Welcome back to the Phat Daily Column. Well, the ratings are in, and boy are they shockers!!! One federation shined in the ratings, while the other one went straight down! The expectations of the ratings for myself were WAY off. So to end this evil hype of this darned introduction, which I can't seem to write anymore, on to the PDC.

Ratings Analysis


First Hour: 2.9
Second Hour: 2.1
Composite: 2.5


First Hour: 6.2
Second Hour: 7.2
Composite: 6.7


RAW: 6.2
Nitro: 2.1

In Comparison

HEAT vs. Nitro- Heat: 2.9
Nitro: 2.5...well, 1st hour: 2.9
WWF Livewire: 1.5
WWF Superstars: 1.7
WCW Saturday Night: 1.6
ECW on TNN: 1.1

Oh my Gosh, Nitro is back to their old ways in the ratings already! Hehe, I know that sentence would strike the hatemail alone. The WWF stepped it up bigtime in the first hour with the Jericho vs. Triple H match, which spiked the ratings for the WWF bigtime! Of course, is that REALLY the case? A Nitro after a pay per view should have been stronger, right? YES! Look at the first hour of Nitro. Only a 2.9!!! Hey, no WWF to contend with there, now isn't there? You'd figure the ratings would be very strong for that first hour, but they weren't anything like it. Well, I guess that's a good rocky start for the new Era, but I liked and enjoyed the first hour. Hmm, back to the drawing board for WCW I guess. Good ratings for the WWF in the second hour...finally, a week that should have looked good, unlike the others.

Well, Heat defeated Nitro overall, but I'll consider the first hour versus the whole hour of Heat. Both scored 2.9s, which is sad for Nitro anyway. As for the 4 way dance of death between the lowest ranking shows on television, Livewire, Saturday Night, and Superstars all enjoyed strong ratings, but like I said yesterday, ECW on TNN didn't deliver. For the hype surrounding ECW for their show, it SHOULD have been higher. I guess they will ALWAYS be behind the lower end shows for life.


-For those who haven't heard yet, after Nitro went off the air, Bret Hart nailed Hulk Hogan with the chair, and then joined Russo. However, things have been done off camera to mess with our heads before, and don't be surprised if WCW has Hart turn on Russo on television next week. Of course, if he does turn, it will be the latest of many horrible angles that Bret Hart has been a part of in WCW. I'm getting sick and tired of seeing him switch sides all the time. First, he wants to be the hero, then he turns bad, then to a hero again, and then bad...and over and over and over and over and over again!! Why do you think one of the reasons I failed Nitro when the NWO returned during Russo's first run? Come on Russo, give Hart a good angle like your so-called "creative mind" can produce.

-Speaking of Hart, I've heard comments all day about how Sting came from the rafters on Nitro the other night. For those of you who haven't heard yet, WCW got the OK from Hart to allow Sting to come from the rafters. That had to be a tense moment for Hart though, especially since Sting flew down so damn fast out of the rafters and into the ring.

-I like how a bunch of groups are forming in WCW. Hehe, that sort of reminds me of back in the WWF's day when they admired the NWO, and formed the NOD, Los Boriquas(sp?), and DOA. Of course, those groups were the worst in history, but the point in the matter is that many stables tends to flood and make a product unintersting to watch. "Oh yeah, let's all run in the ring and fight a stable!" Come on. Let's just book some innovative angles, and not revert to past old and failed methods.


-Rumors are going around the WWF that Tommy Dreamer was backstage at Smackdown last night. Whether or not he's being used for this is unknown(Tito doesn't use Spoilers), but I'm thinking he could be there to show up and promote a possible ECW feud with Tazz! I'd love that, as Tazz could drop the strap to the man to which he SHOULD have dropped it to, and that's Tommy Dreamer. Dreamer deserves it, as all though he seems to not be a product the WWF would pick up, but he's busted his ass throughout his whole ECW career. Dreamer deserves the spotlight, and I hope this is the path to it.

-Well, now comes the question of the main event at Backlash. If you bought Wrestlemania, you would have saw the Backlash advertisement to be hyping Chris Jericho in some way. Well, I'm thinking that was just coincidence, because I think the match between Jericho and Triple H was just a ratings spike. However, the response of it just MIGHT propel Jericho into the main event, thus giving us yet another multiple way match for the World Title. Of course, nothing is set in stone about this, but it COULD happen.

-Some readers told me that the Vancouver RAW(or maybe Smackdown, I don't know) event sold out in less than 20 minutes!!! Holy cow that's spectacular! I heard there were a lot of upset people in the area about not getting tickets, because the WWF doesn't come around there often. That's sad, as I hope they can find a way to open up more seats or something. This is just another case of how freakin' huge the WWF events are getting, and how great the demand for the tickets are.

@That's all for today's column. I'll be back tomorrow with more of the same, but I won't have any Thunder thoughts. Oh no!!!!! Just chill till the next episode.

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