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Mr. Tito (April 01, 1999)
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Welcome back to yet another edition of Mr. Tito's Phat Daily Column. I have a good column for today, and I have an added bonus: Mr. Tito's Documentary Review. Joy. Anyways, on to the PDC.


-Lex Luger's injured arm seems to be healing pretty well, but when he comes back is very unknown. He has seemed to be really getting into his NWO role now, as he was mad at another wrestler a while back for wearing black and red. Lex Luger, in my opinion, is one of the least skilled and most boring wrestlers around. Every angle he's tried since his comeback, besides his world title run against Hogan, has been a flop. Oh well.

-Reports are the good old Kevin Sullivan passed out during the Toronto Nitro. That's a shame, as I have enjoyed the demented one thoughout the years. Even though I was always cheering for Benoit to beat his face in, I did have respect for the guy. I remember his great matches with "Hot Stuff" Eddy Gilbert. Those matches were some of the biggest classics.

-This week's Nitro is supposed to be huge, as they will be in Las Vegas, and they will have the Macho Man come back, and Sting should have a bigger role this time. WCW will also try to do something big to take some ratings away from the "taped" Raw. Hopefully, they will wake up and put on a decent show and actually make some of the better wrestlers wrestle for a change, instead of doing nWo segments or just stupid boring interviews.

NCAA Basketball Championship Ratings

-Well, the Final Four game pulled a 17.2, the lowest it's been in years!! It was down 3% than it was last year. Shows that Basketball is dwindling, and wrestling is surging!


-Well, it's rumored to have the Rock fight Stone Cold at Backlash with Shane McMahon as the referee. Shane will start becoming the top man, and who knows, every wrestling fan's dream could come true that night. The Rock could be kicked out of the corporation after clearly losing, and Shane could fire him. You don't understand how many people have asked me about the Rock turning face. Ever since his corperation turn, everyone keeps asking me, when will the Rock turn face? Who knows, he could be corporate for the rest of his wrestling career.

-So far, Triple H is paying his dues, which means he is set for a HUGE and well deserved main event push. He has been on the wrong end of some Paul Wight chokeslams, and he'll probably continue to get beat on until he becomes leader of the corporation, and then he'll most likely(I think), be the man that defeats Stone Cold for the title. That's what I think.

-The WWF, if you haven't noticed, has become larger than life lately. They, in my opinion are way bigger than WCW was when they were winning the ratings. When WCW was winning, they were only getting 4 ratings, and they usually only beat RAW by only 1 point. Now, the WWF smacks WCW around, and they crush Nitro's live shows with taped shows. Hell, Sunday Night Heat pulls the same or better numbers than Nitro now, and that isn't good.

Mr. Tito's Documentary Review

-This Documentary review is about the recent Outside the Lines: Wrestling special that aired on ESPN. I watched yesterday(I taped it), and I will say it was a pretty good documentary. They went over the popularity of the business, how shows are booked, how it has affected the kids, and the problems, mainly drugs, of the wrestlers. I figured it would completely bash wrestling, but it really didn't. The one I liked to listen to, was Vince McMahon during the children segment. He said, if you don't like what we are doing, just turn us off. He also said, if the parents don't like what their kids are watching, to be responsible, and not let them watch it. The drug part was interesting to see, and I agree, there is obviously some steroid and drug use. Every federation does need to get stronger drug testing rules. It was a good documentary, and it gets an


in my gradebook.

@Well, that's it for today. A couple of things I need to point out real quick.

My e-mail account is still having troubles sending mail, so please understand that I can't reply to your e-mails. I would if I could. I'm working on it as we speak.

Expect a WCW angles report and a Paul Wight column section real soon. Hope you enjoy!

So until, then, take care, and happy wrestling. This is Mr. Tito, the King of all phat daily columns, signing off. So just chill....till the next episode.

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