Welcome back to the one and only Phat Daily Column. Well, tonight is another Monday Night, and the question is, can Nitro get up for tonight? They have a great chance to gain ground going up against a taped Raw. We'll see tonight! On to the PDC.


-Tonight Nitro is live, and the question is who's fighting? The lovely Nitro preview on WCW.com says that DDP will be defending the title and that Flair is going to address WCW with something and he will probably name who DDP is supposed to fight. I say have another great Sting match, and say to hell with the Macho Man re-instate angle, and let the man wrestle. Both Sting and Macho Man, when used properly, can muscle away some ratings, but not all of the ratings though. -Oh my, WCW resigned Brad Armstrong. Wow, that proves something that I pointed out about WCW not releasing many wrestlers. When they re-sign a complete loser like Brad Armstrong, that shows they know if Armstrong went to the WWF, he could quite possibly become a star. He would have probably joined his younger brother Road Dogg, and he would go from there. -Wow, WCW is actually thrilled with Hak and Bam Bam Bigelo. Bischoff said so himself on WCW live that Bam Bam is very easy to work with. I heard that WCW officials like Hak, because he takes more bumps than anyone else does in the federation. Now if they could only ditch that name Hak...and maybe call him the Sandman so it satisfy my needs for the Hardcore Icon to come back.


-Expect a rather interesting Raw tonight. I'm not going to ruin your fun by announcing spoilers though. Expect the Godfather to take on Bob Holly, the Road Dogg to challenge Owen Hart, Billy Gunn vs. Jeff Jarrett, Big Show vs. Vicera(Mabel), and Triple H vs. Mankind. Also expect some kind of funeral set up with the Rock claiming he killed Stone Cold last week. Wait a sec, if Stone Cold was announced that he was hit by a car the other day(WWF.com), then I guess he really isn't dead after all. See what those taped shows can do. One thing though, Stone Cold is probably a bit sore from getting hit by the car, but it won't show, of course, on Raw since that was last week when it was taped. : ) -The WWF is really impressed by the way the fans are now percieving Ken Shamrock. He is recieving good pops when he comes out to wrestle. There are rumors that he could be now getting a well deserved title push. I'm glad, finally, that Shamrock is finally getting over in the WWF. Before, he was just a crazy man snapping after his matches, but now he's somewhat of a hero for going after the Undertaker. Go Shamrock! -Reports are that X-pac will have his own WWF video now. That's great news, for a well deserving wrestler. I'll definately buy it! X-pac has come very far in the WWF, and I'm very proud of what he's accomplished. He was a great competitor in WCW, being the longest Cruiserweight champ, ever!! Too bad Eric Bischoff "dropped the ball" on his WCW career. But he's better in the WWF because he wasn't allowed to do the crotch chops or the bronco buster there.

@Well, that's all for today's Phat Daily Column. I hope you enjoy tonight's Monday Night shows, and as always, me and Professor Frank McHone will be here tomorrow to grade them. So until then, just chill...till the next episode.

This is Mr. Tito, the man who now owns the Wrestlemania Box Set, signing off!!!

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Take Care, and Happy Wrestling.

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