Yes indeed, it's the SATURDAY edition of the Phat Daily Column. Who else is crazy enough to wake up on a Saturday morning and do a column? Anyway, we had some good quality ECW on TNN last night, which I will grade, give Phat Stats©, and impressions. Also, the usual OPINIONS on the wrestling world by myself. Oh, it will be such wonderful fun! On to the PDC.


-Yesterday, upon hearing about Billy Kidman winning the Cruiserweight title at a Houseshow, I really was shocked and amazed at an early smart move that Russo/Bischoff might have planned. You see, Kidman has been floating in the midcard area, and it just doesn't seem like any bookers want him there. I was hoping he would go down to the Cruiserweight division, that way it would be very loaded with wrestlers. He did do that, and he won the title two nights ago! It would be soo nice if the new WCW era started out with Kidman as champ............but NOOOOO, the Artist won the title back last night! Oh my gosh, how can you do this to us WCW? The Artist is the biggest joke in WCW, but yet you "have" to make him be Cruiserweight champ? Yeah right! Get that belt off his waist, and de-push him so that some of your shows can get ratings.

-Here's something I thought of the other day when I was "reporting" it, and that's about Hulk Hogan. You see he missed Thunder so that he could watch his son play hockey. That's cool and all, as wrestlers do have to be fathers at times, and Hogan had permission to do so. BUT, can you remember what Ric Flair was suspended over a while back? Flair had permission to watch his son wrestle, therefore, he would miss a Thunder appearance. WCW granted Flair permission, but yet he was suspended and kept off television for a long time! Therefore, compare these two situations. Both had permission to miss Thunder, but yet one was suspended..and it wasn't Hogan. It was the man who has busted his ass for NWA/WCW, not the one who starred elsewhere and walked in with praise. I need to say nothing more.


-WWF did a damn good network rating of a 5.3 this week, as I thought it would be lower when looking at the overnight of 6.6. Wrestlemania fever has hit the WWF shows this weekend, as both RAW and Smackdown have benefitted. I'm not sure how it did on the top 100, but I'm sure UPN's viewership jumped Thursday night. To this day, I'm still shocked at how the WWF has literally saved UPN's ass from ruin. UPN was struggling to even come close in the ratings to the WB network before the WWF came. Now that Smackdown is around, they always beat WB and they beat FOX at times too. Not too bad at all.

-I was looking through my local newspaper yesterday, and I was shocked to see what was on the back. It was a long article covering the WWF! It talked about how successful it's been recently, and how the business world is starting to give some credit to the WWF for their achievements. It also talked about how they had the top rated cable show, and how they have saved UPN. Also, they discussed various wrestler appearances, like the Rock's appearance on Saturday Night Live, and how that drew big numbers on ratings. The paper said that the stock market is finally realizing it as well, since the stock has started to rise as of late. I was glad to see this, as lately, it appears that the WWF is finally getting the respect it deserves.

Wrestlemania predictions will be tomorrow, I swear!!


Show starts off with the same thing as the previous weeks. Joel Gertner does his phrase for his middle name, and Cyrus comes down to talk crap on them. Yay, ZZZZZZZZ. Oh, this week Cyrus brought the Japanese Buzzsaw, also known as Tajiri. After talking nonsense for a while, Cyrus finally says that he will fight Super Crazy today. Oh yay, Cyrus hasn't wrestled in a long time. Last time he wrestled was early with the Truth Commission, until that quality WWF booking back in the day made him a priest-like manager.

Tajiri fought Little Guido in a decent overall match. The ending was a good one, as I mark out for anybody who spits the mist to win a match. He sit a good one right in Big Sal's face while he had Guido up on his shoulders for some reason. Here's something that ECW should do with Guido. Dump Big Sal, and let him tag up with Tracey Smothers again. Those two were so funny to watch in their day. ECW does have Smothers again right now, so why not try it again? :)

Danny Doring and Roadkill were attacked by the Baldies, who has only one talented guy, Grimes, and he's on lend from the WWF! Anyway, this sets up a 6 man match were we are "surprised" to see Dreamer as their partner. The match itself was pretty good, but the other two baldies aren't very good. I don't see why they are pushing Angel so much, because he's horrible! Anyway, Grimes took some mad bumps off the gaurdrail which was flat on the ring. Those had to have hurt.

Main event time, and we have Cyrus vs. TNN's favorite wrestler, Super Crazy. Cyrus, being the evil and cruel person that he was during his Jackyl days(sarcasm) decides that Rhino should take his place. My thoughts about that are GOOD. Great match by Rhino and Super Crazy, and the ending was spectacular!!! Rhino got sunset-flipped on the top rope into a table. Usually, wrestlers break through the middle. Rhino didn't. He busted the end and broke the legs in able for the table to break. Damn!!! Crazy also took some mad bumps through tables during the match too! Afterward, the Mean Corino Posse came down and beat up poor Crazy. Then, "ENTER SANDMAN" plays, and the Sandman canes everyone and their mother. Stiff cane shots by the Sandman, but they didn't work. Mean Corino Posse beats his ass too, and Rhino speared Crazy into Sandman and they all went into a table! Crazy bump! Also during this segment, I think Corino and Jack Victory held up Sandman only for Rhino to take some unprotected cane shots that were painful to watch.

ECW was all matches, except for two interview segments. First off, it was Mike Awesome wanting a challenger for his World Title(you know it will be Tanaka), and the other was a very strange one with Jimmy, or whatever he calls himself now. You know, the guy who managed Mortis and Wrath..James Vandenburgh or whatever. Anyway, he was using fortune cards to tell wrestlers future, and he starts laughing. Then, from underneath his table, sitting on the ground, Mikey Whipwreck is there laughing too. I'm hoping that Mikey Whipwreck wasn't doing anything to Vandenburgh underneath the table, sort of like Police Academy one. Yecch!

ECW on TNN Phat Stats

Matches: 3
Clean Wins: 3
Screwjobs: 0
Disqualifications: 0
No Contests: 0

Last Word: Wow, this was a pretty good "wrestling" show, as I was shocked to see something good without a Mike Awesome match. It looked like the commercials weren't as bothersome this week, but what do I know? I fast foward through those parts of the show. Anyway, the final segment with Rhino and Super Crazy was very good, and the rest of the show was pretty good also, therefore a wonderful


for this week's show. There is no evil NCAA tournament to blame for ratings this week, so I predict this show will get something around a 1.0 this week in the ratings.

I know this is non wrestling related, but if you haven't seen Final Destination yet, go do so. That movie is a thriller!!!

@That's it for today's edition. I'll be back with LOTS of Wrestlemania goodies for tomorrow, so why not just chill....till the next episode!

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