor Frank McHone says: Good show even though it was taped. Austin is the poster child for drinking and driving now. I am sick of the Undertaker. He is doing the same angle he did when he came into the WWF. Enough is enough. The WWF is really building up Paul Wight though. Good job on that. He is starting to get good pops. I love Jerry Lawler! The Sable Nicole Bass thing is getting outta hand now too. Way too much silicon involved for me. Overall a good show. Raw gets an A-.

Wrestling News

-Well, reports say that Buff Bagwell is in the WCW doghouse for refusing to job. Damn it, why doesn't WCW realize where Buff's coming from? Buff is one of the most popular wrestlers with the crowd, as everybody loves when he comes out. Plus, he just had an almost career ending injury, and he was on his way to become a champion at that time. So I can see where he's coming from by not jobbing to anyone. He deserves to be pushed, not to lose.-Oh no, WCW is having a comic book. That's not good, as it will sell as much as the old comic did. I have the first issue of the WCW comic from way back in the day, and I can remember it was some kind of Battle Royal of some sorts, with I think Ron Simmons, or someone, winning the Battle Royal, and Lex Luger came from the crowd and jumped him, piledriving his head into the trophy. Rather interesting. I think it was Ron Simmons who won that, I'm not sure though.-Perry Saturn is due for some time off soon. His back is acting up on him, and other health problems are occurring. That man has really felt pain, hasn't he. The best I have ever seen him was when he messed up his leg in ECW, yet he was still jumping off the top rope on to other wrestlers. He wrestles with pain all of the time, and he's not afraid to take hard bumps. -Well, Goldberg is expected to fight Sting at Slamboree, and it wasn't hyped at Nitro, so it will most likely be hyped next week, the freakin Nitro before Slamboree. Great booking there, way to hype up a match. Anyways, the last we saw Sting vs. Goldberg, Sting had Goldberg's ass beat, but a balding Hollywood Hogan came in and hit Sting, allowing Goldberg to get the win. I don't think anyone has ever beat Sting fair and square. Pretty sad.-Man, the WWF is making me buy videos like mad lately. I bought the Wrestlemania Box set the other day, I have the best of Wrestlemania and the best of Survival Series, but now the WWF has some great videos that I must sink my teeth in. They have the X-Pac video, which I talked about yesterday, and they also have the new Rock one coming out as well. Others that I'll probably have to buy will be the Best of Summerslam, and the best of Monday Night Raw. Take my money away...

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